GrowCoin (GROW) Rises from the Dead

GrowCoin (Grow) Rises from the Dead – Grow-Version 2

GrowCoin focuses on distribution of Cannabis Seeds for a fair price.

Grow 1

If you were an investor or miner of GrowCoin (Grow) then, dust off your old wallet. Barry Zand, original developer of Grow Coin, is back to revive the dead coin. Unlike many scammers, Barry did not run off with ICO money and disappear. Barry did disappear due to a serious health condition.

He is now healthy and ready to follow through on the plans from back in November of 2014.Barry plans to compensate original ICO Investors (5.4BTC) and miners with a Swap into Grow-v2. Swap Ratio will be 10 Grow – 1 Grow-V2.

New Launch and more info very soon. You need to follow the new thread on for details and the swap.

Click the seedling below to follow the quickly moving news:


Barry – Welcome back and congratulation on regaining your health.

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