Fly coin (FLY) is about to release “Yobit pump Alert”

Guys many of you know that fly coin (fly) is my creation. I wanted to disclose this first. Well something very special is about to happen that will bring great value to fly coin. I am developing a software that will alert you to pumps on . MOst pumps start at <100 sats. So what if you where alerted when the pump started? Well thats what this software does!!! There is massive money to be made here!!


Fly coin

As you can see, you can even filter the “cheap” coins, because thats were the pump starts. The software is still in beta, and more features will be added everyday. You can get a 30 day trial for $10 of fly to try it out. Updates will be out about every 1-3 days (Constantly).

The software has EVERY coin listed on Yobit, and has the low, average, and high price for 24 hours.

You can find more info about the Yobit pump alert on the fly coin forum.


FLy coin

Fly coin can be purchased at bleutrade:



How do I pay backpage with Bitcoin? Bought bitcoin for backpage and dont know what to do?


Visa and Mastercard and all other forms of payment are no longer accepted on Backpage.

The decision was actually made by Visa and MasterCard because of “moral and legal” issues after the sheriff from the second-largest county in the United States asked them to stop. This created a very large problem for the “entertainers” as many of them are not technically inclined.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has probably slowed business for the girls to a crawl, as the girl would need to fully understand how to use bitcoin to operate.

Many of the highly educated girls , are teaching the other girls the art of using bitcoin.

One high class escort even wrote a detailed blog for other escorts with links to resources about bitcoin

Sex is big business


The US Department of Justice published a report that found sex markets are very extensive, lucrative and perhaps more sophisticated now that the Internet is around to help with bookings. The Washington Post wrote:

The entire illegal sex economy in Atlanta – including brothels, escort services and dubious massage parlors –was valued at $290 million. In Miami, it was $205 million (that’s more than twice the size of the market there for illegal drugs). In Washington, it was $103 million. On the low end, in Denver it was about $40 million.


Prostitution is not illegal IHB News™

Our company has helped many people understand bitcoin. Even if you dont live in Las Vegas, we can still teach you about bitcoin and how to use it with backpage.

Please visit our contact page if you need help with this.

Hire us/Contact us

Best place to buy ICO coins? ICOSTART.COM !!!


The initial coin offering platform

First for those of you new to crypto, your first question might be “What is an ICO”?

What is an initial coin offering (ICO)

An Initial Coin Offering is a popular way to raise money for a new cryptocurrency project by distributing a percentage of the initial coin supply among the early supporters and backers. An ICO solves the problem of initial coin distribution, since the supply goes to whoever has given money towards the project development.

If youve been in Crypto for a while you know that ICO is a great way to “get in” early for additional profits. There can be enormous profits if you choose the right ICO at the right time. There is now a website that is dedicated to selling trusted ICO coins. Its called ICOSTART.COM . Its unique in many ways as its one of its kind and also they are extremely particular about what coins they host there. Not everything gets listed, in fact most dont.

ico-start-webpage is the platform that brings together promising new coins and cryptocurrency investors. With an intuitive user interface it has become very easy for everyone to invest in new coin initiatives. Investors can buy coins straight from the website and transfer the coins to their wallet right away. does a thorough inspection of both the coin source code as well as the background of the development team which ensures a quality investment for potential investors.

Buy new coin offers

Buys are free of charge and the minimum order size is 50,000 satoshi. This makes investing in the initial coin offerings in reach for small holders as well. The website shows live statistics so you can follow how many coins are already sold and the remaining time for the offer.

As we experienced the bitcoin deposits are blazing fast. After sending our bitcoins to the given address the transaction was visible instantly. It only took 2 confirmations before we could spend them.


The withdrawal option works very fast it took just a couple of seconds before we received our coins after we confirmed the withdrawal through email. We noticed that withdrawals could also be cancelled before they are confirmed.


For most coin offerings there will be a faucet available. You can get a small amount of the given coin for free so you can test the wallet before you invest. This allows you to see how the coin works and for example stake some coins. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and the costs of the withdrawal is limited to the fee that is charged by the network of the coin to perform the actual transaction.

Dice game

If you feel lucky, then you can take a gamble and double your coins. With the coin dice game there is a 50% chance that you double your coins instantly. You can bet on odd or even and roll the dice for amounts as low as 1 satoshi.

Costs for investors

This is great news for investors because will cost absolutely nothing for investors. All buys are free of charge.

