Gold coin (GLD) gets mandatory wallet update to V


Download the windows wallet V .7.1.8 by clicking icon below:

goldcoin windows download

Revisiting “old coins”. Can they be more profitable NOW, even after they have lost most of their value?

Theres an old saying that has been around well before cryptocurrency, and has been around about as long as money itself: “Never say never”. When I understood proof of stake, I knew right away my plan was to invest in all of them, and and did. Ive always been brilliant with money, but I had no concept of how to handle holdings that had 100% apr interest, 500% apr interest, 750% apr interest and even got as high as 10,000% interest per year (snowballs). We make our decisions based on our experience in the past.  My experience is the past told me high interest is always good. What I really didnt take into consideration is I had never dealt with interest rates of this magnitude before.  What I didnt know is currencies with ultra high interest rates needed to be handled a different way. Different than anything I had worked with before. What I didnt consider at all was inflation. That one factor trumps all other factors, and I thought that investments that had 750% per year could “outrun” inflation, while at the same time the 750% annual return was making the investment less valuable due to inflation. Consider this: everyone in the world wakes up tomorrow with 1 million dollars in cash in the middle of your living room floor. The biggest pile of benjies youve ever seen.

So now your RICH!!! Right? WRONG! Your more poor NOW, than you were before!! You are actually in the worst financial position possible! But wait, Ive got fat stacks, I mean STUPID money! Ya, and so does EVERYONE else, so they DON’T want your money! HUH!? Youll probably try REALLY hard to spend this money, but you wont be able to. Everyone in the world also has more than they can ever spend! Money/currency is ONLY valuable, when you have it , and most others dont. The more money YOU have the less value you see in it, the LESS money you have the more value you see in it.

So you needed to understand that before I go further. When new high POS coins were released their value was very high because you needed to get these coins, because they multiply like rabbits. The more coins you had , the more they created. As time went on, the money supply that started at tens of thousands over a few months ended up in the tens of millions of coins. Everyone that had those coins that paid a high price for them at the release of the coin, couldn’t give them away as everyone else that had invested in that coin ALSO had tens of millions of coins. Suffice to say the value per coin dropped over 95% in some cases.

So now we are at another stage. High pos coins have inflated , some are so inflated that there is no hope, and no fix. I will make it a point NOT to mention specific coins that are horribly inflated as this article is not about hurting a coins reputation, or value. Its to help you understand cryptocurrency better, so you can make better decisions in the future. I WILL however mention coins that I will return to, and give another chance , and my reasons why.









#1 Tekcoin.

This coin will be classic and historic because it has such a strange twist , that it is unique. Here is the short version. From day 1 this coin was released it was plagued with technical issues. No irony there. It was one of the first ultra high pos coins that dates back to September 2013. It was so innovative that the technical issues continued for about a year. Most people that tried to mine it, gave up out of frustration. I think I tried over 10 times in that year, and there was always problems, from forks, to orphans, to the pools being down, wallet not working , you name it. After a year dev Noise23 from Truckcoin assisted the dev of Tek , who is Thundertoe, and cleaned up the bugs, and polished it. Today it works flawless, and better than it ever has. Here is the twist: The coin is well over a year old and has under 6 million coins. Who knows what it SHOULD be except to say that this number seems MUCH less than it is for a coin that rewards 500% interest a year! Other similar high POS coins that are 7 months old have more than  80 million coins, but again, I wont mention names. So the good news is because tek really has not been working correctly for most of its life, it has kept the coin supply WAY down, and has still lost much of its value, but were other similar coins have lost 95% of their value tek has lost about about 60% of it value, and seems to have stabalized. Most new high pos coins have a lot of interest and hype. Heres where the news gets better. Most people that were around the time when tek was released have moved on and forgotten about it. Those of us that have sha-256 are loving it right now because this is a pow/pos coin. The sha-256 pow difficulty is a mere 60k-70k . Extremely low for a sha-256 coin, AND I just checked the pos difficulty and its a mere :

PoS difficulty” : 0.00006103

Here is the chart for past 30 days from April 17th to May 17th 2015. Very stable AND 500% interest!

tekcoin-price chart

So when your tekcoins mature, they pretty much reward that hour as the POS diff is so low, as most others have moved on.


bottlecaps coin









Hobonickels & Bottle caps from developer Tranz.

