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DopeCoin (Dope) V3

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DopeCoin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed with the goal of providing a safer way to do business in the billion dollar industry. As Medical Marijana and Recreational Marijana becomes legal in more states each year, DopeCoin is an idea whose time has come. Started on January 21, 2014, DopeCoin is old for a digital currency. It has had its ups and downs but went under new management in September of 2014 and is now in Version 3. The new team is doing n outstanding job of promoting DopeCoin and increasing its value.

If you are one of those who missed the swap of coins from Version 2, you may still be able to manually swap your Version 2 coins. Try this link: The swap ratio from V2 to V3 was 1.0 Dope to 0.9 Dope. DopeCoin has a clear message: It’s Safe, It’s Green, It’s well-established, and It’s Profitable. Get out your coins and Buy Some Dope(Coin) Today.


Total Coins: 200,000,000 DOPE (~134,000,000 mined)
Min. Coin Age: 24 hours – Max. Coin Age: 42 days
POS: 10% year 1, 8% year 2, 4% year 3,2% year 4, 1% year 5-6

(POW Phase has ended)

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