Diamond Coin (DMD) Releases new wallet May 2015. V

diamond coin dmd

Diamond coin (DMD) just released a new wallet version

It can be downloaded by clicking on the diamond coin logo below:

diamondcoin wallet download


Here are the changes:

This wallet is not mandatory. However, due to new functionality and improved CPU usage it is highly recommended especially for loaded nodes, such as those that mine/mint, pools and exchanges. It should also improve performance for everyone.
Binaries for Windows and OS X are provided. Just replace your own binary. If you build form source, stop old binary, start new binary. No other update action is required.


Optimizations to call hash calculation functions less.
Small optimization to Groestl hash routine.
Ban nodes that are disconnected due to old version/protocol.
Implement -zapwallettxes, borrowed/adapted Bitcoin code.
Implement ACL for connected nodes.
Fix bugs in seed node processing.
Add and activate seed nodes to facilitate bootstrap without config file.
Turn IRC off by default. (IRC may be removed in future)
Increase maximum number of outgoing connections to 16
Limit output to log file if debug is disabled.
Update wallet version to

Of special interest is -zapwallettxes. This command switch (or config file option) will wipe out any existing transactions in the wallet, then initiate rescan of the block chain (slow!) to find out the valid transactions for your coins. If used as -zapwallettxes=1 it would also preserve transaction comments etc. If used as -zapwallettxes=2 it will do a clean rebuild of the transactions without those details. If you put it in the config file, make sure you remove it after first use, as it will do the same (slow!) thing every time you start your wallet.
If you run a busy wallet, that sends a lot of (not PoS) transactions you might want to run this periodically to make sure your wallet transaction acconting is in sync with the block chain.

The new wallet is able to start without any config file. It would then use the seed nodes to find out about other nodes and connect to them as well. This lets us get rid of IRC in some o the next updates.

The new wallet code also makes certain optimisations to reduce the number of hash function calls for each block. More optimisations are planned in this area to improve CPU usage further. It also reduces the amount of log file output, if debug is disabled to reduce storage I/O load.

Gorilla Teeth is finally released!! 10k and Snowballs coin swap complete!

gorilla teeth

Guys the numbers are starting to come in for gorilla teeth.

To calculate how many Teeth you will receive from 10k. Calculate the total number of 10k you submitted X .00000017 and THAT is how many Teethcoin you will receive from the 10k swap. They are still calculating snowballs coins.

Also what we know is there is a mere 50,000 teeth coin.


DogecoinDark (DOGED) releases new wallet on 5/2/15 V1.2


Dogecoin Dark










Click on the logo below to download V1.2. Released May 2nd 2015.



Crave coin (Crave) updates their wallet on 5/2/15 to V1.4.4.0

crave coin


Crave Windows wallet V1.4.4.0 (Released 5/2/15):


*Note: Make sure you close your crave wallet before overwriting it with new version. Also crave likes to “stick in the computers memory”, so you may need to use task manager to force it to “end task” on crave.exe first.

BitLux Coin (LUX) X11 | Web & Android Wallet | 132K LUX | NOW ON BITTREX. FINALLY A FEMALE ALTCOIN!


     The purchasing power of women

$7 trillion is contributed by women in the United States in consumer and business spending
⅔ of consumer wealth in America will belong to women within the next decade
91% of women say they think advertisers do not understand them
85% of purchases and purchase influence are made by women
50% of products typically marketed to men are purchased by women
60% of all personal wealth in the U.S. is held by women
51% of all stock ownership in the United States is controlled by women
80% of healthcare decisions are made by women
68% of new car purchases decisions are made by women
75% of women identify themselves as the primary household shopper
85% of all consumer purchases in the U.S. are made by women

Meanwhile…90% of cryptocurrencies users are men!!

alt coin for women

This is the killer app Bitcoin has been searching for, it’s not about the app, but about who uses it. BitLux is here to bring an end to this situation, our marketing plan, wallet design, partner relationship and our luxury products shop, is all designed to attract women.

