How to use coin control

Many of you have emailed me asking how to use coin control so Ive put together a tutorial , as you MUST know how to use this if you are invested in high proof of stake coins. Ill use gold pieces as an example as its one of the best high POS coins out right now.

First you MUST enable coin control as it is NOT visible by default on all wallets

In the wallet , click on settings and then click options. Click on the tab that says display. click the box that says Display coin control features (experts only!). Press OK.

Choosing the blocks you want to change is next step.

From the main wallet screen click send coins button.

There will be a box titled Coin Control Features inside of this box, next click the inputs button. A new pop-up window will appear called Coin Control. In this window you have the option to use the tree mode or the list mode, it doesnt matter which one you use. Its just how coin control will appear when you work with it.

Your total amount of coins you have in your wallet will be in parenthesis. If you are using tree mode, hit the arrow to expand the view and display your wallet’s blocks, if you are using list mode the blocks are already displayed. Next click the coin block you want to change. If its the first time your setting up gold pieces coin, then click the very top box next to your total amount. This is your “select all”.  Then click ok.  You will then be returned to the send screen. Click on receive coins . Right click on your address to the right, a menu will open. Left click on the words copy address. Left click on send coins.  Right click on the pay to box. Left click on the word paste. Your own address will appear in here as you are sending the coins to yourself. In the amount box enter the amount you want to form for your block size. Most coins prefer large blocks of 1000, or 2000, or 5000 coins. Gold pieces is unique in that it works best with 100 coin blocks. So in that box type 100 and click send. If you have a password on your wallet you have to type the password. If you have a password, then click on settings, lock wallet, unlock wallet, uncheck the box that says for staking only. This will prevent the wallet from asking you for the password over and over everytime you send 100 blocks to yourself, and will save massive time! So, you just sent 100 blocks to yourself. This created a block of 100 for staking. Click on inputs again. If you did this correct, youll notice a block of 100 coins and the balance of the rest of your coins (MUCH larger number). check the box next to your balance. Click on ok.  To the right of the payto box youll see 3 buttons. Click on the middle button that looks like a clipboard. This will paste your address in again, so you dont keep having to go to receive and getting your address. In the amount box type 100 and click send. Do this over and over until you have no blocks exceeding 100. You MUST , each time return to the input button and choose your highest block size (anything but 100 coin block). When finished. Lock your wallet, and then unlock, this time leave for staking checked. Wait 24 hours and the rewards will start streaming in. Enjoy. Because this is complex PLEASE, PLEASE do not message me with further questions. I do bitcoin consulting and training for a living, and if you need my help further , I will remote in to your computer and train you over the phone @ $75/hr or whatever that is in bitcoin.


MMXIV is now *OFFICIALLY* the best altcoin to invest in 2015

Guys I posted this a few weeks ago, and told everyone to get on this boat. If you didnt listen, then im sorry to tell you, but the boat just sailed. Out of hundreds of altcoins, I nailed this one dead center!                                                                                                                                    (CLICK to enlarge)

mmxiv coin of the year
mmxiv 2015 coin of the year

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OHH HOW I LOVE ME SOME TEKCOIN!!!! Tekcoin POKA (Proof of kicking ass!!)

Tekcoin has had its troubles, and those troubles have been fixed,  and it takes A lot to impress me in crypto , but OMG this coin can stake like nothing Ive ever seen!!! MULTIPLE FULL COIN PAYMENTS IN THE SAME MINUTE!?!?!? I just checked Cryptsy and each coin is worth 2100 sat. Its been paying like this for days , and the payments seem to even get more frequent as the days go on.

tekcoin proof of stake
tekcoin proof of stake down due to hard drive failure. Data lost.

The biggest online forum for anything bitcoin and altcoin related information is down due to hard drive failure.

They said “Some disks seem to have failed , expect extended downtime”.

They tweeted: “Posts made in the last 9 hours might be lost, though we are still trying to recover them. If you still have posts from that time, save them.”

People think us computer geeks are geniuses and we are dumber than a bag of rocks.  Even with an IQ of 161 , Ive done some really dumb shit.

