Cryptocurrency trend for July 2015. “Senior Coins” are back in style!

Who would have EVER thought that litecoin (LTC) would rise from the ashes? Its at over $5 a coin today, the highest its been in over 6 months. Litecoin has staggered around $1.30 USD for months. Everyone kind of forgot about the all mighty LTC even though they still knew it was not going to die.

Its almost like traders knew their old trusted friend Litecoin would always be there  when they needed them the most, and that is NOW! There is a trend happening, well more like a shift, and its VERY easy to see.

Everywhere you look, coins that are over 2 years old are taking off to the moon all at the same time! If youve been in the game long enough youve been roasted more than youve been to the moon.

Let me take a step back and define “Senior coin”. Its a term I just started using about a year and a half ago. It really just refers to a trusted coin that is more than 2 years old. Some examples: BTC, LTC, TEK,CAPS,HBN,DMD (Diamond).

Simply these are highly respected coins that have passed the test of time. Most of the “senior coins” have been at the same price for the past 6 months. Most hardcore miners were always after the newest , hottest coin that had the most hype, and excitement swirling around it. With all that in front of them, senior coins were kind of forgotten about.

After investors took a continual beating on new coins, they realized that there probably is a much safer place to start storing their money.

If you look at some recent charts for senior coins, the evidence is there, its now a fact. Many people speculate about a current global economic crisis and they speculate that many people from asia are buying senior coins like crazy because its much safer than the paper issued by their government. Safety is back in style!

litecoin chart July 2015

bottlecaps coin


Hobonickels coin


dmd coin banner


Diamond coin (DMD)


Diamond coin just celebrated its 2nd birthday, and it did it in style:




Another fantastic senior coin is Tekcoin. Tek has passed the test of time, and is here to stay : 500% per year interest , compounded is nothing to sneeze at. Tekcoin’s dev Thundertoe and his sidekick Noise23 dev are both highly respected devs that really truly care about this coin. Its backed by a strong positive community with great people, Biomech being one of my favorite people that supports Tekcoin.

tekcoin stack

Guys, start stacking Tekcoin as much as you can, you’ll be glad you did. Do yourself a favor and invest ONLY in these coins Ive mentioned, most of the others are just short term scams.


Its amazing how many people forget how important bitcoin is. Without it, there is no cryptocurrency world. Its the blood that moves everything! Now maybe your just like me, and dont really give Bitcoin(BTC) much thought.

Consider this: The price of bitcoin WILL determine the value of your smaller cryptocoins, the day you trade them , as they get converted into BTC!!

So it brings me pleasure to bring good news to holders of any cryptocurrency or altcoin. The grand daddy Bitcoin too is on the rise. Further evidence that not only are senior coins more safe, but prices and demand are on  the rise.

bitcoin chart july 6th 2015

paycon coin

The only other coin I would strongly endorse is paycon (CON), NOT to be confused with paycoin. Dev Crestington is highly ethical, competent, and honest and dedicated. Paycon is just not old enough yet to get into the “senior coin” club,it has everything but age to get there!

That’s all I have for now. Be safe.

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