female altcoin

bitlux coin wallet

bitlux windows wallet

Windows Wallet Download:

Bitlux coin wallet download

bitlux coin specs

X11 PoW/PoS
90s block time
PoW 9000 blocks (a bit more than 9 days)
Halving, about 25% every 20 hours (800 blocks)
PoW supply 132200LUX
9.99% annual PoS
PoS starts in block 7200


bitlux coin pools


bitlux coin exchanges



outlux store

outlux coin store

Ultimate Coin (ULTE) X11 Algo, 8 hr min stake age!

ultimate coin



Algorithm   : X11
POW         :  400,000
Block Reward POW  : 50 UTLE
Block Space   : 60 Seconds
stake minimum   8 Hours

Block 1: 12000 coins
Block 2-100: 0 coins per block
After 100 blocks: 50 coins per block
PoW ends at block 7860
PoS starts from the beginning

RPC port: 21131
P2P port: 21132

3% Pre-mine
7000 Personal Fund
3000 feature requirements
2000 bounties









Block Explorer

Cryptobe has been contacted for a Block Explorer

Mining Pools

Will be listed as soon as were added


POS Masternodes(darksend, instantx)
Earn percentage of pos block reward by buying x coins

Loyalty Nodes
For those who cannot afford to become a masternode, they can earn a percentage. work done here by loyalty node holders will benefit masternodes too. (this will take a while)

Ultimate MarketPlace (Community Run) Darknet and Clearnet

A community run marketplace where anyone can become a agent/arbitrator to settle disputes. Ofcourse you’l need to fulfill some requirements. benefits include you get a percentage of the total payment of listing.


Main Bitcointalk thread ANN:


This coin looks like shit, but I just report the news.

Gorilla Bucks coin (BUCKS) Elite MMXIV coin. NO MINING/NO IPO/ICO/NO BS!

gorilla bucks coin

Gorilla Bucks coin (BUCKS)


So.. I heard you wanted an elite market. Well here we go. Welcome to GorillaBucks, the system that is sick of watching altcoins in general get shit on

This is not an ICO. I’ve simply mined all the coins, will deposit them onto GorillaStake addresses, and provide a lifetime (of GorillaStake) enrollment to Cloud Staking, with the bonus being each address loaded up with 100 coins by the time you get the key pairs

Each lifetime order will be $100 (20% off if you use MMXIV), through either BTC or MMXIV, and will be processed the same as all other GorillaStake orders: You purchase a spot, get the private key mailed to you, and import it locally. I’ll be loading them up as soon as you purchase, so each address will already have stakes in it by the time you get it. After the enrollment phase has ended, I will destroy ((5000 – unsold addresses) * 100) coins, which will permanently eradicate all coins that went unclaimed by GorillaStake orders. I will not ‘purchase’ any of my own addresses, and I will not keep any coins for myself. I will not stake during open enrollment; all coins will be kept in a locked, encrypted wallet that will not be minting. If you do not trust me, please do not participate

What is the point?
I’ve been watching the altcoin scene strangle itself for over 2 years. It’s time to push to real world markets and stop passing the same bullshit coins back and forth to each other over and over and over. Funds from cloud staking enrollments for BUCKS will help with marketing and advertising GorillaStake and all the coins on it. I’m not talking about banners on some bullshit crypto news site that 200 people read; I’m going mainstream now, whether any of these sell or not. The plan is moving forward regardless, but this network is intended to speed up the process by making more resources available to us right away. This includes: marketing, development for GorillaEx (merchant services and multipool hosting are already being worked on, shhh), and further increasing exposure for both GorillaStake and all the coins listed on it and GorillaEx. There’s a few features for GorillaBucks that will be coming soon once I am confident the network is running smooth and transactions are secure. Baby steps. 10k and BALLS proved how far PoS code could go, now let’s push the boundaries another way in order to publicly stress test everything possible. People have been asking for a long time for an MMXIV-type coin that is an ‘elite’ version, or something for those who want to invest heavily into something that tries to filter out dumpers. I feel our price point and maturity time are a good balance between low cost and a serious financial commitment

Don’t forget: You get 20% off if you use MMXIV to enroll!