Bottlecaps coin (CAP) gets new wallet



Guys dev Tranz has just released a new wallet for bottlecaps. Its v2.2.1. For those of you that have not heard of bottlecaps, its a high pos 200% APR coin that is a “senior coin” thats been around since near the beginning of cryptocurrency. Tranz is a skilled a respected developer.

It can be found here at the official github:


Update Splash Screen. Hat tip to digitalindustry
Add fully integrated Auto Savings and Block Browser.

Updates for AutoSavings (please be sure to disable Autosavings on version 2.2.0 before starting this one)
Add 2 RPC command and startup switches splitthreshold and combinethreshold

This adds the updates for Auto Savings. If you have this enabled in version 2.2.0, please be sure to disable ATS first before starting this new version up.

This also adds the splitthreshold and combinethreshold rpc and start up switches. The start up switches max at 200/400. And the rpc command allows up to the wallet balance divided by 500. So 110,000 wallet can have a max split of 220, and combine of 440. Set via the rpc command.

You can view the current settings by using the menu Network->Current PoS Block Info, or clicking the Pos staking icon.

Tekcoin more generious than originally thought.

Tekcoin has been through its troubles, but it has slowly ironed out to be a good coin. With my new sha farm I was putting 2 Ths a day to it, and getting around 2 coins every minute or two. If you know about tekcoin you know that you must hold your coins in your wallet for 30 days, and then it will begin to pay POS rewards. With most pos coins you MUST create blocks big enough for them to carry weight using coin control. Well I just mined them 24/7 and just left the rewards the way they were and did not use coin control, and here are the results. Ive stopped mining a few days ago, the pos rewards have looked like this for a few days non stop. Yes, Tek has tumbled in price like all high POS coins, and lost about 90% of value. My plan was to mine for 30 days around the clock non stop and then get rewards from the pos every few minutes for the life of the coin. So far this has been the case.

(Click pic for larger image)

tek coin proof of stake rewards
tekcoin pos rewards


Ocupy coin (ocupy). Looks like a very strong coin thats headed straight up!

Guys I found Ocupy coin today and I like what I see. Take a look at the 2 month chart on Bittrex:

(Click on pic to enlarge)

ocupy coin chart
ocupy coin chart

Here are the details and specs:

I do like that 10% pos, I like the 12 hour min stake time even more!!!



Main Bitcointalk ann:



Quotientcoin Gets a new wallet. XQN wallet latest release is v1.6.1.17

Quotient coin  (XQN) released a new wallet today, and its version v1.6.1.17.  I personally exited this coin a few weeks ago, but for those of you still holding I post this for you.


This update includes auto-optimizing coin “block” sizes during staking.  On the Profit Explorer tab there is a new textbox where you can enter your desired block size (e.g., how many coins in a “block” of coins).  During staking, the output will automatically be split in 2 if it is bigger than your preferred block size, and inputs will automatically be added until the preferred block size is met.  So over time it will automatically “seek” to normalize all unspent outputs to that size.


Windows QT 64-bit:!MIkGQapT!4shLvOPxrdOM-NuvvxFatC5IrtvXc6cg8yll2ag05n0

Goldpieces coin (GP) 500% POS rewards! 24hr min stake time. the logo was made by an Atari 2600 back in 1981, but it didnt stop this coin from reaching just under 8800 sat on bittrex. The most attractive feature is the 500% interest per year. Min stake time is 24hrs.


Here is the wallet for  windows

Here is the OP on Bitcointalk:

Youll need to create the goldpieces.conf file and put it in your roaming folder or it doesnt sync.




First multipool that can payout in ANY coin listed on Bittrex!

cryptos 200 plus - sm.jpg

Have you ever wanted to mine a multipool and get paid in a specific coin, but the multipool only pays out in a few different coins? Well here is a first: A multipool that can payout in ANY coin listed on Bittrex!! YES, you heard it here first! You simply add the ticker symbol after your user name (your wallet address). So example if you wanted to be paid in Supercoin, my user name might look like SfxBuWSCL4TBNgWfPKx7RApPE9uRRnCkzr#SUPER . Its that simple.

The pool is just launched and its in Beta. Dev Griffith has been very honest about this. He said it will be more refined in about a week. If you still want to try it here is the address: