How do I pay backpage with Bitcoin? Bought bitcoin for backpage and dont know what to do?


Visa and Mastercard and all other forms of payment are no longer accepted on Backpage.

The decision was actually made by Visa and MasterCard because of “moral and legal” issues after the sheriff from the second-largest county in the United States asked them to stop. This created a very large problem for the “entertainers” as many of them are not technically inclined.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has probably slowed business for the girls to a crawl, as the girl would need to fully understand how to use bitcoin to operate.

Many of the highly educated girls , are teaching the other girls the art of using bitcoin.

One high class escort even wrote a detailed blog for other escorts with links to resources about bitcoin

Sex is big business


The US Department of Justice published a report that found sex markets are very extensive, lucrative and perhaps more sophisticated now that the Internet is around to help with bookings. The Washington Post wrote:

The entire illegal sex economy in Atlanta – including brothels, escort services and dubious massage parlors –was valued at $290 million. In Miami, it was $205 million (that’s more than twice the size of the market there for illegal drugs). In Washington, it was $103 million. On the low end, in Denver it was about $40 million.


Prostitution is not illegal IHB News™

Our company has helped many people understand bitcoin. Even if you dont live in Las Vegas, we can still teach you about bitcoin and how to use it with backpage.

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