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Bitcoin Basics

Where can you spend Bitcoins (BTC)?

There are a lot of places to spend Bitcoin and the number of merchants is growing daily. With all new technologies there are the early adopters. Then, a phase of growing awareness. Eventually, it reaches a critical mass where it becomes common. We are in the growing awareness phase.

It is interesting to note that Bitcoin has been around for 1/2 of a 14 year olds life. There are now kids who have owned Bitcoins before they got a bank account. Try to find a teenager that will part with their cell phone. As todays teenagers become adults they will have an expectation of being able to use digital currencies Common everyday Bitcoin usage is predicted to be less than 10-12 years away.



Where can I spend Bitcoins?

The 1st place to find adoption was, of course, the on-line stores but, brick and mortar stores are adopting it at an increasing rate. Bitcoin ATM’s are popping up as well as Bitcoin debit cards.You may be surprised by some of the retailers. Some of the categories include: Clothing, Electronics, Food, Gift cards( for about everything), Jewelry, Movie Tickets, Software, 2 pro Sports teams and many more.

Our resource list below will steer you in the right direction.

imagesBig names you will recognize are: Amazon, Burger King, Dell Computes, Dish Network, Microsoft, Nike, (now in over 100 countries), Paypal (and everywhere it is accepted), Subway, Target, Walmart. Local stores in your hometown may already accept Bitcoins or may be adding soon.

A few more options: InStyle, NewEgg, People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Xbox – Games-Music & Video. If you like Gift cards to give as presents visit eGifter which has over 200 different gift cards. Yelp business reviews is a good place to help you find local businesses which are already on the Bitcoin train.

Be sure to read our other articles in our Beginner Basics section. Articles include: Basic Terminology, Amazon,How to get started – Choosing and setting up a Wallet to hold your Bitcoins, Buying your 1st Bitcoin & Sending and Receiving Bitcoins.


Bitcoin Values Website
CoinDesk Website
Map of Where to Spend
Spend Bitcoin Website

General resources:
Bitcoin Wiki
Crypto Coin News



Flycoin (FLY) update on my personal coin. Finally a trusted coin with quality and integrity that will around for years!


 Fly is just over 30 days old, and has a staggering market cap of around $300,000 +/- . Flycoin is like nothing else youve ever seen in crypto. EVERYTHING is the opposite. Everything about fly is all about trust, teamwork, support, and the best quality quality quality!!!

First the wallet is created by the best wallet coder in the world, legendary Hero member: Presstab. Known as “The god of POS coins”.

FLY is NOT based on the latest technology. You wont find masternodes, or the latest wallet inovations.

FLY run by a very powerful team of 10.

Meetings are held in a slack chat room around the clock everyday to discuss ways of making FLYcoin better and better.

So whats so different about FLY? EVERYTHING!

FLY operates completely different that all other coins! I handpick investors that are trusted in the community , and they purchase fly at a VERY deep discounted rate from my wallet, and send the btc to my Yobit wallet. These funds from sales of my flycoin wallet will ONLY be used to buy more FLY and sell to any of the existing investors only, keeping it private and even more limited. Those existing investors will buy FLY from me sending their BTC to my btc address on Yobit, so everyone can see this where this money will go to the exchange and not my private wallet. This will make our money supply % stronger as a group, and more valuable. It will LOWER my wallet balance, and raise EVERYONE’S total value of their wallets and balance the richlist. Even though I will have less coins, they will be worth more each. NONE of the highest holders are allowed to sell any of their base amount (main wallet) for any reason. The exception is myself. I can sell part of my base amount to a new investor that I know and trust and is agreed on by the FLYcoin team in slack. The btc generated will ALL be used to buy up the price on yobit. My balance becomes LESS, and EVERYONE’S coins are worth MUCH more. ALL private sales will be announced on the FLY coin thread, and it will be labeled in my wallet so everyone can see my transactions and what they were used for. When a new member is invited, it will be announced on our slack channel who they are and amount that was sold to them. The minimum to do a private buy into FLY is .5 btc , and you must be respected and trusted and follow the rules to ONLY sell your POS rewards.



So it sure does sound like the “Rich getting Rich” in the above paragraph doesnt it?

Well to balance things  in comes “SuperFLY” wallet that greatly benefits everyone EXCEPT the rich.

Heres the details:

The idea is aimed at helping “the little guy” that supports fly. Here is how it will work.

The wallet will be hardforked. Normal transaction fees will remain unchanged , except there will be an added special fee. We are still determining the percent but we are looking at 7%-10%
The higher the TX fees , the higher the super FLY wallet rewards will be, as the balance will grow FAST. So if you have no intention on moving money, this will benefit you the most.
The regular TX fees will go into the normal tx staking fund. Tx fees generated by the “special fee” will be directed towards a staking wallet.
Anyone with a balance that is BELOW 5000 FLY and is active in the thread, and has a done a name claim, and has validated their identity as an active member on or active in slack is eligible to get staking rewards from the SuperFLY wallet.

To remain eligible:

  You must NOT create any outbound transactions. So if you have, then stop now. If you want to sell your profits, you MUST use the “savings feature” and setup another wallet where your staking rewards will be held. You are welcome to sell from this wallet.
The staking rewards will be evenly sent to the different wallets automatically using “savings”
The rewards are NOT based on your balance. Its based on how many people qualify. So if there are 5 users getting rewards, you will get 20% regardless of balance. If there are 4 members, then you will get 25%.
Your main balance of FLY must be at least 100 FLY. That is not much to show you are serious about FLY. Thats about $100 USD . You must post something meaningful on the FLY thread at least once a week or you will be removed from the special rewards program.


All members with a balance of 5000 FLY will automatically exempt. No exceptions! (So I am except).

This program is about helping the “little guy”. A first in crypto.


Ticker: FLY
Algo: X13
Min Stake age: 7 days, Max stake age 28 days
POS % Annually: 50%
Includes Superblocks up to 20x
Coin supply: 163,232 (on 10/22/15)





0.5% chance of 2x multiplier
0.4% chance of 3x multiplier
0.09% chance of 5x multiplier
0.009% chance of 10x multiplier
0.0001% chance of 20x multiplier
64-bit V1.5 for windows , coded by Presstab.

Main bitcointalk thread ANN:

Coin Market cap:
coin-market cap-oct 12th-2015

Bitcoins Basics (BTC) – Sending & Receiving Bitcoins – (Click Header)


Bitcoin Basics – Sending & Receiving Bitcoins

Setting up Wallets and Buying your 1st Bitcoin were covered in previous articles. See the Basics for Beginners Section of this website. Scroll down  the section to see previous articles. This article assumes you have already decided on which wallet is best for you and have purchased a Bitcoin (or a partial Bitcoin). If you have accomplished these 2 things, you are past the hard parts.

Help Available: If you need help with the above items, click on the  “Hire us/Contact us Tab”. We can walk you through the process.

Receiving Bitcoin:

OK – You have bought a Bitcoin and want to send it to your wallet 1) in the cloud, 2) on your computer or tablet or 3) on your phone. Receiving is very easy as you will find out below.

You can request a person send Bitcoin to your wallet address simply by giving them your wallet address. Bitcoin transfers take 30 minutes to an hour. It may show up quickly but, it is not spendable until confirmed several times. How can you be sure someone really sent Bitcoin to you? Request the transaction ID (Txid). It is like a package tracking number.

Verifying that a transaction was sent is the subject for another day and, we can help you with that, if it is ever necessary. I have only had to do it once. Unlike packages, Bitcoin transactions rarely (read “it’s nearly impossible to ) get lost in the mail.

Below pictures are from my MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet.  Depending upon the wallet you use, there may be small differences. Feel free to send BTC to my address.  🙂  Yes – that’s my address in the pictures below. People can send to your wallet but, cannot take from it. (Read Wallet Article which discusses computer security)

Receive AddressYou will always have a Tab that says Request or Receive”. It will show your address.

  1. You can simply send or email  “Your address to the person sending you Bitcoin.
  2. If you are sending  Bitcoin to yourself from an exchange or another wallet, this is the address you would “Send to”.
  3. Use the “Amount” area to request funds. Enter the BTC and it will compute the amount. Or, enter the amount and it will compute the BTC.
  4. The Lable” area is for notes. “Please send me o.1 BTC and I will send you _____.”
  5. The “New” button lower left allows you to generate a different address for each transaction if you choose to do so.

Sending Bitcoin:

Sending Bitcoin to a person, a business or a Coin Exchange (like a stock exchange) is just as easy. You can send any amount – anywhere in the world. And… it only costs pennies – typically about 2 cents.

Send BitcoinThere will be a Tab called “Send”. Click on it.

  1. First, get the address of the person, business or coin exchange where you want to send the Bitcoin.
  2. Copy and Paste the address into the “Address” Box.
  3. Put a Note in the “Lable” box if you want a reminder or to tell the receive something, like… who is sending them Bitcoin.
  4. Enter the “Amount” – Bitcoin or $. (Wallets in other countries are set in their currency).
  5. Double check – then, click send.
  6. Careful, once you hit send, you cannot change your mind.

Two thing special about Bitcoin are: 1) You cannot write a bad check or go over your credit card limit. You can only spend what you have and 2) Once money is sent, it cannot be cancelled. The are two important security features that makes the Bitcoin “blockchain” technology desirable. It is why major bank, credit card and brokerage companies are currently spending millions of dollars right now. It will increase their security of information and funds and reduce fraud.

Like Bitcoin wiki

Come back for our next article on “Where to Spend Bitcoin”.


EuropeCoin (ERC) – Changing Europe – Training Lobbyists – New Wallet (Click Header)


EuropeCoin (ERC)

Wallet Download Below

A Strong Team of Crypto-Enthusiasts and Lobbying Educators

Led by Mattais Klees – BitCoinTalk Hero Member

Euroerc_accepted_1024_385peCoin is a altcoin cryptocurrency & a workgroup-enabled community platform. Most digital currencies are driven by some “innovation” and a few large investors. Unlike most digital coins, Europecoin is driven by an ideal. EuropeCoin’s goal is to build upon the blockchain technology to enable the community to be an integral part of the guidance and direction of Europe. The EuropeCoin team strives  to educate decision-makers about blockchain technologies and to help foster a “decentralization of power” across Europe.

Founder Matthias Klees draws upon his experience as social media educator for members of the European Parliament in Brussels. Klees and EuropeCoin’s strong expert teams help groups to establish lobbying efforts and successfully maneuver the difficult waters of grass-roots lobbying in Europe.

The website provides state of the art communication assistance including: highly interconnected publishing, sharing and marketing tools.

Mattias Klees states “In this changing world… (the) people… in power will have questions. They (will) ask “experts” around them.These “experts” are mostly lobbyists for paying corporations. That is why we would like to… provide another perspective.”

Klees feels Bitcoin and the decentralized “blockchain” technology are “the greatest innovations of our century”. With the involvement of the people, this technology can become an important key to building a better future. However, better technology is not enough. Change in society is the result of a mindset and the involvement by those willing to commit time and support (no matter how little) to create a better world. This technology is a tool that can assist us to accomplish change on a large-scale basis. Mattais Klees and The EuropeCoin team see the challenge as to rise above self-interest and together, as a people, build a better society.

logo 2

Coin Specifications

Hashing Algorithm: X11
Block target: 60 seconds
Difficulty retargets every block
PoS interest: 5%
Future Total Coins: 384,000,000 ERC (384M)
POW Total coins: 137,632,000 ERC


Additional Nodes by Country can be found CLICK HERE 

Blockchain (Bootstrap) Download

As an well established coin, you will find the blockchain will significantly reduce the time necessary to synch the wallet.

Blockchain (Bootstrap) Link: CLICK HERE

Decentralization – Decentralization is critical to progress both technologically and how we (as a society) function, think, govern and plan. Specifically, in Europe, we are living in a highly centralized environment with decisions made by the few. We need a force – a lobby – for a decentralizing Europe.

Very detailed information can be found on EuropeCoin’s outstanding 16 page website. A few seconds brousing the website will help you to understand that this is a serious coin with a long-term vision.

Please be sure to visit the Website:

Wallet Link – Click on Image Below


Source code link – CLICK HERE

To Learn more and follow daily discussion on  CLICK HERE 

 Follow on Twitter: @europecoinEUORG

EurpopeCoin (ERC) Trades on BlueTrade and Bittrex



Bitcoins Basics – Buying Bitcoins – Getting Your 1st Bitcoin (Click Header)


Buying Your 1st Bitcoin 

If you are new to bitcoin, you may want to read our other Beginner articles: “Basic Terms” which provides much more than just definitions and “Getting a Bitcoin Wallet”. Both are located in the Basics for Beginners section.

How to get get a Bitcoin:

There are 2 ways to get Bitcoins – Buy them or Earn them (See mining in the Basic Terms Article). We will discuss Mining digital currency in a future article.

If you don’t mind waiting a couple of days, the easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on some Bitcoins is to sign up with Coinbase, a large Silicon Valley company, or one of the many reputable Coin exchanges. As an example Coinbase charges a low 1% fee and you receive your bitcoins as soon as the transfer from your bank account clears.  The 1st order has a long waiting period but, soon you will gain the ability to make instant purchases for up to $1,000 per week. has a simple Phone wallets for the Android and iOS with a clear video explanation. It is well worth the 2 minutes: . Each company has different policies – BitQuick advertises a 3 hour purchase timeframe.


The many ways to buy Bitcoins:

Credit Card, Bank Account draft , Cash, Check, Gift Card and Money Order.  You can also buy locally from people willing to sell there Bitcoins. acts as an escrow service so, you are not taking cash to a stranger. I went to and found 5 sellers within a 10 mile radius including a Bitcoin ATM.

Caution- Local Bitcoin Sellers:

By searching the internet you will find local sellers who will transfer Bitcoins to your wallet in exchange for cash. Always meet in a public place like the local Starbucks. There still has dangers. Crafty programmers have found ways to make it look like the Bitcoins is instantly transferred. It takes 20 minutes to 1 hour for the transfer to be completed. If you want the anonymity of a local cash transfer use an escrow service – they hold the money until they confirm the Bitcoin is transferred.

Why would you want a Bitcoin?

Well the easy answer is because it is quickly growing acceptance. Banks are exploring using the because it is more secure than checks and credit cards. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it incredibly easy…  a plus – there are already thousands of places to spend your Bitcoins!

Like Bitcoin wiki

7 of the Top 10 Free iPhone Bitcoin Apps are Mobile Wallets


KindCoin – a Counterparty Asset-Based Coin – Donate to Charity (Click Header)


Kindcoin Harnesses the

Power of Bitcoin to Do Good!

Bitcoin and  blockchain technology have created a secure way to transfer money across the internet.  Kindcoin was designed to show how the technology can help support charitable causes. Kindcoin does not handle the donations and has no connection to any of the listed charitable causes. The current list of worthy causes are all on, a  Crowdfunding site. You can nominate causes to be added to the list and it is growing all of the time. Current causes approved for donations  which will receive KindCoin rewards are:

More causes and platforms will be added soon.

Kind store

KindCoins can be converted to Bitcoins or spent on a KindCoin website

KindShack ) where you can purchase products.

How does it work?

1. Go to and click on ‘create new wallet’. You’ll be able to trade Kindcoins for BTC by using the counterparty DEX soon after launch. An information “thread” about Counterparty with more information here

2. Select a cause from the list and pledge your chosen amount.

3. That’s it, Kindcoins will soon be sent to your address!

A total of 21,000,000 Kindcoins will be distributed. Phase one will distribute up to 1.6M Kindcoins (any coins not distributed at the end of each phase will be destroyed, reducing total supply). In phase 1 of the distribution, for each $1 you pledge you’ll receive 64 Kindcoins. Rewards will be halved in phase 2 (so 32 Kindcoins are earned for each $1). Rewards will be reduced after every phase in accordance with a schedule
Shown below.


Phase 1: 64  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,600,000
Phase 2: 32  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,600,000
Phase 3: 16  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,280,000
Phase 4:   8  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins 1,280,000
Phase 5:   4  Coin Reward – Total KindCoins    880,000

There will be 9 phases with the reward and total number of coins reducing in each successive Phase. Please follow the information on the KindCoin Announcement page to assure you receive your KindCoin Rewards. Additional information can be found on their website at:

Finally, A way for the everyday person to learn about Digital Currency while doing good in the world.



Bitcoin Basics – Getting Started – Wallets (Click Header)


Please see our Article on Basic terminology which you may want to read for a more in-depth understanding of Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology, Miners and more. For now, we will keep this simple.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the largest digital currency with $3.5 trillion changing hands each day. Think about a long, long time ago when only cash was accepted. Then came checks, debit cards and credit cards and now digital currency. Digital currencies are already here so you might as well dip your toes in the water. Most major banks and  financial institutions are exploring how the Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology can help improve security. There are 1,000’s of alternative digital currencies or altcoins – Bitcoin is the 1st, the largest and most well-known. Their are coins for games, gift cards, shopping, food… Just about everything. Some are just for transactions and others pay from 5% to 500% annual interest.

Why Bitcoins (and other digital currencies)? Money can easily be sent anywhere in the world via the internet without needing to trust anyone. Or, you could just pay with you phone at a local store that accepts Bitcoin. Transactions are fast and irreversible. Money received can be spent within a few minutes to an hour. This means no more bounced checks, high merchant credit card fees or long bank holds until funds clear! The typical Bitcointransaction costs less than 2 cents vs. 3%-4% for credit cards. In addition, the supply of Bitcoins is limited; no more government inflation by turning on the printing press. 

What are Bitcoin Wallets?

imagesA Wallet is like a Bitcoin bank account except you control your money. A wallet allows you to receive and send Bitcoins. There are many wallet options:

  1. On your Computer or Laptop
  2. On your Phone – iPhone or Android
  3. On a Website –  Web Wallet (the cloud)


First, decide if you want a Web Wallet, a Computer Wallet or a Phone Wallet. You are not limited to one type but, a specific coin (or fraction of a coin) can only be in one place at a time – like your right pocket or your left pocket. Learn to use one type 1st and the others will be easy.

A good place to start is the website. They have a variety of wallets available in one place. A Web Wallet is  hosted on a company website and is the easiest to use, however, you must trust the site to protect your Bitcoins.

If you select a Web Wallet, the host company has it all set up, secure, backed up  and ready to go. You just add the coins. Coinbase is a major player with the home office located in the Silicon Valley and the company is quickly expanding worldwide. They are also a seller of Bitcoins.

If you select a Computer Wallet to start, you need to download it and open it in your computer (I use one callled MultiBit). Security is the key ingredient. We recommend you have Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software (you should have these already ). In addition, we recommend an Anti -Keylogger – this stops hackers from recording your wallet’s password when you type it. Finally, you should backup the wallet.dat file. Caution: All digital currencies use the same name for the coin file – wallet.dat. They are each in their own folder. If you accidentally move or save the Litecoin wallet.dat file to the Bitcoin wallet.dat file the coins are lost unless, you have the all-important backup. A hard drive crash means no more money unless you have a backup of this file.

The Bitcoin wallet program will typically place the program in C:/Program Files/Wallet name. The wallet.dat file is “your money”. This file is located in a folder in the “Roaming” folder (Usually: C-drive – Users – Your Login Name – App Data Folder – Roaming Folder – Wallet Name.

A Phone Wallet  can be downloaded from the same site as you download apps for your phone, in fact,  several of the top 10 downloaded iphone apps are Bitcoin wallets.

All wallets automatically generate an address – a 34 character random string of letter and numbers. All transactions (coins in and out) are recorded and tied to your address.


The price of Bitcoins fluctuates the same as stocks do and you can buy, send or receive fractions of a Bitcoin. Currently a Bitcoin is less than $250. Fractions of Bitcoins are referred to as Sat (for Satoshi – the psuedonym of the creator of the technology). 1 Sat is .00000001 Bitcoins and approx. 4250 Sat = 1 cent US.

If you need help setting up a Computer Wallet, we can help and ensure that you have the safeguards necessary to protect your Bitcoins.


Resources: (wallets for androind & wallet)

Next week: Buying your 1st bitcoin, Sending and Receiving Bitcoin and where can you spend Bitcoins.

TruckCoin (TRK) – New Wallet – Recommended Upgrade – (Click Header)


Recommended Wallet Upgrade to Version

Links to Wallets & Bootstrap Files
(Updated 9-23-15) – See Below

This new Truckcoin wallet – version ( – is NOT compatible with the older blockchain structure! You will need to delete the old blockchain and  re-synch your wallet. Please backup your wallet.dat file to avoid accidentally deleting it. However, Truckcoin is the brainchild of Hero Member of, noise23 and, he thinks of everything (He is also the developer of highly successful altcoin – TEK). noise23 has provided an up-to-date bootstrap to make the process fast and painless. If you do not own TruckCoin, you might want to jump in today. Truckcoin is traded on the following exchanges: Bittrex, Cryptonia and Cryptsy.

Social Media

download (1)

If you are new to TruckCoin, noise23 has made it easy to educate yourself on this fantastic coin. Every Altcoin should use this coin as a model of how a great coin develops a loyal community.

Official Website:

Technical Specifications:

Ticker: TRK
PoS interest: 200% per year
PoS Maximum Reward : 200 TRK per block
Min stake time: 9 Days – Max stake time: 30 Days
Seed Nodes

Wallet Fixes and Upgrades are too numerous to name them all. A few of the highlights are: Coin Control – many changes, fix memory exhaustion, add & use checkstake function and many more.  See the website for a complete list of changes.

Wallets & Bootstrap

Bootstrap Click Here!

Window Wallet Click the Logo Below!

download (2)

Mac Wallet Click on the Logo Below!


Linux Wallet Click on the Logo  Below!


Raspberry Pi Click on the Logo Below!

download (2)

Window Daemon Click on the Logo Below!

download (1)

vegasstamp of approval-small

This coin has earned the “Vegas Seal of Approval“.

DopeCoin (Dope) Version 3 – Summary & Wallets Here!


DopeCoin (Dope) V3

(Wallet Links Below)

DopeCoin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed with the goal of providing a safer way to do business in the billion dollar industry. As Medical Marijana and Recreational Marijana becomes legal in more states each year, DopeCoin is an idea whose time has come. Started on January 21, 2014, DopeCoin is old for a digital currency. It has had its ups and downs but went under new management in September of 2014 and is now in Version 3. The new team is doing n outstanding job of promoting DopeCoin and increasing its value.

If you are one of those who missed the swap of coins from Version 2, you may still be able to manually swap your Version 2 coins. Try this link: The swap ratio from V2 to V3 was 1.0 Dope to 0.9 Dope. DopeCoin has a clear message: It’s Safe, It’s Green, It’s well-established, and It’s Profitable. Get out your coins and Buy Some Dope(Coin) Today.


Total Coins: 200,000,000 DOPE (~134,000,000 mined)
Min. Coin Age: 24 hours – Max. Coin Age: 42 days
POS: 10% year 1, 8% year 2, 4% year 3,2% year 4, 1% year 5-6

(POW Phase has ended)

Social Media

DopeCoin has a strong on-line presence which includes:


Social Links:

Recent Articles

   See Wallet Links Below:


Additional DopeCoin Stories:

                            GrassCity – Click Here and CoinTelegraph – Click Here 



Window (Click on below Image) 


 Apple/Mac (Click on Image Below)


Linux (Click on Image Below)

download (2)

Paper Wallet (Click on Image Below)


For the latest information on DopeCoin visit the

Information Thread at:

Altcoin Steps (STEPS) – 100% POS – Progressive POS Rewards – Wallets


Windows and Mac Wallets are available below!

The Story

Steps started as an ICO. With so many ICO’s being dumped and abandoned, I usually steer clear of them. However, STEPS ICO had the best graphic design I have seen & an interesting rewards system designed to keep investors staking the coins instead of selling them. The development team took no premine and all of the bounties and giveaways are from the coins purchased by the developers. Apparently investors found the STEPS graphics, the POS rewards and the approach of the developers appealing. In addition, the team hired, a trusted site, to review its code to ensure the integrity of the project. Fifteen (15) Million STEPS coins were planned but the ICO only sold 9.2 Million STEPS. Overs 5.7 Million were burned (destroyed) making the coin much rarer than expected. Total STEPS coins will be much lower than Specifications below due to burned coins.


Ticker: STEPS
Initial Supply: 15 MILLION (less due to burned coins)
Proof of Stake: 100% -Chart Below
Minimum Staking Age: 24 hours
Total Supply: ~19 MILLION (including. POS – minus burn)


The Future

The Development Team behind Steps includes: Lead & Major Developer: altcoinsteps, Developer, Marketing and PR: andrepierre and the Software Developer: Not yet disclosed. The team has many innovations planned including  a web walleta payment gateway, an exchange and an on-line store, as  well as, many other ideas. These ideas are shown in the below roadmap & the developers have set an aggressive schedule for completion.




Window Wallet Click the POS Chart Below


Mac Wallet Click the Roadmap Below


To learn more, visit the coins information thread at