First multipool that can payout in ANY coin listed on Bittrex!

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Have you ever wanted to mine a multipool and get paid in a specific coin, but the multipool only pays out in a few different coins? Well here is a first: A multipool that can payout in ANY coin listed on Bittrex!! YES, you heard it here first! You simply add the ticker symbol after your user name (your wallet address). So example if you wanted to be paid in Supercoin, my user name might look like SfxBuWSCL4TBNgWfPKx7RApPE9uRRnCkzr#SUPER . Its that simple.

The pool is just launched and its in Beta. Dev Griffith has been very honest about this. He said it will be more refined in about a week. If you still want to try it here is the address:


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  1. About time someone developed this, I’ll be keeping tabs on the progress…

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