The best coin to be invested in 2015. The best altcoins for 2015. Best cryptocoin to be invested in 2015.

Guys to even make it on this page, there are stern criterias a coin MUST meet. I do not want any of my readers investing on my guesswork and losing money. Here are some of the criterias:

  • Coin must show longevity and trust.
  • Coin must have a growth price even after inflation.
  • I personally must hold and have invested a large amount myself for the past few months and have had amazing success.
  • Forum must not have angry investors or fud or trolls.
  • Coin must have very strong buy support. Investors must be constantly finding ways to accumulate as much as possible

The #1 coin you should be invested in is: FLY coin!


Guys if you have not looked at FLY coin , you are really missing out. This coin is like NOTHING else out there. It is so different I dont even know where to start.

First the basic specs:


Ticker: FLY
Algo: X13
Min Stake age: 7 days, Max stake age 28 days
POS % Annually: 50%
Includes Superblocks up to 20x
Coin supply: a mere: 163,330 (on 10/22/15)
0.5% chance of 2x multiplier
0.4% chance of 3x multiplier
0.09% chance of 5x multiplier
0.009% chance of 10x multiplier
0.0001% chance of 20x multiplier

This is just part of the OP to help you get an understanding of what makes FLY unique and special usually called “roadmap”:


Invest through sensible stable growth with a connected and trusted community that supports each other.
FLYs mission:
This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This will be a VERY long term investment that will grow in value and morph to the needs of the investors. Without my investors there is no FLY coin.
Fly will become THE coin for the cryptocoin community to model after, and it will become the most respected and sought after coin.
The coin supply is a mere 160,300 and I am a strong believer that money supply is directly tied to a value of a coin, so ive designed this coin to be rare, and valuable, while still rewarding the investors.
This is a VERY long term investment, that will go on year after year. My experience is that any good investment is not rushed. Its built slowly, and checked for stability, and then the next step is applied. NOTHING will be rushed.
So everything normal so far right? Here is were things REALLY change:
What is so special about FLY, isnt it just like all the other cryptocoins out there?
NO! FLY operates completely different that all other coins! I (the dev) handpick investors that are trusted in the community , and they purchase fly at a VERY deep discounted rate from my wallet, and send the btc to my Yobit wallet. These funds from sales of my flycoin wallet will ONLY be used to buy more FLY and sell to any of the existing investors only, keeping it private and even more limited. Those existing investors will buy FLY from me sending their BTC to my btc address on Yobit, so everyone can see this where this money will go to the exchange and not my private wallet. This will make our money supply % stronger as a group, and more valuable. It will LOWER my wallet balance, and raise EVERYONE’S total value of their wallets and balance the richlist. Even though I will have less coins, they will be worth more each. NONE of the highest holders are allowed to sell any of their base amount (main wallet) for any reason. The exception is myself. I can sell part of my base amount to a new investor that I know and trust and is agreed on by the FLYcoin team in slack. The btc generated will ALL be used to buy up the price on yobit, AND the btc will also create buy walls to HOLD the price. My balance becomes LESS, and EVERYONE’S coins are worth MUCH more. When a new member is invited, it will be announced on our slack channel who they are and amount that was sold to them. The minimum to do a private buy into FLY is .5 btc , and you must be respected and trusted and follow the rules to ONLY sell your POS rewards.
So in short , I will use the btc I generated from sales from my current investors ONLY to buy more fly and strengthen our position.
I am NOT allowed to sell any of my base amount on any exchange. When a new member in invited, it will be announced on our slack channel who they are and amount that was sold to them.  The coin is all about being exclusive and only held by a tiny amount of people. We are aiming for less than 10 holders to hold over 90% of the coins and they are the most trusted and respected members in the crypto community. All decisions are made in advance on our slack channel. Purchases then will only be available from myself privately and not to just anyone. I must have spoken with you many times and like you, and trust you. If I allow you purchase from me, I will ask you to honor our golden rule to only sell POS rewards. Wallets do get checked atleast a few times a week.
Now it gets even stranger:
Enter the “SuperFLY” wallet:
The idea is aimed at helping “the little guy” that supports fly, and helping those that have had a major financial loss.
The wallet will be hardforked. The fees for transactions is 10%. That means if you send 100 FLY, youll be charged 10 FLY. Yes its brutally steep, I know that.
The higher the TX fees will make the SuperFLY wallet massive. The balance will grow FAST. So if you have no intention on moving money, this will benefit you the most.
The regular TX fees will go into the normal tx staking fund. Tx fees generated by the “special fee” will be directed towards the superfly wallet.
Anyone with a balance that is BELOW 5000 FLY and is active in the thread, and has a done a name claim, and has validated their identity as an active member on or active in slack is eligible to get staking rewards from the SuperFLY wallet.