Im going to talk about these together, because 1st and foremost they are from the same developer Tranz, and they are VERY similar. Even their wallets look almost identical. The main difference is their POS system. Specifically their min stake time and interest earned in stake rewards. Here are the specifics.

Bottlecaps coin pos specifications:

  • 15 day minimum stake
  • 200% annual stake reward interest
  • 1000 coin max reward per stake. Its about a 12,000 coin block using coin control.

Hobonickels coin pos specifications:

  • 10 day minimum stake time
  • 100% POS reward annually
  • Max reward per block 250. To stay under this cap create coin blocks of no more than 3000. It is strongly advised to use the command: -splitthreshold=500 -combinethreshold=500 mentioned below.

These two did suffer from inflation, but now their price has been stable for the last 6 months. So what Im saying is , if the price remains about the same, you are now earning 100% -200% on your investment! Another reason these coins have a stable price is because of the developer Tranz. He is VERY active on his threads and is very trusted and respected. Here are some charts to illustrate: (click to enlarge):

hobonickels chart

bottlecaps coin chart

The last inflation update was quite some time ago so here are the numbers of the last six month’s:

date           block        supply        inflation

HBN (Hobonickels)
1-12-2014   1451032   7540709    7,9%
1-1-2015   1556265   8096241      7,4%
1-2-2015   1680359   8765283      8,3%
1-3-2015   1800260   9349593      6,7%
1-4-2015   1932062   9998550      6,9%
1-5-2015   2059867   10683151    6,8%

CAP (Bottlecaps)
1-12-2014   758924   8289383    13,4%
1-1-2015   812457   9432382       13,8%
1-2-2015   869457   10728528     13,7%
1-3-2015   926375   12058324     12,4%
1-4-2015   989934   13572195     12,6%
1-5-2015   1049849   15210644   12,1%

HYP (Hyperstake)
1-12-2014   160714   53258893   53,6%
1-1-2015   190299   75120101    41,0%
1-2-2015   221286   101346810   34,9%
1-3-2015   250312   127669954   26,0%
1-4-2015   279701   155844433   22,1%
1-5-2015   308140   183508459   17,8%

HBN has the lowest monthly inflation as always. Not al all strange because it has the lower POS rate compared to CAP and HYP. Designed at 100% but these days usually somewhere around 90% due to an increasing network stake weight. The POS rate for CAP shows similar effects. Having a POS rate somewhere around 180% these days.
All of them also show a decreasing inflation rate. It means that the increase of the money supply is more or less stable. For HYP this moment occurred about 6 months ago when a lot of people started to hit the stake maximum.

So it all looks quite nice and stable. which is quite an achievement considering the age of their block chains, almost two years for HBN and CAP and getting close to one year for HYP.

Notes if you dont want to mess with coin control you can append your windows shortcut properties to include the following commands:

For hobonickels: HoboNickels.exe -splitthreshold=99 -combinethreshold=100

I like coins that have a stable price that have been around 1-2 years, AND have a high interest rate. They are very profitable and a lot more safe than new coins.

Variance coin (VARY) SHA-256 from dev “IgotSpots” to be released VERY soon, spots says maybe tonight! 5/16/15

variance coin

Variance coin (VARY)

As many of you know, 10k started as a chain we could use to experiment new mechanics. It worked great, and not only did we use what we learned in BALLS, but we then merged the two into a more serious project, GorillaTeeth. Now we are at a crossroads. With GorillaBucks ready to start moving when GorillaEx comes back, we have a fresh chain that already has interest in it, but no place to test new ideas.. until now

This brings us to Variance. If this staking system works well, the plan is to bring it over to GorillaBucks. The only difference is that we will leave mining active on this one until Block 8 million. This coin is merge minable with BTC and we will work with pools to get this set up later on

The way stake rewards are calculated are dramatically different in Variance. For this reason, we need to ensure the network gets to block 100,000 as quickly as possible for system scaling tests. The most efficient way to achieve this is to keep difficulty low for the first 100,000 blocks. Everyone will have a fair shot at the initial rush, but I would very highly suggest against renting rigs. Mining pools will most likely not be able to keep up with the rush of blocks being found prior to block 100,000. After 100k, it will start moving to more manageable, long term levels. Variance also comes out of the box ready to be merge mined with Bitcoin, PPC, and any other SHA coins that are set up to be auxiliary chains. With Proof of Work active until Block 8 million, this will be a feature I actively pursue making use of.

Stake rewards change quite a bit in this one, which bring us to the entire point. We need to test this system to ensure it won’t break prior to implementing it into GorillaBucks. Coinage is scaled so the rich won’t become richer at such a ridiculous, compounding pace. Large and small deposits will be scaled to generate from nearly the same sliding range

This is not being premined or instamined by myself or anyone else. Why am I posting it in this thread and not in its own? Because you guys are the only ones I care about on these forums. Please remember this is testing a totally different way to do rewards, so things might break. The goal of this coin is not to shill, market, or try to get it traded anywhere. If that happens, cool, but if not, that’s fine

TL;DR – It is imperative to remember that Variance is essentially a standalone GorillaBucks test chain. If you rent rigs for this launch, you will just be pissed off that no pools can keep up

Coin Specs

  • SHA 256/Merged Ok
  • Four Minute Blocks
  • 1 VARY per PoW Block
  • 1 Hour Deposit -> Stake Eligible
  • 8 Hours Mine/Mint -> Full Confirm
  • No Yearly Stake Rate
  • Scaling Stake Rewards
    • Small rewards scaled up
    • Large rewards scaled down

Wallets to be released soon!

Still doing some final tests. Just giving you guys a fair warning that this is coming.. It may be as early as tonight. The coin is basically ready, just testing stakes past block 10,000

NOSFERATU coin is simply as nasty virus to steal all your coins! WATCH OUT!

NOSFERATU coin wallet is just a trojan horse, that once downloaded will clean you out!





Cryptofocus coin (FCS) [X11] LAUNCHED! As of this writing it is on block 110. 5/15/2015

cryptofocus coin

Many of you have been watching Cryptofocus coin during the ico stage. I have known about this coin for weeks and have made it a point NOT to post about it. To be blunt, I dont like icos and 90+% of the time the investors get burned as the dev runs off with the funds. Then again if your dumb enough to send a large sum of money to a complete stranger, then maybe you get what you deserve.

crypto focus roadmap


Block reward

Algorithm: X11
Ticker: FCS
Block time: 60 sec
PoS Interest: 10%
min TX fee: 0.001
Tx confirmations:3
Total supply: XXX
Ico total: 1M
RPC port: 30188
Port: 0000

BLOCK Rewards:

       1  –  100  =  2
101  –  500  =  4
501  –  1500  =  6
1501  –  2000  =  8
2001  –  2500  =  6
2501  –  3000  =  4
3001  –  3500  =  6
3501  –  4000  =  8
4001  –  5000  =  10
5001  –  6000  =  12
6001  –  7000  =  14
7001  – 10000  = 20
10001  –  12000  =  10
(As always I only post the pool with highest hash)
crypto focus coin-jaz

Windows Wallet:cryptococus wallet



Link to main Bitcointalk thread ann:

Gulden coin gets new wallet update to version 1.4. Released on 5/15/15

guldencoin (1)

Gulden coin

Gulden coin releases new wallet to version 1.4. Released : 5/15/15

gulden coin wallet download

guldencoin wallet download

Silver Bullet Coin|SVB| |X13| POW mining Bonuses!

silver bullet coin

silver bullet banner


silver bullet specs
Ticker: SVB
Algo : x13
IPO : none
Mining will stop after 13000 blocks
Block time: 60 seconds
PoS 6%
Minimum age 1 hour
Max age 8 hours

silver bullet info

SVB PoW block reward:

Block 0 – 100 : 1 coin
Block 101 – 500 : 10 coins
Block 502 – 1000 : 15 coins
Block 1002 – 1500 : 20 coins
Block 1502 – 2000 : 25 coins
Block 2002 – 2500 : 30 coins
Block 2502 – 3500 : 35 coins
Block 3502 – 4000 : 40 coins
Block 4002 – 4500 : 45 coins
Block 4502 – 13000 : 50 coins

