Bottlecaps coin (CAP) gets new wallet



Guys dev Tranz has just released a new wallet for bottlecaps. Its v2.2.1. For those of you that have not heard of bottlecaps, its a high pos 200% APR coin that is a “senior coin” thats been around since near the beginning of cryptocurrency. Tranz is a skilled a respected developer.

It can be found here at the official github:


Update Splash Screen. Hat tip to digitalindustry
Add fully integrated Auto Savings and Block Browser.

Updates for AutoSavings (please be sure to disable Autosavings on version 2.2.0 before starting this one)
Add 2 RPC command and startup switches splitthreshold and combinethreshold

This adds the updates for Auto Savings. If you have this enabled in version 2.2.0, please be sure to disable ATS first before starting this new version up.

This also adds the splitthreshold and combinethreshold rpc and start up switches. The start up switches max at 200/400. And the rpc command allows up to the wallet balance divided by 500. So 110,000 wallet can have a max split of 220, and combine of 440. Set via the rpc command.

You can view the current settings by using the menu Network->Current PoS Block Info, or clicking the Pos staking icon.

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