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One of the very first ICO’s ever covered at this site and mainly because of the developer behind it. BREAKCoin (BRE) was launched by well- known and highly trusted “Greg of Doom”, Hero Member at

 (Editor’s Note: He is using a Newbie account because his account was hacked and he has not gotten it back, yet!)

Greg of Doom was confident there would be a good responce to the ICO and, if you blinked, you were too late. Fortunately, you can still get in on the action. Prices are only 10% above ICO but, once word gets out you may need to chase the price.

It’s already on 2 exchanges – more sure to follow. Link to Wallets found below:


Coin Name: BREAK [BRE]
Only 760,000 COINS
Algo X11
50% POS
10,000 per masternode
Min. Staking age : 8 hours
Bonus blocks: 5, 10 , 25, 100, 500
Block time: 60 seconds
(10,000 BreakCoins needed for a chance at bonus blocks!)

BREAKcoin will develop their social media network which will allow users to automatically loggin via facebook and the products that are being purchased are posted on Facebook. This is expected to provide growth by linking on-line shopping (using BREAKcoin – BRE) with  social media networks.

To Learn more about BREAKCoin (BRE) and join the forum discussion,click this link:


Click on the Logos below for the wallet of your choice.logo on white

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