Graph Coin (GPH) [ROADMAP][NO ICO/PREMINE] Scrypt POS 2.0

graph coin





Graph Coin’s purpose is to create a sustainable business model by allowing individuals to call bets on current events.  Currently in development are Graph Betting Nodes that will populate a series of questions that create a betting chart.  Users will suggest questions, which will be voted on (or just added by the node owner) and betting will commence from a tab in the QT wallet.  For example, if a bet were added: “Will Bitcoin go below $225.00 tomorrow?” odds will start being formulated, like ‘37% NO 63% YES’ and a maximum bet will be calculated.  These Graph coins will be held in escrow by a Graph Node, up to the amount the owner has put up for collateral.  When a better loses, all their coins are forfeit.  If a wager is won, the prize is divided evenly amongst the participants and sent to the receiving address provided at the time of the bet.

During the Beta launch of this service, one Graph Node will exist just to test the functionality.  If this test functions properly, node creation will require 12,500 coins be placed in escrow.  Owners may place more coins in escrow to cover bigger bets, and there will be an admin panel that allows these investors to create the list of questions to be voted for, or just list a question.  Node ownership will require a Linux server or VPS capable of compiling the coin daemon.  Node owners will receive approximately 2% of the bet totals as compensation for their service.

This business plan will allow Graph Coin to remain relevant with fresh content for years to come.

graph coin specifications

   PoW Algo: Scypt
PoW Blocks: 7500 Blocks
PoS Algo: Blackcoin Latest
DPoS Reward: 22.5K Blocks
Diff Retarget: Every Block
BlockTime: 64 Seconds
Minimum age: 8 Hours
Premine: None 

Blocks 1-1439 250 (360K)
Blocks 1440-2879 225 (324K)
Blocks 2880-4319 200 (288K)
Blocks 4320-5759 175 (252K)
Blocks 5760-7199 150 (216K)
Blocks 7200-7500 200 (60K)
1 Coin POS until block 7500, will cut down maximum coins from POW.  2 hour minimum coin age.
Blocks 1-7500 1 (3000’ish)
Blocks 7501-14999 50 (360K)
Blocks 15000-22499 25 (187.5K)
Blocks 22500-29999 12.5 (93.75k)
graphcoin roadmap
graphcoin roadmap 2Proof of Work Period and Core Functionality.  Block Explorer, Exchanges, Coinmarketcap, Twitter, etc.

Week 2:
Multipool that pays in Graph.  New wallet design.  Website.  Press Release.  Media Blitz.

Week 3:
Beta test graph ‘betting’ in wallet with single node.

Week 4:
Beta test graph nodes for public.  Cost will be 12,500 coins.  Wallet will now support multiple ‘betting’ options.

graph coin resources
Windows Wallet
graphcoin pools



Sling coin releases new wallet V1.3.5.7

Sling coin

Ill keep this short and to the point. New wallet for sling coin V1.3.5.7

Sling coin wallet V1.3.5.7

Tricky Dick Fun Bills (TDFB) , SHA-256, HIPOS , POW/POS HYbrid. Just launched 4/30/15!

trick dick fun bills

We are not crooks! NO PREMINE! NO ICO!

The best worthless currency since the dollar went off the gold standard.

With TDFB you too can get in on the ground floor of a currency that has no value!  Like fiat currencies that are not on a standard they are backed by nothing but hype, speculation, hoarding, and people willing to use, value and trade them.

Algo: SHA-256d

POW Blocks:
      0   100 :    0 coins
   101    700 : 300 coins
   701  1100 : 250 coins
 1101  1700 : 200 coins
 1701  2400 : 150 coins
 2401  3100 : 100 coins
 3101  3900 :  50 coins
 3901  4400 : 100 coins
 4401  4800 : 150 coins

Staking starts at block 3500, default PoS percentage is 4%
A multiplier is calculated from the previous block’s hash. After block 20,000 your multiplier is multiplied by 10 if and only if it is greater than 1.0. Regardless of whether you stake a hiPOS block or a 4% block, whatever the reward is, it then gets multiplied by your multiplier.