SVB bonus block reward:

Block 501 : bonus 100 coins
Block 1001 : bonus 150 coins
Block 1501 : Bonus 200 coins
Block 2001 : Bonus 250 coins
Block 2501 : Bonus 300 coins
Block 3501 : Super bonus 1500 coins
Block 4001 : Bonus 400 coins
Block 4501 : Bonus 450 coins
Block 5001 : Bonus 500 coins
Block 5501 : Bonus 550 coins
Block 6001 : Bonus 600 coins
Block 6501 : Bonus 650 coins
Block 7001 : Super bonus 3000 coins
Block 7501 : Bonus 750 coins
Block 8001 : Bonus 800 coins
Block 8501 : Bonus 850 coins
Block 9001 : Bonus 900 coins
Block 9501 : Bonus 950 coins
Block 10001 : Super bonus 5000 coins

Total: 569,680 SVB

silver bullet pools

silver bullet download

Windows wallet (click the silver bullet below):

silver bullet coin wallet

silver bullet exchange

cryptotrade exchange

Main link to Bitcointalk thread:

Note: this is probably a worthless shitcoin, but I thought the graphics would look good on my site 😉




Arbit coin

arbit coin roadmap
arbitcoin about

arbitcoin pow rewards
resourcesWindows wallet download:

arbit coin faq
Question #1: How does your concept of voice 2FA work?

Answer:  Here are a few quick facts from the company we are planing to work with to implement our ARbit Coin Voice 2FA and why we think it is a natural evolution in crypto, especially for our community when using our mobile app in the marketplace.

How many times do we all hear about people loosing there coins due to malicious software, viruses and hacks? With voice authentication your coins will remain protected from unauthorized attempt or security breaches. This is just one of many envisioned concepts that will put ARbit on the map and gain respect in the industry as an innovator.

Vocal Wallet Password at a glance.
Flexible multi-engine design delivering text dependent, text independent and text prompted voice verification
Language and accent independent
Unsurpassed algorithmic accuracy proven by third parties
Web Service interface, Voice XML
Proactive fraudster detection
Anti-spoofing capabilities that include playback and liveliness detectionBenefits:
Enhanced experience
Reduced fraud
Peace of mind
Only your voice unlocks your wallet!
Any coins leaving your .dat file are protected via voice 2FA

ARbit Mobile App Authentication
ARbit Support Identity Verification
ARbit Wallet Password Reset

How it works:

by partnering with voice platforms, web servers and authentication servers with identity verification capabilities through the use of voice bio-metric matching engines. Once your voice set in your wallet, speaking your pass-phrase, the audio is transferred to claim identity. The voice 2FA is then compared with the relevant stored voice-print and a verification result is outputted. In parallel, the output voice will eventually be compared to fraudsters voice-prints and in time as other crypto-currencies adopt this form of authentication we can create a blacklist, to check if the voice belongs to a known malicious individuals and further improve our industry.

Question #2: Printed Media Purchasing sounds interesting, can you explain in more detail about it?

According to Juniper Research, the mobile Augmented Reality (AR) market is set to increase from 60 million users this year to nearly 200 million in 2018.  By providing an interactive dimension to print. This will be one of our core focuses, working with merchants to include ARbit coin into their printed media.
Imagine opening a direct mail advertisement sent to your home. When you open the mail you put on your augmented reality headset or use your smart device to view the awesome content from your local pizza shop. By simply using your finger, you can touch the printed media AR target (buy now button) and you will be directed to pay via ARbit coins. Is that even possible? Yes, the technology is available today and is not out of reach.

Despite on-going predictions of the demise of printed material, use of AR interactive technology that connects to the digital world with convenient speed will preserve print and will attract those type of merchants for increased effectiveness.  Print rather than pixels becomes very relevant as a way to disconnect from the online noise and distraction, purchasing when away from your home computer.

By incorporating a call to action in printed material via augmented reality the response mechanisms such as personal URLs (pURLs), qrcodes or NFC technology will be less preferred. As an example, think of an upgrade offer on a direct marketing piece which links to a web site to facilitate the purchase with ARbit coins automatically in the background. The market for cross-media technology is broad and diverse and ARbit plans to get market share.