To remain eligible , you must NOT create any outbound transactions. So if you have, then stop now, as if you have made outbound transactions AFTER October 22nd 2015, your disqualified!

The staking rewards will be evenly sent to the different wallets automatically using “savings”.

The rewards are NOT based on your balance. Its based on how many people qualify. So if there are 5 users getting rewards, you will get 20% regardless of balance. If there are 4 members, then you will get 25%.

Your min balance of FLY must be 100 FLY. That is not much to show you are serious about FLY. Thats about $100 USD . You must post something informative on the FLY thread that is regarding FLY atleast once a week or you will be removed from the special rewards program. You could ask a question about fly, give helpful information , help a user. Post an article about how to do something with fly wallet , like using savings command or coin control, or give ideas about what you would like to see in an upcoming wallet update. dont post crap like “go fly”, or “great job”, Ill disqualify you.
Again FLY is the OPPOSITE of all other coins. This special program excludes all the “rich” at the top, and includes real people at the bottom trying to make some money.
Anyone with a balance OVER 5000 FLY coins is exempt. No exceptions! (That automatically exempts me).
Also the cost to “the little guy” to get this help: Buy 100 FLY, claim your name on the richlist and remain active and contribute to FLY thread. Thats it.
Initially everyone that qualifies will be automatically added, so nothing to do. You CAN exclude yourself , and if you do, the little guys will get a bit more. So if you dont need the help, then consider excluding yourself.
Part of the funds may be used at anytime for special programs and rescue missions. This MUST be voted on by the top 10 members of the slack team, and majority rules. I can assure you details will be VERY public and transparent. Perhaps a member was a victim of a wallet stealing virus, and they can prove they actually lost funds. The SuperFLY wallet is there to help people. For special causes, the beneficiary will be required to come up with overwhelming evidence to prove they need help. The wallet could also be used for victims of horrible scam coins like paycoin (NOT Paycon, Paycon is a great coin) and Crave ect. Again, they will need mountains of proof, as it WONT be easy to get access to these funds. I will make them “jump through hoops” to provide massive proof. I will be skeptical of ANYONE asking for help, but will take the time to hear them.
WARNING: There will be those trying to “game the system”, and get more. I can guarantee you, you WILL get caught, and when you do I will make it known to everyone what a scumbag you are for taking from those that need it more than you. I will be VERY brutal in public on you, and you wont like it. This is a “crypto first” , helping the “little guy”, and victims that have had a catastrophe. If it becomes abused I reserve the right to cancel the program at any time, so dont be greedy , if you need it , its there to help, if you dont , opt out and help out the guy at the bottom. This is a great program to help people struggling, please respect it.
So if you taken the time to read above, you can clearly see a few things. First this coin is like nothing else out there. People will try to copycat it, but there are the major ingredients to this recipe, they just will never have, and therefore their version will fail. Those ingredients are : Honesty integrity, loyalty , trust, synergy, communication and teamwork. Also the newbie scam devs are in to to make a fast buck and disappear , and Im not. I can assure you FLY continue to get stronger and stronger year after year.
In the first 30 days FLY was launched it hit over $1 a coin!!
coin-market-cap oct 11th
So there is so much more to FLY. Here is the rest of the information if you want to be a part of FLY:
Only 1 exchange FLY will EVER be on:
Also windows wallets are created by the Legendary coin maker Presstab of Hyperstake and Ratecoin!!
Windows V1.5 64bit by Presstab!
More information can be found out about FLY coin on its ANN:




My 2nd choice might come as a big surprise to many of you: Hobonickels (HBN)

If youve been in crypto for any length of time, you know that the average life span of most of the coins is a few weeks. Either the developer disappears, or the price crashes, or investors get bored. Hobonickels (HBN) has passed the test of time. It is a VERY safe place to invest AND get 100% interest on your money every year. This is one of the few coins that I can invest heavily, and feel its the safest cryptocoin investment out there.

  • Born July 23rd 2013 (A senior coin with its roots buried deep)
  • Trusted and skilled developer named Tranz
  • Wallet is flawless
  • VERY happy investors
  • Price is rising even after 2 years of inflation. Is NOT volatile like most altcoins. Price stays about the same +/- 3000 sats while you earn 100% interest per year.

Main Bitcointalk Ann page:

Main exchange is cryptsy:

Hobonickels chart snapshot June 23rd 2015: (Hit 4200 sat)

hohbonickels chart Jun 2015




Choice 2b (From the same developer as Hobonickels)  Bottlecaps coin (CAP)

  • Born June 23rd 2013 (Established rooted, trusted senior coin)
  • Developer is Tranz a well respected developer of the cryptocoin community
  • 200% yearly interest staking reward
  • Price is stable at 900-1000 sat, and none volatile.
  • Wallet is smooth and works perfect

One of the safest investments in crypto with high yield interest

Bottlecaps Chart as of June 19 2015:

bottlecaps charts

Main bitcointalk ann:


paycon coin

4th choice and its a close one, is Paycon coin!!