hiPOS blocks:
 3500 ->  4000 :  20 coins
 4000 ->  4600 :  12 coins
 4600 ->  5000 :    4 coins
 5000 ->  5100 : 200 coins
 5100 ->  5900 :  12 coins
 5900 ->  6500 :  20 coins
 6500 ->  6600 :  50 coins
 6600 ->  7500 :  12 coins
 7500 ->  8200 :    4 coins
 8200 ->  8300 : 100 coins
 8300 -> 10000 :    4 coins
10000 -> 10050 : 100 coins
10050 -> 10100 : 300 coins
10100 -> 10150 : 100 coins
10150 -> 15000 :    8 coins
15000 -> 16000 :  50 coins
16000 -> 19500 :    4 coins
19500 -> 20000 : 100 coins

possible multipliers:

~0.01% chance :  5.5
~0.09% chance :  2.5
~0.90% chance :  0.5
~10.0% chance :  1.4
~10.0% chance :  1.3
~10.0% chance :  1.2
~10.0% chance :  1.1
~10.0% chance :  0.9
~10.0% chance :  0.8
~10.0% chance :  0.7
~10.0% chance :  0.6
~19.0% chance :  1.0

tricky dick



tricky dick coin roadmap

Mining Pools:


Windows Wallet:

Main thread: Tricky dick fun bills

MEGASTAKE (XMS) X11! ROADMAP!! New wallet!! 33% APR , 8 HR MIN STAKE!!

megastake coin


megastake roadmap

Windows Wallet download:

wallet download

For windows users create a file called megastakecoin.conf and put it in your roaming folder with the contents below:




Mainbitcointalk ann thread: Megastake coin main page

IvugeoEvolution Coin (iec) SCRYPT algo,POW. Gold Backed|We are now on Bittrex!!

Ivugeo Coin logo

Ivugeo Coin

Official Website:
Official Email:

The Rebirth of the Gold Standard

It’s backed by physical gold.
Every single coin has certain value in gold.To avoid reducing the value of our COIN  it must always be balanced gold standard. Now we have 60% of the coins covered in gold(we have our gold in Gold wire – it’s used in Electronics) with worth 36 million euros. Gold standard will be always increased with how many coins will be mined. Since we are trying to diversify risk, next increasing of gold standart will be in Troy ounces
IEC creates a new dimension among cryptocurrencies and brings back the gold standard model, defining price, stability and trust

Ivugeo Coin specs

– Scrypt Algorithm
– Proof of Work
– Block time 1 minute
– 7.6 coins per block
– 100 million total coins
– 60 million coins Premined (Our gold reserve – Will be released on demand)

Ivugeo Coin pools

Our Official POOL – LAUNCHED !!!!
SuprNova pool

Ivugeo Coin exchanges



Ivugeo Coin download

Main ANN:


EnigmaCoin- POW/POS – X13 – No premine – Launched!

enigma coin


Enigma Coin

Initially I was seeking an investment of at least 50 BTC’s for development efforts for this coin and tried to organize ICO fundraiser. However due to the lack of interest ICO was scraped. I have managed to find enough time to develop the coin and therefore do not require additional funding. So instead of an ICO this coin will be distributed via standard POW.

about enigma coin


How is your coin balance being tracked and what blockchain properties are responsible for this?

As you all know one can always check coins balance directly from the blockchain using block explorer. In most cases, users prefer to use single wallet address multiple times – to receive money from other users, from pools etc. In theory you could, of course generate a brand new address for each transaction, however this is not particularly convenient. Imagine how it would be if you had to update your payout address in your pool settings every time you want to get your coins out there.
Besides that, using multiple addresses may bring a lot of confusion when your coins are all spread between different addresses and you need to execute single big transaction. For example, you need to pay someone 100 coins and you have 120 coins evenly spread between 3 different addresses. Now your simple 100 coins transaction will require to create at least 4 different transactions: 3 transactions of 40 coins and one return transaction with change.

Anyone who happens to throw a glance on the blockchain after your transaction will clearly see that all three address obviously belong to a single person, and how much money this person have. With pretty simple observation anyone can track and analyze blockchain to see major coin holders and accurately estimate your coin balance no matter of how much work you put in mixing your coins between your addresses.

How to change this?

