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Delta Credits (DCR) Sets a New Standard!

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Delta Credits (DCR) explores a new concept and was created by Hero MemberGladimor. DCR’s creator believes in the concept of the Supply Reduction Fund (SRF). Only out a short time and the DCR concept is already it is being copied by other coins. Initially, Gladimore and his Project Leader, Adam T., sold an ICO raising approx. 10 BTC to fund the SRF.

What is a Supply Reduction Fund (SRF)?

The money (BTC) raised is used to generate interest and mining income for the SRF fund. The fund buys back DCR coins from the exchanges. Purchased coins are permanently burned,  reducing the supply of coins. This supply reduction gives the concept its name – SRF. In theory, reducing the supply creates scarcity which should raise the price.

The funds paid advertising hopes to raise awareness and demand. Even if demand remains constant, the reduced supply should raise the price. The Bonus: Even if there was no one to buy your Delta Credits coins, the SRF fund creates a safety net to buy your coins. I don’t know of another coin that has a plan to buy back all of the outstanding coins. Normally, someone gets stuck with a bag of worthless coins. Delta Credits is breaking new ground in the Altcoin world.

(Disclosure: I purchased DCR because the theory made sense & rarely do Hero Members release coins under their own name). Special thanks to Tortoise75 for suggestion made for this article.

The coin currently trades on CCex and Yobit. Jump in and buy some today!



Supply: 100,000 coin
POS: 1% PoS per annum, no PoW period
Minimum Stake Age: 8 hours
Maximum Stake Age: 1 month
SRF: Approx. 0.5% – 1.2% of coin supply burned daily


Wi ll Delta Credits succeed in providing a continuous profit for buyers of its coins? Those who have traded have been able to do so at a profit. Time will tell if the concept proves profitable in the long-term. For now, expect several more developers copy the concept. However, if you are going to jump in, my advice is do so with a hero member like Gladimor. I suggest you click the link to the complete information thread at the bottom of this page.

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For more info, read the complete thread at

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