Dev Crestington has kept things VERY interesting with Paycoin. I think what was supposed to be a parody has ended up being a serious coin, with a serious dev behind it. Community of investors couldnt be happier.

For more info on this amazing coin visit:


Litecoin (LTC) continues to move upward at an insane pace!! NOW AT $7.30 a coin!!

litecoin banner

Guys Im gonna make this short and to the point as I am very limited on time, but this is important enough to post. Litecoin (LTC) is moving up at a rate a about $1 a day!!! Now at $7.30 a coin!!

Another thing that most people dont know that is another major factor on the price of Litecoin is that the block reward will be cut in 1/2 in about 45 days from now, lowering the supply, and thus raising the price even more. But you know that now, because you are a loyal reader.

Its going WELL over $10! (Close to $20 🙂 Buy or cry!


Cryptocurrency trend for July 2015. “Senior Coins” are back in style!

Who would have EVER thought that litecoin (LTC) would rise from the ashes? Its at over $5 a coin today, the highest its been in over 6 months. Litecoin has staggered around $1.30 USD for months. Everyone kind of forgot about the all mighty LTC even though they still knew it was not going to die.

Its almost like traders knew their old trusted friend Litecoin would always be there  when they needed them the most, and that is NOW! There is a trend happening, well more like a shift, and its VERY easy to see.

Everywhere you look, coins that are over 2 years old are taking off to the moon all at the same time! If youve been in the game long enough youve been roasted more than youve been to the moon.

Let me take a step back and define “Senior coin”. Its a term I just started using about a year and a half ago. It really just refers to a trusted coin that is more than 2 years old. Some examples: BTC, LTC, TEK,CAPS,HBN,DMD (Diamond).

Simply these are highly respected coins that have passed the test of time. Most of the “senior coins” have been at the same price for the past 6 months. Most hardcore miners were always after the newest , hottest coin that had the most hype, and excitement swirling around it. With all that in front of them, senior coins were kind of forgotten about.

After investors took a continual beating on new coins, they realized that there probably is a much safer place to start storing their money.

If you look at some recent charts for senior coins, the evidence is there, its now a fact. Many people speculate about a current global economic crisis and they speculate that many people from asia are buying senior coins like crazy because its much safer than the paper issued by their government. Safety is back in style!

litecoin chart July 2015

bottlecaps coin


Hobonickels coin


dmd coin banner


Diamond coin (DMD)


Diamond coin just celebrated its 2nd birthday, and it did it in style:




Another fantastic senior coin is Tekcoin. Tek has passed the test of time, and is here to stay : 500% per year interest , compounded is nothing to sneeze at. Tekcoin’s dev Thundertoe and his sidekick Noise23 dev are both highly respected devs that really truly care about this coin. Its backed by a strong positive community with great people, Biomech being one of my favorite people that supports Tekcoin.

tekcoin stack

Guys, start stacking Tekcoin as much as you can, you’ll be glad you did. Do yourself a favor and invest ONLY in these coins Ive mentioned, most of the others are just short term scams.


Its amazing how many people forget how important bitcoin is. Without it, there is no cryptocurrency world. Its the blood that moves everything! Now maybe your just like me, and dont really give Bitcoin(BTC) much thought.

Consider this: The price of bitcoin WILL determine the value of your smaller cryptocoins, the day you trade them , as they get converted into BTC!!

So it brings me pleasure to bring good news to holders of any cryptocurrency or altcoin. The grand daddy Bitcoin too is on the rise. Further evidence that not only are senior coins more safe, but prices and demand are on  the rise.

bitcoin chart july 6th 2015

paycon coin

The only other coin I would strongly endorse is paycon (CON), NOT to be confused with paycoin. Dev Crestington is highly ethical, competent, and honest and dedicated. Paycon is just not old enough yet to get into the “senior coin” club,it has everything but age to get there!

That’s all I have for now. Be safe.

Litecoin isnt out of rocketfuel yet…. its got much much left!

litecoin banner

Guys, Litecoin has enormous upward momentum right now, its gaining about $1 a day: WOW!!! I mean when you really think about it, Litecoin is a very safe place to invest. It has a coin market cap of $217 Mil US. Its not going away anytime soon.

litecoin market cap

I just took this snapshot today Monday July 6th at 7:45am PST:

litecoin-chart- July 6th-2015

Its a sign of the times guys. People are sick of very short term scams, and have found safety, in numbers…BIG numbers!

Yovi – Rise only Market (ROM). A New twist to a very old game.