To better understand the idea lets look at the simple example of how the new address generation and further address usage occurs:

At first private key “A” is being generated. Basically “A” is simply a big and random number.
After that your public key “B” is being calculated from your private key using a hash function. An algorithm that creates “B” from “A” is irreversible, which means that even if everyone knows your public key “B”, there is no way to find out what was original “A” that gave birth to it. That “B”  will be transformed to “C” in order to represent it as a familiar 34 digit string that will be from now on used as your wallet address. You will give your “C” key (address) to everyone to receive your coins. Your secret “A” key will stay unused until you will need to send some coins to other users. At this point it will be used as a signature that tells everyone that your transaction is in fact valid.
The simple logic of address generation will now look like that:

What happens if another variable is introduced between A and B? It is known that A – is a random number. Imagine that instead of directly calculating B from A an interim Z variable is introduced. Z will be calculated using the irreversible function from A as was previously B. Now from Z multiple B arguments can be generated (all Bs will now be generated from Z instead of A). In order to receive a transaction you will provide your “Z” address instead of your “B”, and every time a transaction to you is originated your counterpart will generate new “B” address for every transaction. This it equivalent to generating new wallet address every single time someone sends you a transaction.
When you need to originate a transaction – any of newly generated B arguments will be used and signed by your private key “A” (not Z). Therefore the new logic will look like this:

Using this simple change in logic, common analyses of blockchain will become almost impossible. Because blockchain doesn’t know of the existence of “Z” and all new Bs are generated every time you receive coins.

However there is still a possibility to analyze the blockchain!

That’s correct. And there is a way make it impossible. The only thing that gives away that several wallets belong to a single person is a transactions with multiple inputs. Let’s get back to our previous example where you had 3 wallets with 40 coins in each one of them. Suppose you would like to transfer 100 coins to the recipient. To do that, the recipient gives you her Z address. Knowing her Z you will generate 3 different Bs (B1, B2, and B3). Then you will go ahead and create 3 separate transactions. The first and the second transactions will be one-way transactions of 40 coins. For the third transaction the current logic is to send 40 coins and receive 20 coins in change from the recipient. However, instead of doing this you would receive the change to a unique wallet that will be generated from your Z by the recipient – therefore in the blockchain it will be impossible to deduce that all of your wallets are connected.

What are the real benefits?

Obfuscation of blockchain analysis is achieved and it provides another tool in the box for the path toward true anonymity. By no means this approach provides the ultimate solution for the anonymity and it should be coupled with other available solutions.

emigma specs

Name: EnigmaCoin
Ticker: [EGMA] POW+POS (X13)
Block reward: 100 [EGMA] (Block 1-100 – reward 1 ENC)
Distribution: POW+POS
Money Supply: 1,000,000 [EGMA] POS starts at 7,000 blocks
POW ends at block height: 10,000
Total POW coins ~ 850,000
Block time: 60 seconds
POS interest: 5% per year



Windows Wallet

Main Bitcointalk thread ann:


ChronoSphere coin (SPHR) Scrypt algo. [NINJA] – JUST Launched 4/30/15 1am PST!

Chronosphere coin


PoW Rewards

1 – 90 = 180 coins (reward “early adopters”)
91 – 180 = 360 coins (reward “early adopters”)
181 – 360 = 180 coins
361 – 1080 = 90 coins
1081 – 3600 = (smooth halving from 90 to 45 coins)

PoS Rewards:
3600 – 4100 = 3600 coins
4101 – 5000 = 360 coins
5001 – Forever = 36 coins





Main Bitcointalk ann:

Quartz Coin (QTZ) SHA-256. POW/POS Hybrid.




quartz coin proof of work

Blocks 1-100 pay 0
Blocks 100-1000 pay 1000
Blocks 1000-2000 pay 500
blocks 2000-3000 pay 250
blocks 3000-4000 pay 125
blocks 4000-5000 pay 50

*Pow ends at block 5k

quartz coin proof of stake

Blocks 100-1000 stake 1k coins
1000-5000 stake 125
5000-7500 stake 300
7500-10000 stake 500
then 10-11k is 50 coins and then it defaults to 1%
1m block times
SHA algo, retarget every block

Min stake age is one minute
No max stake age

quartz coin wallet download

Quartz coin wallet download

Please addnodes to quartzcoin.conf

quartz coin exchanges

quartz coin roadmap

007 coin gets wallet update and MUCH more! 4/26/15 V0.9

Big upgrade for 007 coin!

Now includes casino betting directly from the wallet!

Download here: 007 coin wallet download v.0.9

007 casino betting







Also sports betting:

007 coin sports betting


Sling coin wallet update! V1.3.4.7 dated 4/23/15

Sling coin









Wallet update for sling coin dated 4/23/15.

Download here: Windows Wallet:!kY1BhBKS!nLE-j-hxT9moj4EEBKa40epTaMIbBTq732JOetnQ6Bk