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Kindcoin Harnesses the

Power of Bitcoin to Do Good!

Bitcoin and  blockchain technology have created a secure way to transfer money across the internet.  Kindcoin was designed to show how the technology can help support charitable causes. Kindcoin does not handle the donations and has no connection to any of the listed charitable causes. The current list of worthy causes are all on, a  Crowdfunding site. You can nominate causes to be added to the list and it is growing all of the time. Current causes approved for donations  which will receive KindCoin rewards are:

More causes and platforms will be added soon.

Kind store

KindCoins can be converted to Bitcoins or spent on a KindCoin website

KindShack ) where you can purchase products.

How does it work?

1. Go to and click on ‘create new wallet’. You’ll be able to trade Kindcoins for BTC by using the counterparty DEX soon after launch. An information “thread” about Counterparty with more information here

2. Select a cause from the list and pledge your chosen amount.

3. That’s it, Kindcoins will soon be sent to your address!

A total of 21,000,000 Kindcoins will be distributed. Phase one will distribute up to 1.6M Kindcoins (any coins not distributed at the end of each phase will be destroyed, reducing total supply). In phase 1 of the distribution, for each $1 you pledge you’ll receive 64 Kindcoins. Rewards will be halved in phase 2 (so 32 Kindcoins are earned for each $1). Rewards will be reduced after every phase in accordance with a schedule
Shown below.


Phase 1: 64  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,600,000
Phase 2: 32  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,600,000
Phase 3: 16  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,280,000
Phase 4:   8  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,280,000
Phase 5:   4  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins    880,000

There will be 9 phases with the reward and total number of coins reducing in each successive Phase. Please follow the information on the KindCoin Announcement page to assure you receive your KindCoin Rewards. Additional information can be found on their website at:

Finally, A way for the everyday person to learn about Digital Currency while doing good in the world.



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