Costs for developers that offer their coin

If you are a developer you can simply fill out the form to request a listing for your coin. The costs are 10% of the raised fund, and nothing more.

After the offering

After the initial offering all remaining coins are burned. will deliver a proof of burn address that will be publicly announced through the website and twitter. The raised funds are held by for 5 days to protect investors from possible technical difficulties.

Premium support

Unlike some other trading platforms offers premium support for every user and coin developer that uses the platform. This means that your inquiries will be personally answered by the support crew within 24 hours.

Where to buy ICO coins


We are very positive about All features worked flawlessly and we think it is a great idea that fulfills a need for both developers and investors. As far as we know there is no other platform that specifically hosts initial coin offerings. In that way it is a unique website and we expect it to become THE place to buy all ICO coins before launched!

Flavorcoin (2FLAV) SHA-256. Launched May 31st 2016.



Name: FlavorCoin – Version 2

Ticker: 2FLAV

Maximum Supply: ~9 000 000

Premine: 675 000 (Swap Flav Version 1)

Port: 28291
Rpc Port: 28292

Algo: SHA256

Block Time: 120 s

Min. Stake Age: 2 hours

Max. Stake Age: 20 days

POW: 6464067 FLAV

POS: 6464067 FLAV


Block 1 = 675.000(swap)
Block 2 – Block 100 = 0 (anti instamine)
Block 101 – Block 1.001 = 1000(~1.000.000)
Block 1.002 – Block 3.001 = 750(~1.500.000)
Block 3.002 – Block 6.001 = 500(~1.500.000)
Block 6.002 – Block 10.001 = 250(~1.000.000)
Block 10.002 – Block 15.001 = 125(~625.000)
Block 15.002 – Block 21.001 = 62.5(~375.000)
Block 21.002 – Block 28.001 = 31.25(~218.750)
Block 28.002 – Block 36.001 = 15.625(~125.000)
Block 36.002 – Block 45.001 = 7.813(~70.317)
Block 45.002 – Block 55.001 = 3.9(~39.000)
Block 55.002 – Block 66.001 = 1(~11.000)


Block 1 – Block 1.000 = 1(~11.000)
Block 1.001 – Block 3.000 = 3.9(~39.000)
Block 3.001 – Block 6.000 = 7.813(~70.317)
Block 6.001 – Block 10.000 = 15.625(~125.000)
Block 10.001 – Block 15.000 = 31.25(~218.750)
Block 15.001 – Block 21.000 = 62.5(~375.000)
Block 21.001 – Block 28.000 = 125(~625.000)
Block 28.001 – Block 36.000 = 250(~1.000.000)
Block 36.001 – Block 45.000 = 500(~1.500.000)
Block 45.001 – Block 55.000 = 750(~1.500.000)
Block 55.001 – Block 66.000 = 1000(~1.000.000)
Block 66.001 ++ = 5 FLAV



2FLAV is a pow/pos coin with a generous reward for staking, 9% was pre mined to swap Flav coin for 2FLAF.
promoting music from soundcloud, mixcloud, aswell as youtube using twitter as a medium to gain an audience
please bare with me guys this post will be edited a few times to add info’s
this is the second version, that it being released, reason being is because i had chosen the wrong specification previously, if i had known back then, what i know now, the PoS version would never of happend.
coins from previous build 50mill plus will be burned i shall post the address here shortly
i am proud of my project so this needs to happen, also personally needs a great coin to match, i reached out to couple guys who are well respected in the community, they reached back im thankfull
i have a low posting rate here so cant add them all important logo links properly, however im always on social media please follow for updates as thats where i post mostly on twitter @flavorcoin
lets raise the bar in crypto, thats what i want to do
most of my postings will be on twitter, always promoting new n fresh music, using twitter as a medium to capture the audience, which is the foundation for the coin, then build on top.
music will be mostly from soundcloud aswell as youtube and mixcloud promoting and raising our profile.
looking to have online music stream somtime this year,, followed by some nice additions, while building audience
gain popularity on soundcloud to upload music i need prs licence so i dont infringe copyrite + i need small online broadcaster licence
flavor is cross nitche but focusing on the music first as thats the foundation of the coin
i would like to see other alt coins work together to accomplish goals please feel free to contact me anytime
there is no outta space nonsence ,this project will do and is doing what says on the tin

We are proud to announce that after thorough research we decided to relaunch FlavorCoin (Flav) as a POW Coin (2FLAV). We were ill informed and Flav, Version 1 was 100% premine. 2FLAV will be POW with a pre mine of 9% to Swap Flav to 2FLAV. We decreased the total amount of coins and the swap will be 74 to 1.
(Details of CoinSwap will be posted within 24 hours, we will use an escrow service for the swap).
FlavorCoin V2 added to pool  >>> stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET ADDRESS -p c=2FLAV , use port 3334 for nicehash




(None yet).
Guys this is a brand new coin. As with every coin, mine/buy/download wallet at your own risk.

