Bitcoin Las Vegas changes it style and ideas. The “Vegas stamp of approval explained”.


Guys before June of 2015, I was posting every new coin that came out. Like everything in Crypto that is good and here to stay for the very long term, it has constant changes for the better. So, I thought about it more and most of the coins that were coming out were worthless and turned into nothing. I also do NOT EVER post ICOs. So to save my time and yours, Im only posting coins that are established and have shown some progress with maybe some wallet updates , and a few added exchanges , and coins that have shown growth and are not worthless. What Im trying to say is , I will only post coins that have some potential, and worth your time and mine.

More changes to our site:

  • Vegas Stamp of Approval added
  • New “” banner
  • New 5 star rating system (Please vote on coins, to tell the world YOUR opinion of them too)
  • Posting only coins that have some establishment, and potential growth.

The “Vegas stamp of approval” explained:

From time to time in my posts, you see the logo at the bottom of this screen. What it means is this:

  • This is a coin that has been around for about a year or more. Its established.
  • I would have no problems mining or investing in this coin.
  • The developer of this coin has worked VERY hard on this coin and has shown strong development with many wallet updates.
  • Coin community and Bitcointalk thread is VERY active , with very happy investors.
  • I strongly encourage you to look at this coin and consider investing, as Im probably invested myself.
  • In my opinion its one of the top coins out there today, and I would feel safe investing for the long term.
  • Wallet is clean and not infected and has been used by thousands of investors, and works perfect.

So youll see the stamp from time to time, and what it means is , take a look at this coin, this is probably one of the safest coins in crypto to invest in. It does NOT mean that coins without the stamp are bad, it just means , they have not met my stern criteria for the stamp. Only about 5% of coins will get this stamp.

Vegas stamp of approval


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