ParkByte (PKB) ~60day POW SHA then POS. SHA-256 Algo.

parkbyte coin


About ParkByte [PKB]:

The idea of this coin is to lay the foundations to give car park operators the platform to integrate with cryptocurrencies with ease.

I see Bitcoin as the tool that is trying to revolutionize the Financial Industry and it shouldn’t stop there. There are many other industry’s worldwide that could benefit from its technology.

ParkByte will be therefore specifically targeted at laying the foundations for processing parking transactions.

Currently Parking can be paid via many methods but I am yet to see a crypto related method.

In the UK we are able to pay for parking via Companies like RingGo (, they accept Credit Card, Premium SMS methods but not Crypto.

These type of companies have in the previous years been putting a lot of pressure on conventional coin and ticket machine manufacturers because their system is cost effective. Cobalt, RingGo’s parent have now “securely processed over £1 billion” for “4,000 sites across the UK, by more than 60 local authorities, 10 railway operators and numerous private parking operators”.

After having worked in the Parking Machine Manufacturing Industry for 5 years, I can see there being a huge amount of potential for this coin, its unique iOS / Android APPs and the backend processing servers.

The coin will provide basic functionality, we could then explore maybe a type of CMS marketplace where developers sell their own themes, plugins etc. for the backend server used by the parking companies.

I have set out the basic process from setup to checking tickets here:

There is a 2million PKB premine; this will only be used to pay for development work.

Please note, there are no partnerships/contracts/support at this present moment from any parking related company and I do not intend to build a $100k backend system; that will be for the marketplace/parking companies to build.

Coin Name: ParkByte
Algo: SHA256
Ticker: PKB

Timeframe: ~60days
Premine: 2,000,000
Total POW Coins 10,000,000 (8m+2m)
Block Reward: 90PKB
Block Time: 60seconds

Min Stake time: 1hour
Year 1 – 5%
Year 2 – 4%
Year 3 and onwards 3%

25m Total Coin

parkbyte coin roadmap



Windows wallet:

parkbyte coin wallet

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Ticketcoin (TKT). Lottostyle. Play safe and get a guaranteed 5% Interest or gamble for a 1 in 50 chance for 500% (100X multiplier). YOU choose!


Ticket coin

Ticketcoin is the first ever coin to debut a new form of PoW and PoS mining named Lottery Mining. You can mine as normal and get the standard reward of 250 TKT. Or you can mine using the new lottomining mode. With lottomining you have a 1 in 50 chance of finding a valid block then you will be rewarded with a 100 times multiplier being applied to your reward for a block. For PoW it is the same as a 25,000 TKT reward or for PoS it would be 500% interest. There is a risk to doing this though. You have a 1 in 50 chance of it being invalid! So you must decide if you want to take the risk or not.

The technical details for how lottomining works is as so. In the reward code it runs the current block through a random number generator. If the random number matches then you get the extra reward. If the random number doesn’t match though then the reward should be normal. Since the transaction for receiving rewards is set to 25000 TKT it won’t be valid. And changing the transaction will change the block hash. Pools are recommended to try creating a lottomining pool seperate from their normal pool so that prospective miners can try winning the lottery! Lottomining also applies to PoS to yield higher interest at the risk of finding less blocks and thus less TKT.

To use lottomining, just place lottomining=1 in your .conf file.



Windows wallet download:

Windows wallet

Link to original ann on

Truckcoin posts new wallet V0.9.8.1 by dev Noise23. 200% Interest APR.


If you are already invested in Truckcoin, then it might be a good idea to download their latest wallet. The last wallet release was December 2014. If you are NOT invested in truck coin, then don’t. Even though the coin is 200% APR its horribly inflated and near worthless.

You can download the latest wallet here:

truckcoin-walletTruckcoin Wallet V.

Changelog:  (5/4/15)

– Added SplitBlock
– Some fixes and updates to the code

Optional update – not mandatory.

New wallet for GorillaTeeth coin from Dev IGotSpots V4.02 Released 5/7/15

Ill keep this short and simple: Download here:

gorilla teeth coin wallet

Windows V4.02 (5/7/15)


E-cash coin gets new wallet from dev “IGotSpots”. V2.0.4 released May 8th 2015

ecash coin

Dev IgotSpots releases new wallet for E-cash/E-money V2.0.4 beta.


Forks stake rate to a flat 10% at block 1324000, which is 1 million blocks at the current stake rate you guys voted on the first time.

Shuts off the old checkpoint alert message.
Added built in seednodes now, so you don’t need to use addnodes anymore.

Download new wallet here:


BitcoinTX releases wallet 2.01 on May 6th 2015


Just released wallet V2.01 on May 6th 2015 1pm PST.



If your not familiar with BitcoinTX, you should be, its the coin that has a lucky stake lottery. Here are the details:

lucky stake

If you have at least 50 000 coins you have a chance to win 5000 coins.
If you have at least 100 000 coins you have a chance to win 15 000 coins.
If you have at least 300 000 coins you have a chance to win 60 000 coins.

