The best altcoins for 2015. Thanks for trusting in me….

Guys every since I started with crypto about 2 years ago and had a chance to look at all the coins, there were always just a few that really stood out, and seemed special. Different from the rest, but looked identical too, I cant explain it. But anyway Ive always said to everyone to invest in Hobonickels, and Bottlecaps as heavily as you can since I started consulting. If you did, your having a great day 😉 I just took these chart snapshots about 5 minutes ago. Isnt she pretty? 😉

bottlecaps coin



Hobonickels coin


Guys , without dev Tranz integrity and honesty , none of this would be possible. Please dont forget my other choices: Tek, and Hypercoin and Paycon!

“When trust all comes together, thats when the magic happens”


Synergy Coin (SNRG) gets new wallet to V1.07 on June 27th 2015

synergy coin logo

The main change is the addition of the rpc commands to redeem the guarantee:

Download the 1.07 wallet by clicking logo below:


SPKTR – The Ghost Coin. Sha-256 POW/POS 2.0 Launched June 25th 2015

spktr coin


spktr coin specs

Ticker: SPKTR
Algorithm: SHA256
RPC Port: 24511
P2P Port: 24514
60 Seconds Per Block
60 Blocks to Confirm
20MB Blocksize
Min. Staking Age: 3 Hours
Est. Total Supply:1,370,000 POW, 900,000 POS


SPKTR is ready to be mined with the following POW block rewards:

Block 1 to 10 – 0 SPKTR

Block 11 to 500 – 500 SPKTR

Block 501 to 1000 – 450 SPKTR

Block 1001 to 1500 – 400 SPKTR

Block 1501 to 2000 – 350 SPKTR

Block 2201 to 2500 – 300 SPKTR

Block 2501 to 3000 – 250 SPKTR

Block 3001 to 3500 – 200 SPKTR

Block 3501 to 4000 – 150 SPKTR

Block 4001 to 4500 – 100 SPKTR

Block 4501 to 5000 – 50 SPKTR

Proof of Work rejected after block 5000

SPKTR DPOS Stage begins on block 2000 with the following rewards:
Block 2001 to 4000 – 25 SPKTR

Block 4001 to 6000 – 50 SPKTR

Block 6001 to 8000 – 100 SPKTR

Block 8001 to 9000 – 200 SPKTR

Block 9001 to 11000 – 100 SPKTR

Block 11001 to 13000 – 50 SPKTR

Block 13001 to 15000 – 25 SPKTR

Dynamic POS end Block 15,000

After block 15,000 POS goes to approx 10% yearly.

spktr coin skull

spktr wallet

windows logo grey white

spktr pools

As always I only post the pool with all the hash:

suprnova pool

Link to original ann page:

Bottlecaps coin (CAP) releases new wallet V2.2 (June 24th 2015).

bottlecaps coin

My favorite coin has released a new wallet update dated June 24th 2015. V2.2. Click the logo below to download:

bottlecaps download wallet


Update Splash Screen. Hat tip to digitalindustry
Add fully integrated Auto Savings and Block Browser.

Will remove the checkpoint warning

YEP! Announced new wallet dated 6/24/2015. Version

yep new wallet look

Download Here: Version (June 24th 2015)

yep coin

VERTEX COIN (VTX) POW/PoS | 1000% per year| sha256 | No Premine | 10,000 ONLY | Just Launched

vertex coin

Algo: SHA256
Ticker: VTX
Block Time: 60 Sec
Reward : 5 VTX
Total POW: 10,000 VTX
Total PoW blocks : 2000
POS% per year : 1000%
Min stake age : 1 hours
Max stake age : 90 days
Maturity: 110


windows wallet




suprnova pool



Original Ann thread:

ParallelCoin (DUO) – SHA256 + Scrypt | Community Takeover

parallel coin

What is Parallelcoin?

Parallelcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Parallelcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.
Parallelcoin is also the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency.

parallel coin specs

Multi-algo proof of work crypto currency.
Fair release with no premine, no IPO and no ICO.
Algorithms: SHA256D & SCRYPT
Abbreviation: DUO
Total Coins: 1,000,000
Block Reward: Blocks 1-998 = 0.02 DUO (Fair Release) | Blocks > 998 = 2 DUO
Block Time: 5 minutes
Halving Interval: 250,000 blocks

parallel coin wallet

Parallelcoin Windows wallet download POST takeover V1.2

parralel coin windows wallet download

parallel coin pools

This particular pool is scrypt only:

suprnova pool

Takeover info:

There are a few of us which like the idea of this coin very much. We (the community) think that the coin has a big potential and is worth to continue. There is no premine and the multi-algo sha256d and scrypt was and is trendsetting. So the time is right for a restart.

The original developer, Parallaxis (probably Blazr2) was last active on 19th of August 2014 on Bitcointalk. Over the last year we tried to get in contact, but there has neven been a reply on all our messages. So we kept supporting Parallelcoin over all the months and finally the time has come for a community takeover.

We created a new Parallelcoin website, block explorer, nodes, a Parallelcoin sha256d pool and achieved that DUO is available for trading on Cryptopia coin exchange.

You can be part of this community. Start to mine Parallelcoin and spread the word. If you have further ideas that could help and support the coin (new exchanges, new pools, whatever else), do not hesitate to post your ideas to this new thread.


Synergy coin (SNRG) posts 1.0.6 wallet with “Trubo stake dashboard”

synergy coin


Foe those of you not familiar with Synergy coin, its probably one of the best of the newer coins. Ill lave a link to the original ann thread. Anyway, Dev just released a new wallet version that is V1.0.6 that has a build in turbo guage , he calls “Turbo Stake Dashboard”

turbo stake dashboard

Here is a link to the latest 1.0.6 wallet:

synergy coin downloads

windows logo - red

Link to synergy OP:

Dashlite coin (DASHL). SHA-256

dashlite coin


DASHLiTE is a decentralized crypto-currency that enables lighting fast transactions directly between individuals, merchants, companies and
financial institutions.DASHL has been built Solid, with Full Anonymity ,DASHL is dedicated to building a community across the crypto landscape,
connecting crypto people and coin communities through our advanced DashLite trading wallet.
DASHL aims to benefit more than just the huge hashers out there ,Unlike many before us,
we do not go to any effort to hide our identities – we don’t need to! Have fun team Dashlite.

dash lite specs

Coin Specs
DashLite [ DASHL ] POW (SHA256)
Halving 1750 blocks
PoW rewards 1500 DASHL per block
Block time 5 min
Timespan 8 hours
Maturity 25 confirms
Premine 2% 1N6ivb4A27hRjmLQGeYHbBgx7v5f57TRsp
Total coins only 5,250,000 DASHL

dashlite  coin wallets


dash lite coin mining

Guys BEFORE you mine this read the offical thread below, there are problems with this coin.

Paycon coin (CON) releases wallet 1.06 beta 1 on June 22nd at 4:30pm PST , with significant changes to combine stake threshhold.

Guys one of my favorite coins has released a small but critial update. Paycon coin has tweaked the combine stake threshold on the new 1.0.6 beta 1 wallet. NOT to be confused with regular V 1.06. I cant tell you how many times I looked at this coin on the exchange, and because of its cartoonish look I didnt take it serious. Then I began seeing alot of buzz and went onto and sat and read through it, and I was thrilled!!!

paycon coin

More details on the change:

Hey for you Windows lovers I have a new pre-release version 1.0.6 with a vast improvement on the combine thresholds.

Previous versions would combine all Blocks under 500 Coins into larger Blocks and pay a reward of 30 Coins, however this is inefficient so the change in this latest version will only combine multiple Blocks if over 14 days old and under 30 Coins as the default.

If you would like it to still combine Blocks larger than 30 Coins, up to a maximum of 1000 you can now set your combine threshold in your PayCon.conf file by adding


(if wanting to make the combine threshold after 14 days as 500 Coins however you should not even need to change the combine threshold, it is just optional if you can find that you can receive higher and more automatic combines by adjusting it)

Download new 1.0.6 beta 1 here(Released 6/22/15) 4:30PM PST

paycon coin wallet download