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Bitcoin Basics

Where can you spend Bitcoins (BTC)?

There are a lot of places to spend Bitcoin and the number of merchants is growing daily. With all new technologies there are the early adopters. Then, a phase of growing awareness. Eventually, it reaches a critical mass where it becomes common. We are in the growing awareness phase.

It is interesting to note that Bitcoin has been around for 1/2 of a 14 year olds life. There are now kids who have owned Bitcoins before they got a bank account. Try to find a teenager that will part with their cell phone. As todays teenagers become adults they will have an expectation of being able to use digital currencies Common everyday Bitcoin usage is predicted to be less than 10-12 years away.



Where can I spend Bitcoins?

The 1st place to find adoption was, of course, the on-line stores but, brick and mortar stores are adopting it at an increasing rate. Bitcoin ATM’s are popping up as well as Bitcoin debit cards.You may be surprised by some of the retailers. Some of the categories include: Clothing, Electronics, Food, Gift cards( for about everything), Jewelry, Movie Tickets, Software, 2 pro Sports teams and many more.

Our resource list below will steer you in the right direction.

imagesBig names you will recognize are: Amazon, Burger King, Dell Computes, Dish Network, Microsoft, Nike, (now in over 100 countries), Paypal (and everywhere it is accepted), Subway, Target, Walmart. Local stores in your hometown may already accept Bitcoins or may be adding soon.

A few more options: InStyle, NewEgg, People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Xbox – Games-Music & Video. If you like Gift cards to give as presents visit eGifter which has over 200 different gift cards. Yelp business reviews is a good place to help you find local businesses which are already on the Bitcoin train.

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