Bitcoin pushing very close to $600.



Guys this is the 90 day chart for bitcoin. I can only see one direction. As more and more people adopt Bitcoin, expect even higher prices.

Just wanted to start the weekend of right for those lucky holders.

XDE II (XDE2) Double Eagle coin. THE highest priced altcoin EVER @$16 a coin!!


“Its been called the most beautiful crypto wallet ever created”

XDE2 wallet

Now before we delve into XDE II , let me be open and say this is my coin. I am the creator and owner of XDEII.

XDE history

The original XDE was released on August 13th, 2014.

The Original XDE wallet looked like this:


I was actually mining at the time and mined almost 1 coin of the total 100 coins available.

Because there were only 100 coins, and a very low POS reward, the price of XDE was very high.

If youve been in crypto long enough, you know that people in crypto typically dont like expensive coins.

What I mean by expensive is anything over say 20,000 sats ( 5 cents USD)

So XDE was demanding $4-5 a coin , which is quite unheard of. So nobody was buying it, and the coin  began to lose interest and it failed.

Over the next 2 years, many devs gave it an honest try to make it work. They made the wallet look better, raised the POS% , but people just were not buying, and the threads were dead.

There were 6 different major wallet releases for XDE.

Each one got better and better.  Here is their final release of XDE:


Its a looker!!! I loved the design. There was a community behind it, BUT it still did NOT fixed its most major problem:

Extreme low coin count, and extreme high prices.

So the coin begins to fail.

XDE was removed from C-cex exchange for lack of volume.

I posted on the xde thread that they should list on Yobit as yobit wont delist a coin because of lack of volume.

That was accomplished, but people STILL were not interested.

So one day I did a post to try to remedy the situation and explain what I thought was wrong.

I explained that the coin needed to be purposefully inflated to lower the price.

I was then asked to takeover the coin.

I Approached my team with my plan and they liked it. I then posted on the XDE thread that I was taking over.

Well to make a long story short, not every user of XDE was on board, but we moved forward anyway.

Fast forward to Jan 1st 2016. XDE II is born!

double-eagle xde II

Our First wallet:


XDE II specifications

NAME: XDE II [XDE AKA DoubleEagle]
ALGORITHM: SHA256 (Full POS rare coin)
Starting amount of coins: 1000 XDEII
POS Interest: 100% (for standard, free wallets)
Min Stake Age: 24hrs
Max Stake Age: 28 days
XDE II special-walletsxdeII-platinum-walletxdeII-gold-wallet
There are 4 different wallets, and they will all look VERY different. Their min stake age is 24 hours. Their most important feature though is their POS rate, and they are as follows:
Platinum wallet: 150% per year cost 2BTC a total of 7 will exist and 5 will be owned by each team member. 1 will be a “community wallet” described later.
ONLY 1 will be available to the public at the cost of 2 btc.
Gold wallet yields 125% per year. A total of 5 will be available to the public at the cost of 1.2 btc each
Silver wallet yields 112.5% per year. A total of 10 silver wallets will be available to the public. Cost 1 BTC each
Standard wallet will be free and yields 100% per year. Unlimited wallets.
There is a community wallet that is called “Golden Eagles”
It is a platinum wallet that stakes at 150% per year.
It will be used to reward those that support XDE2
Team members will NOT be eligible for rewards from “Golden Eagles”
xde II wallets
XDE II windows-wallet  XDEII Apple Wallet

Vegasguy (Team leader/OP/Graphics and UI layout)
Keesdewit (Lead dev)
Griffith (Dev)
Woody (Expert Financial Analyst)
Metamorphin (PR and Marketing)
XDE II exchanges
More information can always be found at our ann on bitcointalk:
AT 100% per year interest compounded daily @$16 a coin, this is easily the best coin out there. Period!
Our final wallet layout:
XDEII Wallet

FLYcoin (FLY) updates it wallet to V1.8. If you not familiar with Fly coin, take a hard look at this VERY unique coin!

