Darknet Coin (DNET) True anonymity


Darknet is a new cryptocurrency featuring anonymity with a large team to continually develop new services. The coin will start as a POW coin which will last for approx. the 1st – 180 days from launch (1/30/16) and then, transition to a POS coin with an initial POS of 100%. POS will phase down over time. A masternode network will provide an additional source of revenues. For those interested in setting one a masternode, a guide can be found in the bitcointalk thread (link below). Wallet links available below.

Darknet Specs

Algo: Quark
PoW Block Reward: 250 DNET
Block Time: 60 Second with Retargeting at every Block

POW Phase:

PoW Phase: [0000001] 60k Premine for the Creation of 6 Masternodes for the Functioning of the Network
(60k DNET will be Burned at approx. Block 259201)

PoW Phase: [0000002-0259200] Approx. 180 DAYS

PoW Rewards: [0000002-0043200] 20% MNODE (50 DNET) / 80% MINER (200 DNET)

PoW Rewards: [0043201-0259201] 20% MNODE (50 DNET) /

70% MINER (175 DNET) / 10% PROPOSALS (25 DNET)

POS Phase:

PoS Phase 1: PoS [0259201-0518400] Approx. 180 DAYS
PoS Rewards Breakdown: 100% Stake
PoS Phase 2: PoS [0518401-1036800] Approx. 360 DAYS
PoS Rewards Breakdown: 50% Stake
Continuing to decreasing POS each year


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Wallet Links:

Windows apple

 linuxras pi

Helpful Links:                                             

BitCoinTalk Thread for Darknet

Darknet Website


Cryptsy has now left the building!


Cryptsy Has Moved Out of Their Building Unannounced, Nowhere to be Found.

Bitcoinist has received exclusive news regarding Cryptsy that is related to the issues surrounding the cryptocurrency exchange as of late. According to a confirmed source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the company has moved out of the building that housed its headquarters. 

Cryptsy’s Mysterious Disappearance

This news comes in the midst of Cryptsy customers experiencing difficulty withdrawing funds in recent days, with customers taking to social media to express their frustration. Additionally, around three days ago, the exchange halted its trading engine, and activity did not resume until the next day. These troubles prompted coverage from the Bitcoin media, and speculation from the community. Several threads popped up on the bitcoin subreddit concerning the withdrawal difficulties going on at Cryptsy, with people accusing the exchange of stealing their money. One post in particular went as far as to suggest a “collaborative lawsuit” against Cryptsy in hopes of retrieving lost funds:

Now, if Cryptsy is really going down, I think we’d better take action before it is too late. . .I have lost money to GAW miners and Hashprofit, so I hope we can get together and take a positive action towards Cryptsy, before it is too late.

Now, an anonymous source has informed us that Cryptsy has moved out of its building, without leaving any clue of where they might be. The source went to the building yesterday to visit Vern, the Founder of Cryptsy. Upon arriving, he found the building to be empty, with no Cryptsy team members in sight. The source contacted the building manager about the disappearance, and he informed the source that the company moved out a couple weeks ago. The building manager did not have any further information regarding Cryptsy’s whereabouts after the move.

Presently, there is no evidence to suggest that this unannounced move is connected to the withdrawal difficulties experienced by Cryptsy customers in recent days. Customers have been reporting difficulties withdrawing from the exchange for at least 25 days, but the major speculation on the state of Cryptsy did not begin until the company halted trading three days ago.

Diamond Coin (DMD) Legendary 10. +100% Staking power to your dmd wallet!!!


Guys to some people , they already know I am good friends with Cryptonit the dev of Diamond DMD coin.

I have the highest respect and trust for him.

Thats why im letting the world know of something VERY VERY special he is offering:

Legendary 10

Here are the details:

Legendary 10 is once in a lifetime opportunity to claim a unique crypto asset with forever staking bonus.

The Legendary 10 addresses are linked to names of some of the most precious natural diamonds in the world. Some of them are priceless and so are Legendary 10 address assets.

Holders of the Legendary 10 crypto assets can turn their DMD Diamond address into a staking powerhouse with rewards multiplier. Legendary 10 address asset is capable of delivering up to +100% effective boost rate.

The asset will carry the name of a legendary diamond together with the name of its owner forever carved into the heart of DMD Diamond. Additionally the lucky owner can leave a 144 character long message in the core code for future generations to read.

However, most of all, whoever acquires Legendary 10 unique asset automatically becomes the Epic Legendary Holder, which will be forever recorded in the history of crypto.

Furthermore, Legendary 10 is a mission to balance coin rollout, additionally strengthen the network and ensure further development of DMD Diamond so that investment of every Diamond coin holder is continuously protected.

Legendary 10’s motto is honours, prosperity and future and that’s what defines intentions behind the introduction of these unique crypto assets. And that’s what what DMD Diamond is all about.

That’s why taking part in this one of a kind diamond themed auction is definitely an experience worth having.

Legendary 10 Options

There are two types of Legendary 10 addresses and each auction winner will be able to make a choice which of them to claim.

  • Option 1: a wallet with holding limit of 3000 DMD with ×2 stake multiplier (effective +100% boost)
  • Option 2: a wallet with holding limit of 15000 DMD with ×1.25 stake multiplier (effective +25% boost)

Click here for the auction page

For more infomation about Diamond coin please visit their bitcointalk page at:


Tell Cryptonit that Vegas sent you 🙂

vegas stamp of approval

Droidz coin (DRZ) releases new wallet V2.4 dated 12/20/2015

droidz coin



Ticker: DRZ
Current Droidz supply: 5.150.000 Approx.
Algorithm: QuBit
PoS: 5%
PoS block start: 31500
Maturity: 110 blocks

Block 0-20: 2000000 ICO (2 million 40% DRZ supply)
Block 100-5000: 200
Block 5000-12000: 120
Block 12000-20000: 80
Block 20000-32000: 50

MAX POW SUPPLY: 5.060.000 Approx.



