42 Coin – The Revival – Big Changes Coming Soon!


42 Coin Undergoing a Revival!!

At over $400.00 per coin, 42 Coin is one of the most exclusive and expensive coins in the Altcoin world. Originally issued with a  maximum of 42 coins, the number has slowly crept above the intended maximum due to the need for continued mining.

After a long absence, Hondo is back to take up the reins and lead 42 coin into the modern Cryptocurrency works. 42 coin will be undergoing a makeover and a revival. Changes are coming and you will want to tune in to stay up to date.

New Wallet (Not available yet)

For details, be sure to closely follow the Information as it develops on the new thread at BitCoinTalk.org .  The old thread has been dead but Hondo’s return has prompted posting to pick up. The old thread can be found at BitcoinTalk.org by clicking Here.

The creation of a new wallet and the facelift will include:

Newer source with Digishield & KGW implemented.

Any forked 42 blockchains will be consolidated into one.

A Permanent Website will be created with Permanent Nodes.

Current coin count will be reduced to “42”

Original  Coin Specs

42 coins Max
42 second block time
Difficulty re-target every 7 minutes
0.00000010 Block reward for the first 419 blocks
Blocks 420+ are 0.00004200 block reward
Block 420 is a SUPERBLOCK with 10x the normal block value
Tx fees are 0.00000001
RPC port 4242
p2p port 24242
testnet port 42424

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