I want to share this moment with everyone…

If your reading this, then everything I do on this site is for you guys. I do it “for the love of the game”. Now, for a moment I want to be selfish, and indulge in this moment. The site hit a record high of 217 visitors in 24 hours, and it keeps going higher. Iv worked very very hard only to bring the best crypto news to you, and filtered all the BS, and checked my facts over many times before I post. Thank you everyone for supporting the site, and you can support me further by posting a link on your facebook account or tell your friends!

For now, thank you for this: (Click to enlarge)

record number of visitors for bitcoinlasvegas.net
record number of visitors for bitcoinlasvegas.net



Noble coin (NOBL) will finally switch to POS in a few hours.


Noble Coin has been around for more than a year, in the past few months the dev has been promising over and over a switch to POS. Its a very long story , but it never happend after many promises. I THINK finally it WILL happen, and tomorrow 3/4/15. Here is the official post on their ann:

Migration to PoS is scheduled to happen after block height #534500 which should be around 5PM GMT on 4th of March.

More information about PoS + PoW

First three weeks we will have both PoS + PoW mining. PoW mining will be disabled after block 25 200 which will happen approx. on the 21st day after the switch.

PoW parameters:
– algo: M7M which is believed to be CPU only for a time being
– reward per block: 1000
– how fast blocks are generated: average time between blocks will be about 6 minutes
– how to mine: you can mine with your wallet. just go to console and type ‘setgenerate true 1’. this will enable CPU mining using 1 core of your CPU.
you can use more cores if you want to mine more aggressively

PoS parameters:
– algo: we use PoS II from Magi Coin with little bit of tweaking
– 8% interest rate
– average maximum number of coins generated by PoS per day: around 446 000, which is 6,1% of current supply rate
min coin age: 2 hours
– how to stake: just keep your wallet online. the longer it is online the more secure is whole network. if you cannot keep your wallet online 24/7
this is still fine but you will earn bit more interests if it is online all the time
– recommended size of transactions in a wallet: if your wallet is big (e.g. bigger than 5-10 mil) it makes sense to split it into smaller pieces.
in theory the best transaction size is 2 mil.

NobleCoin Exchanges:
Bittrex | Poloniex | Cryptsy | AllCoin | Comkort | SwissCex | AllCrypt

Git repository:

So there are many things I like here. Its an established coin with a trusted dev. Its on ALL the major exchanges. POS is 8% which is nice and will keep inflation low, AND it has a mere 2 hr min stake, with the ability to handle massive coin blocks such as 2mil (guess what ill be doing)?

Noble Marketplace -

Here is a link to their shop and below an examples of what you can buy with Noble: at https://marketplace.noblemovement.com/ . There are HUNDREDS of items in their store you can buy with Noble coin.

 $10 Applebee's Gift Card

 $10 Applebee’s Gift Card

 Some Cards Are Just Tastier. Applebee’s® Gift Cards have tons of tasty advantages. Our countless menu items include juicy burgers an …
NOBL: 329505.34

How to easily get the best price for your coin and quickly compare prices all exchanges its on.

Guys I am so excited that my website is doing so well, so fast. I am Averaging 150 unique visitors a day, and I have worked hard to get there. I want to really give back to the community for supporting the site, and give you guys all the best information I can. Here is a very powerful website that you can actually find the best price for you coin on all the exchanges its on, in a few seconds. Ive known about this site for many months, but wanted to release this information at a special moment. Prices are 100% accurate to THIS SECOND. If your REALLY risky , and you spot a wide spread you can actually buy from the lowest exchange and sell to the highest exchange, its called “arbitrage”. BE FAST!! LOL!

Here is the link: http://exchangewar.info/

Note start by clicking on the icon of the gold bitcoin as pictured, then choose your coin ticker symbol.





E-cash coin update. March 2nd 2015

If youve been following the twists and turns of E-cash, you should know by now that you should have downloaded wallet 1.1.1e and uploaded all your E-cash to Bittrex. Igotspots dev just posted the following updated info:



At block 16,000, the network will halt. At this point, there will be a snapshot of all balances on Bittrex. Any coins not there to be swapped will be lost forever. When we swap to the new chain, the first block mined will be worth the current moneysupply minus the 40,000 premine. Any balances not on Bittrex will be put into an address controlled entirely by me. Yes, that’s right. If you don’t swap your coins, they become mine. My balance is currently 0, and ideally it will remain that way after the swap because I seriously hope everyone is paying attention and gets in on time

If you miss the swap, I will not do it manually after the snapshot. You have plenty of time to get them there. Any funds not swapped will become mine and will be used to further my plan for this coin or assist any community efforts that I deem worthy of funding. My standards are high, so your work quality should be, too, if you want my help for promotions. If you want to contribute to this fund, simply leave the amount you wish to deposit in your wallet and do not trade them in for the swap. Any amount will be accepted, but nothing is expected. All coins on Bittrex will be swapped to the new chain after block 16,000. Any coins left in wallets will be added to the development fund and used as I deem fit

Sorry if this comes off abrasive, I don’t intend it that way, I am just anxious to get to a chain that I know will stake and work properly from the beginning. If ocminer wants to post an address, feel free to send him some; he helped a lot today getting the pool back up right away to get this chain moving again.

