Hypercoin posts new wallet today (5/13/15). It is now V1.5.3.2

hyper coin

My #1 favorite coin in crypto releases a new wallet today 5/13/15.

You can download v1.5.3.2 here:

hyper coin wallet


-OpenSLL update to M
-GUI fixes and improvements
-Checkpoint update
-Removal of legacy warnings

Ive never had to use addnodes, but in case you need them:


Marbles coin (MRB) SHA-256 , Just released today (5/13/15)


Algorithm: SHA 256
Ticker: MRB
Total POW 2200 blocks
POS Reward: 10 Marbles
Block space: 64 Seconds
Maturity: 40 blocks
Stake Min Age: 2 Hours
Port 33333
RPCPort 33334

POW Rewards:

block 0 – 200  1000 Marbles
block 201 – 400  50 Marbles
block 401 – 600  1000 Marbles
block 601 – 800  50 Marbles
block 801 – 1000  1000 Marbles
block 1001 – 1200  50 Marbles
block 1201 – 1400  1000 Marbles
block 1401 – 1600  50 Marbles
block 1601 – 1800  1000 Marbles
block 1801 – 2000  50 Marbles
block 2001 – 2200  1000 Marbles

POS Rewards:

block 0 – 600  200 Marbles
block 601 – 1200  100 Marbles
block 1201 – 1800  200 Marbles
block 1801 – 2200  100 Marbles
block 2201 and up  10 Marbles


Pools: (as always I only post the one pool that has all the hash)


Wallet download:
parkbyte coin wallet


Bitstar coin (bits) releases new wallet v1.4 (5/13/15)

bitstar coin

One of my favorite coins has just released 1.4 of their wallet. Download below:

bitstar coin wallet download


Gorillabucks coin (BUCKS) gets new wallet. You must upgrade before block 25,000!

Ill get right to the point: V 4.02 for windows

gorillabucks coin wallet

Supply Shock coin (M1) Supply Shock | X13 | Trading Bot/Backtest Integration | No Premine/ICO

supply shock coin


supply shock coin explained

supply shock aggregate supply experiment

supply shock coin specifications

Ticker: M1
Algo: X13
Max PoW Height: 2,000
Block time: 64 seconds
Coinbase maturity: 230 blocks
PoS Minimum Age: 2 hours
PoS Max Age: Unlimited
PoS Interest: 1-10%
RPC Port: 15622
P2P Port: 15623

POW Reward Schedule

Initial Reward: 52 Coins
Halving every 200 Blocks

supply shock coin wallets


supply shock coin roadmapsupply shock coin roadmap 2

supply shock coin pools

As always I only list one pool and that is the pool with most/all of the hash

suprnova pool

supply shock coin exchanges


Mainbitcointalk thread ann:


BitAlpha (Bα) [Scrypt] [pow/pos] [No premined/ICO] POW in effect now. May 11th 2015

bitalpha coin


Bitalpha sticker: Bα
Algo: Scrypt
Proof of Work
Dynamic Proof of Stake
P2P: 17014
RPC: 17015
Proof of work is 15,000 blocks.

Proof of Work lay out:

Block < 1000   = 2000 * COIN
Block < 2000   = 1000 * COIN
Block < 5000   = 500 * COIN
Block < 10000  = 1000 * COIN
Block < 15000  = 2000 * COIN

Dynamic Proof of stack lay out:

Block << 30000 = 100 * COIN
Block >> 30000 = 10  * COIN

Windows wallet :

Addnodes to Bitalpha.conf:


POOLS: (Note: I only ever link 1 pool that has all the hash)


Original Bitcointalk ann thread:


TeleBet Coin (TB) [Scrypt], NINJA, NO ICO/NO PREMINE, 2 hrs min stake!!

telebet coin


Algorithm: Scrypt
Block time: 60 seconds
Block reward:

1-720-> 150 TB

721-1440-> 60 TB

1441-2160-> 25 TB

2161-2880 -> 10 TB

PoW Supply: 176,400 TB (max.)
Last PoW block: 2880
PoS Min Stake Age: 2 hours

PoS Max Stake Age: Unlimited
PoS Interest: 4 days of 10 TB per block, then 1 TB per block

