Jackpot posts new wallet 1.6

If any of you are still holding Jackpot coin youll be pleased to know they have just released version 1.6 . Why do I get the feeling this will be their last version, ever.

Windows download: http://jackpotcoin.info/download/windows_v160.zip

So the long awaited 1.6 version is out!
What’s new?

1) Built-in block explorer

2) Built-in IRC client

3) OpenSSL 1.0.1i

So these changes should make fireworks on your screen ūüėČ

In all fairness Jackpot coin was a lot of fun , back in the day.

Snowballs coin hardfork 2.0.1

Significant changes in the BALLS 2.0.1 Two Stage Hard Fork:

  • Protocol has been switched back
  • Blocks will return to their previous speed
  • Protocol switch occurs at 1424995200
    • 02/27/2015 @ 12:00am (UTC)

Staking Changes

  • Staking will return to its previous frequency
  • Stake rewards have been updated to be more interesting
    • Now based on block number in a specific, fixed range
  • A few features or changes have been cut to prevent a coin swap to a new chain
  • Stake rewards start fluctuating at Block 200,000


New windows wallet:

News from dev Igotspots regarding the future of “balls”



Quoted from dev Igotspots, regarding balls on 2/17/15:

There is a sea of garabge which must be waded through daily. Why pick one coin over another? At this stage of the game, it’s a crap shoot. What many people consider the end game, mass adoption, as the ultimate goal, there is a growing number of investors that see the negatives of such exposure. Let’s use a company like Overstock. Now I know they just started offering employees salary in Bitcoin, which is exactly what needs to be done. Accepting Bitcoin as payment is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but when large corporations simply take these profits and dump to fiat to pay employees, bills, and taxes, they start doing more harm than good. There are enough people focused on merchant and mass adoption. It’s a saturated market that only a few will thrive in. This is a very important step for the community as a whole or there will never be new cash flow into cryptos. I am not anti-adoption, but that is not the only channel for profit. This is where high staking chains come into play

While others grind to be the top merchant token, there is a new wave of coins, such as MMXIV, BALLS, and 10k, that aim to be a hedge against flailing Bitcoin prices. While Bitcoin struggles to find a true price, our coins have held steady. Even in a falling market, high stake combats the falling per coin price. Every day staking increases your personal holdings of the entire network by percentage. Network inflation will NEVER be higher than personal staking gains. Which brings me back to the original point. What to do with BALLS. The staking protocol switch obviously did not go over well. So do we ignore the problem and move on? Definitely not. Very soon we will be doing a coin swap for BALLS to a new chain. It will be a 1:1 swap on a reputable exchange (TBD where). The reason for not forking the current chain is simple; the changes are far too drastic and won’t work well with what we already have

Blocks will be extremely fast. I’ve already proven with MMXIV and 10k that these chains are both quick and unattackable. BALLS needs to be brought up to the same level of speed and security as the other two. So for that reason, there will be drastic changes to the fundamentals of the coin. I have for a while wanted to do a coin with random stake percentages each block. Like all other randomness in coins, this would have been built on a system using previous hash seeds, making it predictable and pseudorandom at best. Stake modifiers already proved shitty with BALLS, so what’s next? I’m not telling you yet

I will say the way we are doing stake has not been done before. It is the same basic system as many others, but instead of using personal stake modifiers, we will be adjusting the stake percentage on the fly for the network as a whole. The waves used in BALLS earlier proved extremely popular, so we are currently working on our own algorithm that will give rewards enough of an oscillating median to stay interesting. Our system will not pretend to be random when it is not, thus predictable if you really want to put the time in to math it out, stock up stake weight, and pray you hit that block, but I feel it will be more interesting than the previous hash seeded pseudorandom systems, that have been advertising themselves as truly random, already fucking up other coins

No ETA, yet, and all GorillaStake addresses will be on hold until the new fork is out, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a) not forgotten about you, or b) given up and moved on. I am the top address on all three Rich Lists and have more in smaller stacks I use for testing. I have not dumped; these drops are not me. I will lose much more than anyone else if these coins fail. I have more money invested in them than any of you do and I do not hand out my dollars easily. There is a reason I now only invest in coins that I am working on. I don’t trust others to make me profit, so I can’t blame you for not trusting me to have your best interest in mind, which I certainly do. If you guys don’t make money, neither do I

Bitbean (BITB) IS the new hotcoin.

Bitbean is all the rage right now, its very new, and is at the top of the charts on Bittrex. It still mineable using sha-256, however pow is near over.

Here are the vitals:

Launched 11:00 PM UTC Friday, February 13, 2015

Algo: SHA-256

Windows wallet: https://mega.co.nz/#!2QdwDa6b!D9J1n2r0qSEwrk99MqBYq82tWpjSGYc-_4QCee1keEA

Mining Pools:

Pow info: 10,000 blocks containing 100,000 coins each (YES, 100,000 coins PER BLOCK!!)

