How to use coin control

Many of you have emailed me asking how to use coin control so Ive put together a tutorial , as you MUST know how to use this if you are invested in high proof of stake coins. Ill use gold pieces as an example as its one of the best high POS coins out right now.

First you MUST enable coin control as it is NOT visible by default on all wallets

In the wallet , click on settings and then click options. Click on the tab that says display. click the box that says Display coin control features (experts only!). Press OK.

Choosing the blocks you want to change is next step.

From the main wallet screen click send coins button.

There will be a box titled Coin Control Features inside of this box, next click the inputs button. A new pop-up window will appear called Coin Control. In this window you have the option to use the tree mode or the list mode, it doesnt matter which one you use. Its just how coin control will appear when you work with it.

Your total amount of coins you have in your wallet will be in parenthesis. If you are using tree mode, hit the arrow to expand the view and display your wallet’s blocks, if you are using list mode the blocks are already displayed. Next click the coin block you want to change. If its the first time your setting up gold pieces coin, then click the very top box next to your total amount. This is your “select all”.  Then click ok.  You will then be returned to the send screen. Click on receive coins . Right click on your address to the right, a menu will open. Left click on the words copy address. Left click on send coins.  Right click on the pay to box. Left click on the word paste. Your own address will appear in here as you are sending the coins to yourself. In the amount box enter the amount you want to form for your block size. Most coins prefer large blocks of 1000, or 2000, or 5000 coins. Gold pieces is unique in that it works best with 100 coin blocks. So in that box type 100 and click send. If you have a password on your wallet you have to type the password. If you have a password, then click on settings, lock wallet, unlock wallet, uncheck the box that says for staking only. This will prevent the wallet from asking you for the password over and over everytime you send 100 blocks to yourself, and will save massive time! So, you just sent 100 blocks to yourself. This created a block of 100 for staking. Click on inputs again. If you did this correct, youll notice a block of 100 coins and the balance of the rest of your coins (MUCH larger number). check the box next to your balance. Click on ok.  To the right of the payto box youll see 3 buttons. Click on the middle button that looks like a clipboard. This will paste your address in again, so you dont keep having to go to receive and getting your address. In the amount box type 100 and click send. Do this over and over until you have no blocks exceeding 100. You MUST , each time return to the input button and choose your highest block size (anything but 100 coin block). When finished. Lock your wallet, and then unlock, this time leave for staking checked. Wait 24 hours and the rewards will start streaming in. Enjoy. Because this is complex PLEASE, PLEASE do not message me with further questions. I do bitcoin consulting and training for a living, and if you need my help further , I will remote in to your computer and train you over the phone @ $75/hr or whatever that is in bitcoin.


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