NOTE: These letters will be sent by certified mail, so don’t say you didn’t receive it; I’ll have a signature saying you did.

You can download the wallet here, but its no good without that letter:

gorilla bucks coin wallet windows

To get the letter go here:

buy gorilla bucks

Damn the guy that thought up an idea for an “Exclusive MMXIV Elite coin” is pure genius! 🙂

Who REALLY came up with the MMXIV Elite coin idea

Gorilla Teeth coin (TEETH) Wallet available for download v4

gorilla teeth

Ok, so you should have uploaded all of your 10k coins and Snowballs coins to the https://btcpool.exchange . If you didnt by now , you just lost all your 10k and balls coins. BUT, if you did you will need the new Gorilla Teeth wallet below. Please note, it wont sync until the entire swap is complete, but, you can get ready. Enjoy!

gorilla teeth coin specifications

Gorilla Teeth wallet download link:


Graviton Coin (GRAV) SHA256, Dynamic POS, Gravitator Nodes, NINJA!!

graviton coin









Today is a great day, and on this fine day we proudly announce Graviton.

Graviton is another example of the versatility of altcoins, it is here, and it is now.  Let’s work together to establish this coin’s path and prepare for the future.

Graviton is based on the latest codebase and includes dynamic HiPoS, along with many tweaks to ensure optimal operation and functionality.

Ticker: GRAV
No Premine, No IPO/ICO
Block time: 69 seconds
Coinbase maturity: 45 blocks
PoS Minimum Age: 5 hours
Algo: SHA256d
RPC Port: 31322
P2P Port: 31321
20MB Max Block Size

PoW Reward Schedule

PoW will consist of 4000 blocks. Rewards start at 750 coins per block and decrease until block 3501.  From then on the reward will be 105 coins per block until the end of the PoW mining phase.

Block 0 – 950 = 750  Coins
Block 951  – 1400 = 550 Coins
Block 1401 – 1900  = 425 Coins
Block 1901 – 2400 = 325 Coins
Block 2401 – 2850 = 250 Coins
Block 2851 – 3500 = 190 Coins
Block 3501 – 4000 = 105 Coins

PoS Reward Schedule

Block 0 – 5000 = 30 Coins
Block 5001 – 7000 = 45 Coins
Block 7001 – 7250 = 190 Coins
Block 7251 – 8500 = 80 Coins
Block 8501 – 10000 = 15 Coins
Block 10001 – 13500 = 30 Coins
Block 13501 and Up = 40 Coins


Graviton includes masternode functionality.  You may set up a Gravitator node by committing 25000 GRAV as collateral.  Gravitators earn 50% of the network stake rewards.

Wallets and Source

Source Code: https://github.com/gravitondev/graviton

Windows 64-bit Wallet: https://mega.co.nz/#!cVlHEIaC!xfmrJeO3cJvM179sPyi04At7L9CZwmlDlUqRXUjefC4

Note:  Graviton uses the latest libsecp256k1.  This can be obtained from https://github.com/bitcoin/secp256k1.

make install

Mining Pools

SuperNova: https://grav.suprnova.cc

MinerPools: https://grv.minerpools.com

iSpace: http://ispace.co.uk

Block Explorer




BUBBLE COIN (BUB), SHA-256 [Ninja] no premine/ico 5.5 PH!!

bubble coin







         BUBBLE COIN

Information: Bubble is an experiment in maintaining bubbles we all love bubbles we will employ strategic moves to perpetuate an endless bubble!!

bubble coin specs

bubble coin specifications

bubble coin wallet

bubble coin pools



Main bitcointalk thread ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1044272.0