Wallet to uptdate simply for moving your coins to Bittrex , it serves no other function:

MasterTrader Coin (MTR) . A *VERY* high quality coin, you should certainly consider!!

There have been many phases of this coin, an ICO, an IPO, Crowdfunding, an Escrow, A POW phase and a POS phase. Theres enough white pages on the ann to give you a headache, so Im just going to post the meat and potatoes. Ill post a link to the Bitcointalk main Ann if you truly want to sit for a few hours and read through it. For us “get to the point” kind of people, here you go:

So, there are 2 factors that REALLY jump out at me. The first is 3 hour min stake time!!! The second is 10% monthly or 120% Annual yield!! Now this is probably because Im a proof of stake whore, so Im biased this way, but this looks yummy.

The next thing is the wallet,it is just GORGEOUS!!! You can really tell the dev(s) REALLY took the time to make a quality coin:

Wallet download for windows: 



master-trader coin
master-trader coin


Note: I read the bitcointalk.org main ann thread here : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=954240.0 The mood of the coin holders was very positive. My only concern on this coin is the price seems a bit shakey, and flopping around a lot (see above). It Could just be that its new and trying to find its price. Seems like if you can enter at low 40,000 sats might be a good entry point. Thats where Im going to aim to get in. Another important note is this coin has NOT hit Bittrex or Polo ..YET. I think when it does, the price will do well. All around this looks solid, a dev that is going to put this much time/effort in will be around to see it through. Im going to be buying today.

Intellect Coin (ILT) 3650% Interest Annual. Just launched.

So you guys know I just love high pos interest rate coins, especially new ones. So I just found this one today, and it appears to be by a senior member of bitcointalk.org

NO premine! NO ICO! NO instamine!
PoW Algorithm – X11
Block Target – 30 seconds
PoW end block – 5760
PoW + PoS Hybrid
1- 100 blocks – 10 ILT per PoW block
101-2880 blocks – 215 ILT per PoW block
2881-5760 blocks – 140 ILT per PoW block
PoS interest 3650% Annually
PoS starts at block – 5660
PoS Min Stake Time – 1 Day
PoS Max Stake Time – Unlimited
240 Blocks for Maturity



Main Bitcointalk ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=974053.0

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Gorillastake on NXT

What is this?

Put simply, I’ve had a lot of requests to do something with Nxt and until now I never really had a reason to. I’ve been convinced that there is an opportunity for us to get more people involved with these coins. We haveGorillaStk on Nxt, also on SAE, which will be open fairly soon. These will be used to trade in for either 10k or BALLS and get a Cloud Staking Plan included. These will be sold in waves; size of sales undetermined and timing unknown, but price will never change. First wave will open very, very soon. Instead of an investment opportunity, think of this as a cheap voucher you can use yourself or give to a friend. Essentially, it’s a $40 coupon for about 50 cents with no expiration date that is transferable and may or may not be worth more in the future

Trade in Rates

  • You will receive 10 x BALLS for 1 token OR
  • You will receive 1 x 10k Coin for 1 token

– AND –

  • An address that stakes on a GorillaStake server until at least January 16th, 2016
    • Coins are transferred to a new address and you will be sent the Private Key
      • Private Keys purchased via Nxt will be sent through Nxt encrypted message
  • We reserve the right to extend the staking period at any time. It will not be cut short
  • When redeeming for cloud staking, please include which coin you would like in your transfer note

How much is it?

The price will be 50 Nxt per token. This price includes both the coin ratio listed above, as well as an address staking for nearly a year. Signing up on our website is $20 for six months. This program is designed to make it easier to involve new people in cloud staking while funding the address with a small amount to get them started. For just a few satoshis, you can purchase an address for a friend and get them a small balance to get going on a cloud staking server…or use it for yourself!

This doesn’t seem like a good idea

It is, though. If you were to grab an address on GorillaStake by itself, they are $20 for 6 months. We know this is a very solid price point as many people have already registered and were more than happy to pay that small fee. This is a way for us to include new members of crypto that are not currently involved. This price was decided after much deliberation and the reason is simple. Right now, both of these coins are at as low a price as they have seen in a while. At this price point and the amount of tokens that will be available, I will be able to cover the balances if every single one was sold, regardless of the market price. This means that if the price goes up even in the slightest, these tokens will be worth more and more. They come with a small balance to prove how well GorillaStake works before you deposit more coins and put more trust into our system. If you are unsure whetherGorillaStake is for you, or just want to have a way to get a friend involved quickly and for pennies, this is the program for you!

If this is not for you or it seems like a bad deal, please do not buy it. This was requested by many people and they are our target market
This promotion will be successful whether we sell all the tokens or none at all; it doesn’t matter. This is simply a way for us to expand our user base

Is bitcoin just a fad? I mean should you take it seriously? Will it catch on? Can I buy ANYTHING with Bitcoin? YES!

If you think bitcoin is just a fad or a novelty.. well here is more proof that its the real deal, and people are using it to buy even houses, and pay for their cell phone:


RE/MAX London, the UK-based franchisee of RE/MAX Europe, is now accepting bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin as payment for property rentals through a partnership with processor GoCoin.

The decision enables RE/MAX’s 16 London offices to accept the payment method, a move the franchise said would benefit both itself and its tenants. The franchise manages several hundred properties, mainly in central London.

Peggy Su, regional director at RE/MAX London, framed the deal as one that would bring the efficiencies of new payments technology to her operations.

As a citizen of England , I may just consider buying a house with bitcoin, or maybe some doge. Ok maybe not doge, I dont think there is enough in existance to buy a house with doge.

Heres more proof that Bitcoin is catching on:

T Mobile

T-Mobile Poland customers can now purchase prepaid cellphone credit with bitcoin.

The new service, which comes about via a partnership with local bitcoin payment processor InPay S.A., is being rolled out as a three-month trial that aims to see how popular bitcoin payments will be with prepaid telephone users.

“Our team is constantly looking for new opportunities, partnerships and cooperations with startups bringing great ideas. One of the reasons behind this initiative was to test how quick and comfortable the top-up process could be. Simplifying it to four taps while keeping high security standards is a significant achievement.”


Here are the other massive multimillion dollar companines that now accept bitcoin:

  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Paypal
  • Overstock
  • Subway
  • Newegg.com
  • Tigerdirect.com
  • Expedia
  • Tesla Motorcars, yes , you can buy a 100K exotic car with Bitcoin!
  • and hundreds more, but these are the big boys


Still not convinced Bitcoin will be as big as the USD or bigger in 2015?

trade volume increase

Active Bitcoin wallets: (2013 VS 2014):

wallet numbers

Bitcoin venture capital (How much companies spent to be a part of bitcoin):

capital investment increase

Its the way its always been. Its tech-evolution. Vacuum-tubes became transistors, corded telephones became wireless smart phones, and horses and wagons became cars.


Risk coin. A coin you really should take a hard look at. 50% POS APR, and a mere 180k coins after pow!

The reason I do bitcoin/altcoin trading and consulting is “for the love of the game”. Just when I thought I knew about all the great coins out there, a good friend and associate named George that is just starting out picked a big winner. Beginners luck? Nahh, good teacher 😉 Anyway, its called Risk coin, and it has a lot of favorable attributes.  I truly enjoy this work because even though Im the teacher, I learn from the people I consult.

  • A mere 180k coins after POW/Mining.
  • 50% POS interest per year
  • 24 hour minimum stake time
  • Active Developer and excited community
  • Rapidly rising price

Link to main ann thread on bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=955463.0

Only 1 exchange now: C-cex: https://c-cex.com/?p=risk-btc

Windows Wallet: 1.01 (Latest as of Feb 25th, includes fork for block 4500): https://mega.co.nz/#!ttQFDAqL!xsZorCKCuNspNFuJ06lrYio4ML2iRdk3Z-wYT7EfbGQ

Thanks again George!




The hotcoin of the day is called E-MONEY (ECASH) 8% Interest DAILY!!!

Just released today is E-Cash. Its got over 1PThs , yes 1 Petahash of hashing power. Why? Well its 8% interest DAILY, but here is the catch , its 8% daily for only 21 days, after that, its 8% per year.

Heres what you need to know:

Algo: Sha-256

8% Interest DAILY for 21 days, then 8% per year.

  • POS Maturity – 24 hours
  • Block Target – 1 minute
  • 120 Blocks for Maturity
  • Block 1 – Premine 40k Escrow Needed
  • Blocks 2 – 1440 = 750 (1.08mil)
  • Blocks 1441-2880 = 600 (864k)
  • Blocks 2881-4320 = 500 (720k)
  • Blocks 4321-5760 = 400 (576k)
  • Blocks 5761-7200 = 300 (432k)
  • Blocks 7201-12000 = 250 (1.2mil

Mainbitcointalk ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=966590.0

Windows Wallet:


Exchange: https://www.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-ECASH

Buy or cry!