Fly coin

The incredibly unique FLY coin just had a wallet update to V1.8.

The main changes are the POS reduced to 35% and the superblock chances significantly increased!!

Here is what the superblock chances look like now:

10%   chance of   2x Multiplier
5%   chance of   3x Multiplier
3%   chance of   5x Multiplier
1%   chance of 10x Multiplier
1/2%  chance of 20x Multipiler
1/4%  chance of 50X Multiplier

Flycoin  has many other unique features such as antidump and autoupdate and more.

The windows wallet can be downloaded from clicking the icon below:



Windows wallet V1.8

More can be found out about FLY coin and what makes it so unique and special at its bitcointalk ann:

Hodl Coin (HODL) -Altcoin – Super high interest!

HODL Coin (Wallet Link Below)


HOLD Coin is a new twist on typical Crypto-Currencies. It is a POW coin using 1GB AES Pattern Search POW. In addition, it pays a Standard Interest Rate, a Bonus Interest Rate and has the option for a Bonus Term Interest Rate (similar to CD’s).  Right now you can only obtain HODL by mining with your computer or buying directly from miners.

The 1st few months are super high interest. reducing each month. Best to mine or buy some now.

POW:   CPU/GPU friendly.


Standard interest rate is approx. 5%. However, remember there is a maximum of 30 days, so to get that APR, you’d need to log in each month and shuffle the HODL to a new address.

Bonus Interest Rates – To encourage early adoption, astronomical rates of interest are paid in the early months. The max. compounded rate is 2274%. Bonus rates: 1st month ~ 2143% APR, 2nd month ~ 1833% APR and 3rd month ~ 1540% APR reducing each month.

Term Deposit Bonus
If you lock an amount of HODL as a term deposit, you can also get a bonus on the interest. The longer the deposit, the bigger bonus.

Sample Term Deposit Rates
1 week term deposit ~ 6.5% bonus on interest
1 month term deposit ~ 25% bonus on interest
3 month term deposit ~ 60% bonus on interest
6 month term deposit ~ 87% bonus on interest
1 year term deposit ~ 100% bonus on interest

Wallet (Click Image)

HODL BoxLogo

Other Helpful Links:


BitCoinTalk Ann

Private Escrow Sales

Block Explorer



Bubble Coin (BUB) Decentralizing social media and rewarding users for their content.


Bubble Coin (BUB)

BitCoinTalk Hero member Mike Ghee revives Bubble Coin (BUB) and re-brands Bubble to de-centralizing social media and monetizing it by rewarding user for their content with Bubble Coins. A phone app is being created to reward users for posting content. What many do not reaize is that most major players in social media own the content you post. Theoretically, you could see your posted pictures or videos in a book or sold on-line, such as, the “Funniest Facebook Cat Pictures”. Your cat could become a star but, unfortunately, you probably gave away your photo rights when you posted it. Wallet link see below.


Originally, Bubble started as a POW/POS hybrid
the hashing algorithm is SHA-256D
the reward was 125 per block

The current specs are:
POS  = 1 BUB coin per block(
Min coin age = 6hrs
Max coin age = 72 hrs



(Additional addnodes available at BitCoinTalk

Wallet Link (Click Icon)

bub logo

BoostCoin (BOST) – New Wallet

BoostCoin (BOST)

New wallet release – mandatory Update! (Wallet Links Below)
Make sure you are on the new blockchain Check the explore.

You may need to resynch a new chain to get on correct blockchain.

“What will be implemented?” The new wallet will include new code changes to help secure and ensure that the block chain stays decentralised as per the crypto currency ethos.  New permanent staking nodes will be created to ensure the block chain is always progressing. This will require the nodes to have a balance. A fork of the blockchain will be taken and backed up along with wallet v3.6.0.0-core. This will be used if the new plan has be be backed out.  The new block chain will be repaired in a private network, where 500k more BOST will be created by mining a special PoW block with a 500k reward. The new coins will then be kept secure. This balance will then be used to create new nodes and fill up their balances. The new total in existence will be about 12.2m.

Any BOST transactions happening on the previous wallet will be orphaned and will not be valid. Note: Do not move coins from exchanges until it is confirmed that the Exchanges are synched on the new blockchain.


PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoW Algorithm: X13  –  11.7 Million created in PoW-   PoW blocks: 43200 – Ended
PoS phase – PoS interest 10% Annually
60 second block target
110 confirmations for blocks to mature


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