V2.4 Dated 12/20/15

Virus total scan results (CLEAN):




For more information on Droidz coin , visit their main on on ‘talk:


Amsterdam coin (AMS). I want to shout a big thank you to my hero KeesdeWit!


Theres a new saying in crypto “Good people are hard to find in crypto”.

Its new because I just made it up. I would venture to say its less than 10% of people in crypto have high morals and integrity, and its so hard to tell everyone apart. But there is one way to certainly tell a good person from bad and that is actions. We were stuck on Yobit with an “Incompatible Source code”.  This meant funds were frozen on Yobit for days. Our team went looking all over the place for a dev that would help us. We looked for days. We sent loads of PMs to respected devs, and few answered. The ones that did were too busy to help us. While on Yobit chat, I saw a message from “Keesdewit” and it said “Vegas, I can help you”. The first sign of anyone even trying to help us. He quickly sprung into action and within 30-40 min had everything fixed and working, and I know it was VERY late in Amsterdam where he lived. So I am proud to say Keesdewit is our hero, and he has found a new home with Team FLY. There is no question , he is THE Team FLY dev!!!




Moin Coin (Moin) V2 – Takeover & Swap (Click Header)


     MOIN Coin V2 (MOIN)

Wallets Available below!

KingCaper, a BitCoinTalk Senior Member, has put together a team to takeover Moin Coin (Moin). They are doing a Swap of the old Moin coin and will focus on a vision coupled with Design & Innovation. The original Moin Coin  is still available for purchase on Yobit until the swap. If you are a holder Moin coin, this is exciting as it comes back from the dead. An active giveaway is available on CryptoCoinTalk.



60 sec blocks
Min. Stake Time = 8 Hours

Max. Stake Time = Unlimited

Transactions = 10 Confirmations

Swap – 10 Moin V2 to 1 Moin V1

Unclaimed Moin Destroyed at end of swap!

POS: Year 1 – 50%, Year 2 – 25%, Decreasing Annually

“Super” Blocks

 1 “Super”Block every 2 weeks 10k, 10k,

15k, 25k, and 50k  – WOW!


WALLETS – Click Box Below




For complete information, please visit the new Moin V2 discussion thread at BitCoinTalk:


Or, the new Moin Website:



Amsterdam coin (AMS). The official digital currency of Amsterdam.



Symbol AMS


84 Million coins available

PoW Block reward 10 AMS halving every 840000 blocks

8% PoS reward

Masternodes (50% of PoS blocks)

Automatic TOR client

Encrypted messages


60 seconds block time

RPC Port 61511

P2P Port 61510


The goal of AmsterdamCoin is to be the most accepted crypto currency of Amsterdam. We have an excellent development team with over 15 years of experience and are able to deliver great new features. Not only will AmsterdamCoin be the most accepted currency, it will also be the most innovative. We listen to our users and accept new feature requests.

  • Mobile wallets (Android, IOS, Windows Phone)
  • Shop review in block chain
  • Contactless payments
  • Easy to remember addresses
  • Coin dice website
  • Tax free payments Schiphol airport
  • Payment terminals through out whole Amsterdam
  • Many many more innovative features to come…





Main bitcointalk ann:


Price of Bitcoin climbs well past $400!!!


GenesysCoin (GSY) gets wallet update to v1.3 on October 31st 2015


walletswindows-walletWindows Wallet V1.3

Released October 31st 2015

Genesys Core  v1.3.0.0

-Block Time now changed from 1 minute to 1 minute 20 seconds
-Masternode Payment changed from 60% to 75%
-Permanent Block Rewards now 0.219 – Halving at Block 152000
-Masternode Expiration Time Improved – Now last longer up to 10 days
-DarkSend Fee now 0.0052000 GSY
-TX Fee changed from 0.00001000 to 0.00020000 for now
-Optimized Core Source
-Core Protocol and Masternode Protocol bumped

More information can be found here about Genesys coin:


42 Coin – The Revival – Big Changes Coming Soon!


42 Coin Undergoing a Revival!!

At over $400.00 per coin, 42 Coin is one of the most exclusive and expensive coins in the Altcoin world. Originally issued with a  maximum of 42 coins, the number has slowly crept above the intended maximum due to the need for continued mining.

After a long absence, Hondo is back to take up the reins and lead 42 coin into the modern Cryptocurrency works. 42 coin will be undergoing a makeover and a revival. Changes are coming and you will want to tune in to stay up to date.

New Wallet (Not available yet)

For details, be sure to closely follow the Information as it develops on the new thread at BitCoinTalk.org .  The old thread has been dead but Hondo’s return has prompted posting to pick up. The old thread can be found at BitcoinTalk.org by clicking Here.

The creation of a new wallet and the facelift will include:

Newer source with Digishield & KGW implemented.

Any forked 42 blockchains will be consolidated into one.

A Permanent Website will be created with Permanent Nodes.

Current coin count will be reduced to “42”

Original  Coin Specs

42 coins Max
42 second block time
Difficulty re-target every 7 minutes
0.00000010 Block reward for the first 419 blocks
Blocks 420+ are 0.00004200 block reward
Block 420 is a SUPERBLOCK with 10x the normal block value
Tx fees are 0.00000001
RPC port 4242
p2p port 24242
testnet port 42424