When I was a kid, they called it “musical chairs”. It has a different name now, its called “Rise only market”. I never was any good at musical chairs, and hopefully things have changed. There was only one thing I really didnt like about that game, and it was that most people who participated got screwed. Well, “Rise only market” is the 2015 version.

Here is the deal: Youll love this 😉

Its actually quite simple:

– sells are only allowed to be placed higher than the current lowest sell.

Its as simple as that.

Here is the good news, the price that YOU buy it at will NOT go lower, ever. It could even go higher! Sounds good right? The people selling, can ONLY sell at a higher price than the top sell.

Ok Im a sucker, and got some just for fun. See, this is why I love crypto, a new way to get screwed everyday.

Heres the link to the main thread:

Rest assured the last one in the chair will be…

yovi guy in chair

Hobonickels coin (HBN) and Bottlecaps coin (CAP) destroying the competition!


(Dev Tranz)

I really dont know how dev Tranz makes this look so effortless when Im sure there is a lot of work put into developing and maintaining a coin, but then again, he is a Jedi. Hobonickels and Bottlecaps destroying the competition with ease once again today as trust and confidence builds with senior coins! Hobonickels ROCKETS to 4800 sat high!!

hbn-chart-july 3rd 2015

Bottlecaps follows as always skyrocketing to over 2000 sat a coin!!

   caps-chart-july 3rd 2015

I dont know what dev Tranz trick is.. is it a “Jedi Mind trick”? I dunno, but I like it! 🙂

Legal disclaimer: I could be biased as dev Tranz is my favorite dev in the community and Bottlecaps and Hobonickels are my favorite coins. Its only fair I disclose this 😉


BitcoinTX releases new wallet update 2.1.1 on July 2nd 2015


You may know that in June we released a new wallet. That wallet had quite a few new nice features, including Masternodes.

Sadly, we soon discovered that MN were bugged and that the problem was far bigger and harder to solve than we thought.

Nonetheless, we finally succeeded and are proud to release a functional MN BTX wallet ! Links in the OP have been updated !

BTX Project Leader



Download Wallet 2.1.1 from the spining logo below:



GameCredits Coin GMC) ★ A Multi-Platform Gaming Currency Minable/POW now with Scrypt★

game credits coin

about game credit coins



windows wallet download

Windows 32 Bit wallet

windows wallet download

Windows X64 bit wallet

mac wallet logo
Max OS wallet

*GameCredits 0.9.4 contains hardcoded seed nodes and DNS seeder support.
If however you cannot get a connection, try the following seed nodes.


game credit mobile


Biomech’s GameCredits Pool NEW! (Official game credits pool)
AcidPool NEW! Unconfirmed Unconfirmed

game stats

game revenues

Main bitcointalk thread:

Sprouts coin (SPROUTS) New Hi-Fast PoS Sprouts sha256 pos/pow

sprouts coin

sprouts coin logo

Sprouts – The Entry level Cryptocurrency.

Hybrid – PoW/PoS
PoW Algo – SHA256D
PoS Reward – 5% 5Days
BlockReward – Depends on Difficulty
Blocktarget – 2.5 minutes

Windows Wallet:



sprouts coin roadmap

Main bitcointalk thread ann:


spec coin


SPEC is the native house token of, allowing trading enthusiasts to watch the top 5 exchanges from one singular location. CryptoWatcher also makes available services such as SMS/Text Price alerts, Chat and Live Chart Comparison between exchanges.

It doesnt end there, scroll down for more info.


spec coin paper wallets


cryptowatcher chart


Coin Name: SPEC
Algorithm: Scrypt
Coin Abbreviation: SPEC
Block Time: 5 minutes
Block Reward: 1250 SPEC
Retarget:   4 Blocks
Minted Coin Maturity: 44 blocks
Block Halving: 840000 blocks (~8 years)
Total Coin Supply: 3,000,000,000 coins
Max Supply: 131.4 Million SPEC per year (16 year POW)
RPC Port: 4320
P2P Port: 4319

We the DEV Team have agreed to accept SPEC as payment for the foreseeable future.
10% To Private Round 1 Funders of CryptoWatcher and SPEC
10% to Devs for work to date and next 2 months
10% to Devs for future work/services Foundations/Giveaways/Faucets etc


All Wallets:

Source Files:

Windows QT:
(May Trip Anitvirus, Its a clean file. We suggest compiling from github source if concerned)

Linux QT:


Source Direct:

Nodes: (Hardcoded) (Hardcoded)

Reported 3rd Party Pools: (Thanks Zoot)

Auto pays immediately after confirming

pool : stratum+tcp://

username: wallet address

password: anything

pool : stratum+tcp://

username: wallet address

password: anything

pool : stratum+tcp:// (VarDiff 1k-128k)

pool : stratum+tcp:// (VarDiff 16k-256k)

pool : stratum+tcp:// (FixDiff)

Main ann thread on Bitcointalk: