Gamecredits coin (GMC) recently at Gamescom promoting their new games!

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Disclaimer: I was recently accepted into the very honorable and respected GameCredits coin (GMC) as head of its marketing team.

Now on with the goods…

Recently GameCredits coin (GMC) was at GamersCom promoting their new game “Turbocharged” . Now I cant reveal too much except to say that their are many other games in the works that will use Gamecredits coins that will be “powered by gamecredits”.  This will revolutionize the way we play games as we know it. In case you havent heard of game credits, here is some great info:

powered by game credits

The team was at GamesCon proudly promoting their new game, Turbocharged.


The Team had a great time at Gamescon and made lots of new friends and new business contacts.

gamecredits coin at gamescon

The beauty of GameCredits is it not only has a fundamental function that people can use, but because of its name, GameCredits can be used in the future for so much more. For example , GameCredits (GMC) could be used to buy time to pay games online, or buy exotic weapons in the latest MMORPG. The uses go on and on.


There are real team members with a common vision that are actually out there promoting GameCredits coin, and that is why it has a marketcap of $1 Million, and that is why Ive chosen to work with this team exclusively, because I share their vision, their morals, and they are just good hardworking people (especially that Biomech) 🙂

With such a powerful team of visionaries, GameCredits coin is going a long way. Plans for CES in Las Vegas 2016 are already in the works!!!

For more information on GameCredits coin, please visit:

Here is a recent chart from Poloniex: (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

game credits chart 8-7-15

… and here is why. Games are a multi-billion dollar industry:

global market

This coin CERTAINLY gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”!!!!!

Vegas stamp of approval

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