Hobonickels coin (HBN) and Bottlecaps coin (CAP) destroying the competition!


(Dev Tranz)

I really dont know how dev Tranz makes this look so effortless when Im sure there is a lot of work put into developing and maintaining a coin, but then again, he is a Jedi. Hobonickels and Bottlecaps destroying the competition with ease once again today as trust and confidence builds with senior coins! Hobonickels ROCKETS to 4800 sat high!!

hbn-chart-july 3rd 2015

Bottlecaps follows as always skyrocketing to over 2000 sat a coin!!

   caps-chart-july 3rd 2015

I dont know what dev Tranz trick is.. is it a “Jedi Mind trick”? I dunno, but I like it! 🙂

Legal disclaimer: I could be biased as dev Tranz is my favorite dev in the community and Bottlecaps and Hobonickels are my favorite coins. Its only fair I disclose this 😉


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