More information about this coin can be found on the main bitcointalk thread:

Gorilla.Exchange victim of coin theft of thousands of Gorilla Teeth

gorilla attack

Gorilla.Exchange victim of hack theft of coins

Server attack (05/05/2015 0830 – 0840am GMT+1)

Earlier today, GorillaEx was the victim of a successful attack resulting in a significant loss of GorillaTeeth

This attack did not affect at all and was isolated to only GorillaTeeth on GorillaEx, which had a higher than usual balance due to the coin swap. No other coins have been affected

This attack has not affected the exchange’s database, users personal information, or any other account. It was isolated to a single account and a user was about to circumvent a withdrawal check thus allowing them to withdraw more coins than they should have. Furthermore, automated protections did step in and protect the bulk of the coin balance. At the time of the attack, more than 30,000 TEETH were in the wallet, meaning more than 2/3rds were protected from withdrawal

Further account audits have verified the user databases and other exchange wallets and services. The server is currently undergoing additional security verifications and will be returned to limited service shortly

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope you understand our actions; our initial response was to protect everything else and deal with the fallout after

All withdrawals will remain suspended until the audit is complete

We basically have a few options at this point:

1) Rollback the GorillaTeeth blockchain, as this was the only coin affected

2) Close GorillaEx and tell everyone to fuck off

3) Ask for it back nicely, offer a fair % in exchange, and the opportunity to help us secure the site

Option number one is out of the question, as I was very vocal about that in the Mintpal situation while option two is far too common in digital currencies, but not a stance we are ever going to take

Option three is what we are going with. If you are responsible for the attack, we will just ask nicely for you to return the funds and work with us in the future. We will cover the funds ourselves if you do not want to return them, but please don’t make us do that; help us make everyone’s experience nicer and more secure

This attack did not affect at all and was isolated to only GorillaTeeth on GorillaEx, which had a higher than usual balance due to the coin swap. No other coins have been affected

Paul’s return address for GorillaEx is – GcnBg6ZDJUcbmG8e86EaSZGxmM6KXtpfak –Please do the right thing, or we will cover it ourselves. No user balances have been affected.

DROIDZ (DRZ) QUBIT Algo. Already listed on Bittrex ,C-cex & YOBIT!!

droidz coin


droids coin specs

Ticker: DRZ
Droidz supply: 5,060,000 Approx.
Algorithm: QuBit
PoS: 5%
PoS block start: 31500
Maturity: 110 blocks

droidz coin roadmap2

Block 0-20: 2000000 ICO (2 million 40% DRZ supply)
Block 100-5000: 200
Block 5000-12000: 120
Block 12000-20000: 80
Block 20000-32000: 50

MAX SUPPLY: 5,060,000 Approx.

droidz coin-roadmap-3


droidz coin exchanges




droids coin pools




Goat coin (IGoat) [HerdNodes][DPoS] Scrypt, 4hr min stake time!

goat coin


Ticker: Goat
Block time: 64 seconds
Coinbase maturity: 45 blocks
PoS Minimum Age: 4 hours
Algo: Scrypt
20MB Max Block Sizegoatcoin

PoW Reward Schedule

PoW will consist of 2400 blocks.
Rewards start at 1000 coins per block
and decrease until block 2201.
Some 1000 blocks for late miners.

Block 0 – 500 = 1000  Coins
Block 501 – 1000 = 500  Coins
Block 1001  – 1500 = 400 Coins
Block 1501 – 2200  = 300 Coins
Block 2201 – 2400 =  1000 Coins

DPoS Reward Schedule

Block 0 – 2400 = 100 Coins
Block 2401 – 4000 = 1000 Coins
Block 4001 and Up = 50 Coins


To start a herd you need 25,000 goats.
Send 25,000 Goats to one address in wallet.
Wait 7 blocks for coins to confirm.
in your wallet Console, type this command:

masternode genkey

Copy the result and place that in the goat.conf file below:
Also edit all the values that start with Replace.

masternodeprivkey=Replace_with_KEY GENERATED BY COMMAND masternode genkey

Open Port 27879 in your router if not done already.

Restart wallet and type this in Console:

masternode start

Windows wallet




*NOTE: I always only list the pool with all the hash.





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Empyrean Coin (EPY) – To The Highest Heavens! [Scrypt] A *VERY* rare 100k coins!

Empyrean coin


Empyrean Coin (EPY):

A cryptocurrency to go further than the moon!

Empyrean coin specs

– Algo: Scrypt
– Max coins: 100k
– 100% POW
– Block Reward halving: 20,000
– Block reward: 0.5
Empyrean coin roadmap

Empyrean coin phase 1

Empyrean coin pools



 Empyrean coin WALLET





Original Bitcointalk Ann: