BoostCoin (BOST) – New Wallet

BoostCoin (BOST)

New wallet release – mandatory Update! (Wallet Links Below)
Make sure you are on the new blockchain Check the explore.

You may need to resynch a new chain to get on correct blockchain.

“What will be implemented?” The new wallet will include new code changes to help secure and ensure that the block chain stays decentralised as per the crypto currency ethos.  New permanent staking nodes will be created to ensure the block chain is always progressing. This will require the nodes to have a balance. A fork of the blockchain will be taken and backed up along with wallet v3.6.0.0-core. This will be used if the new plan has be be backed out.  The new block chain will be repaired in a private network, where 500k more BOST will be created by mining a special PoW block with a 500k reward. The new coins will then be kept secure. This balance will then be used to create new nodes and fill up their balances. The new total in existence will be about 12.2m.

Any BOST transactions happening on the previous wallet will be orphaned and will not be valid. Note: Do not move coins from exchanges until it is confirmed that the Exchanges are synched on the new blockchain.


PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoW Algorithm: X13  –  11.7 Million created in PoW-   PoW blocks: 43200 – Ended
PoS phase – PoS interest 10% Annually
60 second block target
110 confirmations for blocks to mature


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