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EuropeCoin (ERC)

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A Strong Team of Crypto-Enthusiasts and Lobbying Educators

Led by Mattais Klees – BitCoinTalk Hero Member

Euroerc_accepted_1024_385peCoin is a altcoin cryptocurrency & a workgroup-enabled community platform. Most digital currencies are driven by some “innovation” and a few large investors. Unlike most digital coins, Europecoin is driven by an ideal. EuropeCoin’s goal is to build upon the blockchain technology to enable the community to be an integral part of the guidance and direction of Europe. The EuropeCoin team strives  to educate decision-makers about blockchain technologies and to help foster a “decentralization of power” across Europe.

Founder Matthias Klees draws upon his experience as social media educator for members of the European Parliament in Brussels. Klees and EuropeCoin’s strong expert teams help groups to establish lobbying efforts and successfully maneuver the difficult waters of grass-roots lobbying in Europe.

The website provides state of the art communication assistance including: highly interconnected publishing, sharing and marketing tools.

Mattias Klees states “In this changing world… (the) people… in power will have questions. They (will) ask “experts” around them.These “experts” are mostly lobbyists for paying corporations. That is why we would like to… provide another perspective.”

Klees feels Bitcoin and the decentralized “blockchain” technology are “the greatest innovations of our century”. With the involvement of the people, this technology can become an important key to building a better future. However, better technology is not enough. Change in society is the result of a mindset and the involvement by those willing to commit time and support (no matter how little) to create a better world. This technology is a tool that can assist us to accomplish change on a large-scale basis. Mattais Klees and The EuropeCoin team see the challenge as to rise above self-interest and together, as a people, build a better society.

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Coin Specifications

Hashing Algorithm: X11
Block target: 60 seconds
Difficulty retargets every block
PoS interest: 5%
Future Total Coins: 384,000,000 ERC (384M)
POW Total coins: 137,632,000 ERC


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As an well established coin, you will find the blockchain will significantly reduce the time necessary to synch the wallet.

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Decentralization – Decentralization is critical to progress both technologically and how we (as a society) function, think, govern and plan. Specifically, in Europe, we are living in a highly centralized environment with decisions made by the few. We need a force – a lobby – for a decentralizing Europe.

Very detailed information can be found on EuropeCoin’s outstanding 16 page website. A few seconds brousing the website will help you to understand that this is a serious coin with a long-term vision.

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