Addnodes: (telebet.conf)



WALLETS: Windows

bitcoint wallet

POOLS: (As always I only list the pool with all the hash)

suprnova pool

Link to main ann on bitcointalk:


Gorillateeth coin and Gorillabucks coin chain on “hold”.

gorillateeth coingorilla bucks coin

Gorillateeth coin and Gorillabucks coin are going through some changes. There was also a security breach at btcpool regarding Gorillateeth coin. This breach did NOT affect any users funds on the exchange, and the quick actions of dev Igotspots, minimized the damage by stopping the chain and contacting c-cex to disable the wallet as the stolen funds where being sent there. This recovered all of the funds that could have been lost. Youll notice the blockchain for both gorilla coins are “frozen”, this was done on purpose, and should be moving again within a day, maybe two.

XDE coin (AKA “Double Eagle) : The MOST exotic and rare cryptocurrency youve probably never heard of, but should know about!

xde coin bannerXde coin



There are many unique qualities I like about this coin. Most importantly Ive never seen a dev so dedicated to his work. The wallet is on revision 6.1. The wallet is so fine tuned and polished to precision. The wallet takes no more than 3 seconds to load. The coins are extremely hard to acquire as there are only 100 in existence and even then you’ll probably pay $25 a coin. So this coin is NOT for everyone. If your looking for an exotic rare coin backed by a dedicated developer, with a beautiful wallet, read on.

XDE DOUBLE EAGLE [XDECOIN] is a Rare and Unique Cryptocurrency. It is the “Virtual Double Eagle” of the United States 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin. XDECOIN has been built Solid, with Full Anonymity through Tor – it is Fast and Lightweight (The Wallet only takes few Mbs of your Hard Drive and the Transactions only need 1 Confirmation and you have your XDEs ready to Spend.

xde coin specs

ALGORITHM: SHA256 (Full POS rare coin)
 Coin Max Supply: 100
POS Interest: 10%
Min Stake Age: 1hr (It can take longer to stake)
Max Stake Age: Unlimited
Tx FEES: 0.00004000 XDE

xde wallet download

xde coin wallet icon

Windows Wallet V6

NOTE: On May 11th 2015, this wallet will be upgraded to V6.1 . I will try to update this link as soon as I can. For now its V6.

Here are some screen shots of the wallet:

xde wallet

There is even attention to detail when you open your wallet, this picture appears during the loading process:

xde wallet opening

There is just something ROYAL about black and gold!

xde exchanges


Original Bitcointalk ANN thread:


Sling coin, releases major upgrade to wallet and adds integrated “Sling Road marketplace” inside wallet. Released 5/8/15 @ 3PM PST. V1.3.6.7

Just released on 5/8/15 Sling wallet V1.3.6.7. This wallet includes “Sling Road” marketplace. I hope this is not a clone of “Silk Road”. Here is some screen shots:

Here is some comments for the Dev team:

We are very excited to deliver the first true decentralized market, and we will continue to develop new features for the marketplace, and invite the community to give their suggestions and feedback so we can continue to adapt and improve the technology. As long as the Sling community continues to show support for the project, I believe that we can develop this into something truly innovative and unique, and provide services and features that are both useful, and user friendly.

I have provided brief overview / summary on how to use SlingRoad:

Right now the market is empty, but categories will dynamically appear based on the listings. When a seller accepts a buy request, they create a multisig address and fund it with a security deposit equal to the item price. The buyer escrow locks and also funds it with the item price, then the seller can request payment and the buyer can pay, which creates a transaction that spends the multisig funds to the seller.

There are a number of developments for Sling that I have in mind to implement, and take the project a step further, but I also want the community’s thoughts, and wishes for what they would like to see implemented into the project. We believe that working with the community, and keeping an active line of communication will be the most effective way of guaranteeing we develop something unique and generally useful.

sling road wallet

Download link for windows wallet