ARbit coin moves beyond QR codes and pURLs by using the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bring print to life and facilitate charge-back free purchases for merchants by using the camera sensors on your smartphone, table or coming Hololen’s device. Virtual overlays for a more dynamic interactive user experience will allow readers to hold their phone/AR device in front of a printed page and see extra content on their handset and make purchases with ARbit.

Question #3 Block Times?

60 second block-time and 60 confirmations for newly minted blocks.

Question #4 Total coins?

ARbit coin will have 400K coins available in the crowd-sale, 374,000 coins produced in proof-of-work stage, 340,000 coins produced in proof-of-stake, before going to 7,200 POS coins rewarded daily from that point further.

Question #5 POS Stake age?

6 hour minimum stake age!


(As always I only post pool with highest hashrate)


Update: The first 100 blocks had a zero reward for a fair launch and hedge against potential bugs. We believe that during our push to Github a file got corrupted in the source, since our windows wallet was pre-compiled it worked perfectly at launch, some fortunate miners capitalized on the source issue that effected pools compiling and mined 100 blocks after the fair-launch blocks, that is 10,000 coins. It was an honest mistake on our end and we fixed it within 5 minutes. There have been demands to relaunch which would just end-up damaging cloud miners rented hash. It would not be not right to delay the launch 2 hours hours and burn there investment in rig rentals.

Since it is only 10,000 coins that was mined during that period, we have decided to pay for those blocks mined during those 5 minutes and will be sending the coins we purchase to the pools for even disbursement to the miners. This solution works in everyone’s best interest.

Link to main bitcointalk thread ann: (Its VERY messy, I DID warn you!)

Pentacoin (PTA)|SHA-256][DPOS|POS][NO ICO|NO PREMINE] Listed on Yobit!



Ticker : PTA
Block time: 90 seconds
Block reward:
Block 1 – 50 = 100 PTA
Block 51 – 700 = 350 PTA
Block 701 – 1000 = 300 PTA
Block 1001 – 1500 = 250 PTA
Block 1501 – 2500 = 200 PTA
Block 2501 – 3000 = 150 PTA
Block 3001 – 3400 = 100 PTA
PoW Supply: 1311955 PTA
Last PoW block: 3400
PoS Min Stake Age: 6 hours
PoS Max Stake Age: 24 hours
DPOS from block 2500 until 20000 block after that normal PoS 9%
RPC Port: 25630
Port:  25631
Nodes: Hardcoded


Block 2500 to 4500 10 PTA
Block 4501 to 6800 20 PTA
Block 6800 to 7000 150 PTA
Block 7001 to 8500 20 PTA
Block 8501 to 10000 100 PTA
Block 10001 to 15000 30 PTA
Block 15001 to 20000 25 PTA

pentacoin wallet

Windows wallet download:

pentacoin wallet download

pentacoin pools




Main Ann thread on bitcointalk:

DarkCrave Coin (DCC) SHA-256 Ninja launch. Launched today 5/15/15!


DarkCrave Ninja Launch


NO Premine/No ICO
Ticker: DCC
Algo: SHA256
Block time: 60 seconds
Coinbase maturity: 40 blocks
hiPoS Minimum Age: 6 hours

RPC Port: 33163
P2P Port: 33162

POW Reward Schedule
Block 0 – 100 = 100  Coins
Block 101  – 1000 = 75 Coins
Block 1001 – 2000  = 50 Coins
Block 2001 – 3000 = 25 Coins

DPOS 2.0 Reward Schedule
Block 0 – 100 = 100  Coins
Block 101  – 1000 = 75 Coins
Block 1001 – 2000  = 50 Coins
Block 2001 – 3000 = 25 Coins
Block 3001 – 4000 = 50 Coins
Block 4001 – 5000 = 75 Coins
After Block 5000 = 10 Coins

Coin Supply
Total Coins:  277,500
POW: 152,500
POS: 125,000

If U Need Addnodes


Pools: (I usually just post highest hash pool,but its a 50/50 split)

suprnova pool
Windows 64bit Wallet:




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