GenesysCoin (GSY) gets wallet update to v1.3 on October 31st 2015


walletswindows-walletWindows Wallet V1.3

Released October 31st 2015

Genesys Core  v1.3.0.0

-Block Time now changed from 1 minute to 1 minute 20 seconds
-Masternode Payment changed from 60% to 75%
-Permanent Block Rewards now 0.219 – Halving at Block 152000
-Masternode Expiration Time Improved – Now last longer up to 10 days
-DarkSend Fee now 0.0052000 GSY
-TX Fee changed from 0.00001000 to 0.00020000 for now
-Optimized Core Source
-Core Protocol and Masternode Protocol bumped

More information can be found here about Genesys coin:

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