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Coinaid (CAID) 

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CoinAid Coin was created specifically for the purchase of design and programing services from the Coinaid website. Available design and programming services will include: websites, logos, altcoin wallets, etc. In addition, a job center will allow individuals to offer their services while the CoinAid site provides escrow services.

CoinAid Coin, created by well-known Sr. Member “Crunck”,  quickly “sold out” and raised 10 Bitcoins (BTC) or about $2.350. The BTC was used to upgrade servers and purchase additional tools and software to enhance CoinAid’s capabilities. Another possible revenue source may be the renting of CoinAid’s tools and software. Expect CoinAid to lead  way for other service-based coins. Go to Yobit coin exchange to buy some today.


Coin Specifications

ICO Volume: 100 000 000
Proof of Stake Reward: 60% Per Year
Coin Minimum Age: 1 Hour
Coin Maximum Age: Unlimited

Good luck Crunck with your CoinAid project.

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