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FlyCoin launched on Yobit and the 1st available coins went for a staggering .1 BTC ($24 a coin). This coin is a Swap of ROS coin with a major reduction in the number of coins to a total of 150,000 FlyCoins (FLY). Pilot (Developer) is well-known and trusted “VegasGuy”. This coin promises to bring the fun back to Crypto Altcoins and be filled with surprises.


Below specifications for the coin were voted on by the BitCoinTalk community.

Ticker: FLY
Algo: X13
Total Coins: 150,000 Fly
Min Stake age: 7 days – Max Stake age 28 days
POW: Approximately 1 month. @ 0.5 Fly/Block
POS:  50% Annually
Feature: Superblock Rewards  (Min. of 25,000 Fly eligibility)
5.0% chance of superblock =  1 Fly
3.0% chance of superblock = 3 Fly
1.0% chance of superblock = 5 Fly
.05% chance of superblock = 10 Fly


The Swap to Fly will be open until September 17th, 2015 at 6:00 am Pacific Time (US). Once closed, no more ROS coins will be accepted and the FLY coins will be issued in the same percentage as the ROS exchanged. To exchange, you must have a account that is a minimum of 1 month old.

Don’t own any ROS to exchange? No problem – a small quantity is available on now and a lively market expected after the coin swap is completed. No coins have been issued yet. The small quantity available are from Coin Miners, many of whom are quickly selling. Buyers are fighting to snatch up the coins with Buy prices consistently rising. Mining will last approximately 1 month total.



Wallet by talented programmer Presstab


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