Orange coin v2 (OC) gets new wallet released.

orange coin 2

Orange coin is now V2. In case your not familiar with orange coin here are the specifications:

OrangeCoin Specifications:

– 50 Million Coins POW Initial Distribution (completed)
– POW Block Reward: 5000
– POW Total Blocks: 10000
– Premine .5% (1M) (used for existing Orangecoin infrastructure)
– POS Minting, ~46 years
– Total POS Coins: 150M
– Total Coins: 200M
– Block Times: 2 Minutes
– 14 Days Min/28 Days Max Stake
– Confirmations on PoW Mined Blocks: 350
– Confirmations on PoS Minted Coins: 320
– Transaction Confirmations: 7
– Coin Control

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Download the latest wallet by clicking the juicy orange below:

Orange coin wallet

Here are some addnodes in case you need them:

To learn more about Orange coin V2 , please visit their main ann:

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