FLYcoin (FLY) updates it wallet to V1.8. If you not familiar with Fly coin, take a hard look at this VERY unique coin!

Fly coin

The incredibly unique FLY coin just had a wallet update to V1.8.

The main changes are the POS reduced to 35% and the superblock chances significantly increased!!

Here is what the superblock chances look like now:

10%   chance of   2x Multiplier
5%   chance of   3x Multiplier
3%   chance of   5x Multiplier
1%   chance of 10x Multiplier
1/2%  chance of 20x Multipiler
1/4%  chance of 50X Multiplier

Flycoin  has many other unique features such as antidump and autoupdate and more.

The windows wallet can be downloaded from clicking the icon below:



Windows wallet V1.8

More can be found out about FLY coin and what makes it so unique and special at its bitcointalk ann:

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