POS Info: (Innovative/New style of Proof of Stake:)
Its Proof of Stake is different from other coins. In addition to only giving all coins that have over 6 hours age only 6 hours of age in the PoS calculations, the blocks which are found are static blocks similar to PoW. Each PoS block is 1000 coins.
This is a much better form of proof of stake than giving % interest.
Coins are supposed to be a payment system. Bitbean’s PoS encourages people to actually process transactions instead of hoarding their coins and only process a transaction once in a blue moon to only collect their interest which is not a good method for making a payment system.

Ticker symbol: (BITB)

Exchanges: https://www.bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-BITB

Misc notes: It just hit Bittrex today and already is at the top and has 19BTC in volume trading in less than 24 hours!

Mine or buy or cry

NakamotoDark coin (NKT) gets new wallet with built in Bittrex trading

For those of you invested in NakamotoDark coin, Dev just released new wallet with in wallet Bittrex monitoring and trading.

Here are the changes:

+ Qt5webkitwidgets
+ Bittrex in-wallet trading
+ Trade nkt and everycrypto directly in overview page
+ Reload button
+ Paper wallet with brain wallet and vanity wallet
+ Splash logo resize
+ .dll included



This is not a mandatory.
This is a non-static wallet. Don’t move or delete the .dll files inside folder.
If it get stuck just re-open it.
If bittrex graphs and prices won’t load at start-up, right click and “Reload”.


The wallet should be fine other than that. I have upgraded my old NKT wallet with this, I just wont trade with it.

Here is the link to the new wallet: https://mega.co.nz/#!lUBRxCJQ!5sUcTuWXJCvI4IPMO1EPTJQqC7bPx03lCUDBdwM8FoI

You can print the gorgeous paper wallet too:


Trustplus coin (Trust). A coin worth considering…

Guys Trust plus has been around now since July 4th 2014. But latley (in the last few weeks) has gained alot of attention. There are many nice features I like about this coin that I want to share with you.

Most of you know me , already know I like coins that are staking monsters. This coin has massive staking power (see pic below). Staking info:

POS annual interest rate is 18%

Minimum stake time: 8 hours

An established coin thats here to stay, dev wont be dumping premine and running off.

Wallet is flawless, mature, and bug free

Large volume on Bittrex. Past 24 hours on Bittrex was : 19+ BTC

You can buy Trustplus with fiat, and there is talk of the ability soon to sell Trust plus with fiat

Price is rising. 2 days ago was 200+ sat, now over 500 sat


Here are this vitals:

Main bitcointalk.org ann page: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=687207.0

POS APR : 18%

Min stake age: 8 hrs

Windows wallet (latest as of 2/14/15): http://www.trustplus.co/win.zip



There might be other exchanges but this is the main one. I checked polo and Cryptsy and its not listed there.

Heres the magic:

Trust plus coin pos
Trust plus coin pos





Ocupy coin gets a new wallet. Now V2.1

ocupy coin wallet
ocupy coin wallet

If you are not familiar with occupy coin, you should give it a look. Its value is strong >10,000 sats and growing. Its 10% APR interest with a 12hr min stake. They have just released a new wallet v2.1

Download here: https://mega.co.nz/#!9ZoxBBZI!-nToGnBIN_ce_ZI-Ncf4_9DMODyfWhtz1uyK-qb4J9o



The decline of Hyperstake. What REALLY happend?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousands words. The chart below will help you quickly understand why 750% interest is really only good for a short time, a VERY short time. At one point Hyperstake was creating 1 million HYP PER DAY!!! Holy Hyperinflation!!

(Click pic to enlarge)


Important note: This article is not intended to hurt Hyperstake coin or its holders or developers. Its to help the cryptocurrency community better manage high POS coins. In all fairness, when Hyperstake was released in July 2014, it was unique and like nothing else out there, and NOBODY knew what would happen, and many of us didnt take inflation seriously. We later learned its one of the top factors in determining a coins price. So the article really is about all high pos coins. I only used HYP because it has the longest history. Presstab is an amazing developer and the best there is. Hopefully we all learned from the Hyperstake experience.


Hyperstake gets new beta wallet v1.0.9.1



Just released a few hours ago is a beta wallet for Hyperstake coin (HYP) from dev Presstab. It IS a beta, so backup your wallet first. If your into cutting edge technology, this is for you.



remove stake auto split based on date
don’t use dust with the block splitter
fix multisend help display
multisend disable address (allows you to tell multisend not to send tx from particular address when it stakes)
multisend can only have each address entered once into the vector
multisend printaddresses
save multisend enable/disable settings to DB, so it persists through shutdown
multisend will not send twice if you stake splits

Altcoin to usd converter. What are my altcoins really worth?

altcoin to usd converter
altcoin to usd converter

Who really understands sat, or satori, or btc or mBtc anyway? Isnt this just designed to confuse you and mask how worthless your coins are? Don’t you just want to know what a specific coin is worth in american dollars? Well now here is a site dedicated to easily converting your altcoins into plain old USD. It has most of the altcoins, even the newest ones like gold pieces, and its simple to use.

Go to http://www.cryptoconversions.com/

In this example I used GP or goldpieces:                                                                                (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

altcoin to usd converter
altcoin to usd converter