Shorting Bitcoins and margins on a coin exchange!?!? YES!!!

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Shorting and margin selling:  I actually tried to google a few months ago, as I saw the downward trend in coin prices, I was looking to short coins. Well, now its a reality, atleast for Bitcoin. Coinsetter, a reputable New York based Bitcoin exchange, has added margin and shorting, as well as the ability to minimize capital held on a Bitcoin exchange to businesses and market makers. This move is a response to security breaches that have weakened the Bitcoin market. Select customers will now have the option to buy and sell Bitcoin on margin, settling their balances after trades have been executed. This move will minimize the capital held on a Bitcoin exchange and add an extra layer of loss protection for clients. Many Wall Street exchanges already use this method of exchange.For those of you that dont know what shorting a market is, in simplistic terms, you are “betting” on the fact that the price of a coin/commodity will go down, and when it does , you will profit. Here is the long definition:

Short selling is the act of selling a stock that an investor does not own in anticipation that the stock’s price will fall. The process occurs in the opposite order of buying a stock — a short seller first sells a stock and later buys it back. Short selling is typically used as a short-term strategy to profit from an expected drop in an individual stock’s price or the entire market

Boy, I could have use this , this year. LOL.

Bitstake – Keep your eye on this one,could be good, but not sure what to make of it. Proceed with caution.

Guys bitstake was just launched on January 11th, and there is already enormous interest in it. Vol on ‘Trex for past 24 hrs is 14BTC. Also here is the chart for the past 24 hours.

(Click graph for larger image)

Bistake Chart
Bistake Chart

Algorithm: X11

  • Name : Bitstake
  • Ticker: XBS
  • Total coins : 2.2 million
  • PoW timespan : 10 days
  • No Pre-mine /IPO
  • Block time: 60 secs
  • Difficulty retarget: every block
  • Nominal stake interest: 5% annually
  • Min stake age: 6 hours, no max age

Hmm.. well.. heres where it gets strange.. You have to go to their website and signup first at

The following information is how the wallet works:

-Features Highlight –
-In-built system cryptocurrency called BitstakeCoin
-Multi-Stake Staking Mechanism
-Control the funds in your account by exporting and importing Private Keys.
-Send and Receive coins via Email.
-Advanced Transaction Management with automated withdrawal and alerts.
-Bank-level encryption, Cold storage control and 2 factor authentication.
-Cross-Platform: Phone & tablet apps to manage your funds on the go.
-Automated Referral System.

Each user has a predetermined account, this account must be funded to use. The fees of the service means that the service is supported and also that users are liable to receive greater PoS interest rates since the BitStake PoS mechanism will generate additional revenue from fees.

Multiple coins with PoS interest. Coin interest can be paid out in any crypto currency the user specifies. Much like a multi-pool coin stake interest can be converted into Bitcoin or any other crypto currency alternative.

Automated Withdrawal. PoS staking amounts can be automatically sent to another wallet or any other service. So PoS staking interest can be instantly claimed or moved to another account.

Email Sending System Users will be able to funds to email addresses, so access to coins has never been easier. This allows more versatility than just sending through a regular online wallet service or a QT wallet.

All data will be retrieved then displayed on the website/client side so users can control their accounts. The login will have 2 factor authentication and a private security key that users can write down to access their account if they lose email or 2 factor authentication access this will be displayed and a mnemonic (green leaves bright trees etc.)

All data will be displayed regarding deposits and withdraws on the accounts. Transaction listing will also be available, this will included staked transactions so users can cross reference it on the network. Staking times and percentage increases will be shown on users balances so users can track how much they are staking in relation to the network for each individual coin. So the percentage value will increase over time as long as the account has funding and is active.

Cold storage function will allow users to turn their accounts into cold storage. Cold storage will offer users a safe place to store their coins in an offline environment so that there is no possibility that these coins can be accessed. This will lock the account and will not provide any PoS interest however the users coins will be stored in a safe environment that they can access at any time they want. This access will be determined by a login to the account as well as a private message or mnemonic to bring these coins out of cold storage.

Private key importing instead of reloading wallets with private keys, private keys can be imported directly into the web interface. Once the private key has been entered into the website coins will be displayed on the account. These coins can then be staked or moved to cold storage or any other variant.

Each account that has confirmed 2 factor authentication access will be funded will a bonus amount BitStake coins these will be readily available to the accounts after 2 factor authentication is done.

Not sure what to think of this one. Do your own research.

Viorcoin new wallet release V1.2

As you know im a big fan of Vior for many reasons and they just released V1.2 of their wallet.

Viorcoin Windows Wallet Release V1.2:!JQsCzIqI!C6w5rwbmSJ4vogMHHTC6JEjJR5i3kVMWpFIcZ23MN7M

Some good coins to buy and sell and at what price.

With the price of Bitcoin dropping even further everyone is wondering what to do. Here is my advice:

Guys , this is just my ideas, and my trades, you need to do your own research and decide. I take no responsibility for losses, although if you gain, my btc address is on this page. LOL. A strategy as old as the NYSE is to buy low and sell high. The question then becomes what, and at what price to buy and what price to sell. I typically find very active coins that have high vol on Bittrex. This tells me they are active and I can easily enter and exit. You don’t want to ever buy a coin with low vol, because you cant exit. Anyway here are my choices along with the buys and sells.Ill try to put them in order of preference. These coins all have a cycle and will drop low, and then return. The key is to put your buy order in, in advance on the low, and as soon as you buy, turn around the same minute and put your sell order in. some of these trades can take weeks to take place, as Ive used the widest margin for max profit, AND the longest wait times for trades.

Sembrotoken: Buy 3000 sat, Sell 18000 sat. Guys this one has severe highs and lows, make sure you have strong nerves.

UmbrellaLightcoin(ULTC): buy: 2350, sell: 4800. Guys be careful. At this time it has very low volume. In the past it has had a nice cycle, but interest seems to be dwindling.

Solarcoin: Buy 1650 , Sell 2100 :

NOOcoin: Buy 1350, Sell 3800

Mewn: Buy 150 sat,  Sell 900. NOTE: Guys this is a junk and worthless coin, HOWEVER there is a pump and dump group using it to make big profits. About once a week, for about 2 days they pump it to near 1000 sats and dump it back down to around +/- 200 sats again. If you find yourself stuck , put it in your wallet as the coin is 968% APR stake, and wait till group returns and put your sell order in around 800-900 sat. Just be careful on this one and watch close. Its risky, but BIG profits can be made if youve got good nerves.

Navajo : Buy 650, Sell 1100 :

Hypercoin: Buy 15,000 sat, Sell 22,000 sat (Hold in wallet for stake after buy until price rises)

Seedcoin: Buy: 2665 sat, sell: 5800 sat (hold in wallet for stake until price rises, good staker)

Gamerholic: buy 8500 sat, Sell 21,000 sat (I actually mine this all the time regardless of price and set sell at 14300 sat)

Boom: Buy 723 sat, , sell 1200-1500

SecuritySys: Buy 450 , Sell: 840. Margin in slim guys, so rinse and repeat as much as possible, theres loads of volume so this should be easy.

Checkoutcoin: Buy 2050 sat, Sell 3800 Sat

Apex: Buy 385 Sat, Sell : 600 (NOTE: could be a dying coin, don’t invest too much, also small spread)


Special notes: Youll need some BTC as the key is to ALWAYS have either a buy or a sell order in, or even both on a same coin is ok too. You probably already know the cryptoworld moves fast, thats why its important to have your orders in BEFORE the market moves.

Also it might be a good idea to take my numbers and verify against the charts, that had you placed these orders how many times you could have made a profit in the previous weeks. I chose specifically these coins because they have a pattern and a cycle.





Viorcoin, a coin you should keep an eye on.

Viorcoin has many positive attrbutes. You might want to take a hard look at it. Here are some of the good points:

  • The same developers of the infamous Quatloo Trader Program and are very active and show there faces, I dont think we have to worry about dump and run.
  • Total Coins: 4,500,000
  • A working Voice Call – Call voice I.P. to voice I.P. through qt client
  • A Working Video Call through wallet, A secure voice chat system
  • A good coin to buy and sell as there is massive volume and the price changes like a fast roller coaster
  • 25% POS with 6 hour min stake time

Wallet can be found here:!4YNlGQhb!LZvEnhyp_spfmNuQxTgNo1fYBYHKWYGhRS2090H_KjE

Butterfly Labs back in operation.

Why Butterfly Labs would resume their operations is beyond me, but they did. I mean who in their right mind would order ANYTHING from them? Whats worse is those that paid about $1400 for a  700ghs asic might just receive them. If you have an order in with BFL, cancel it ASAP!!

Cryptonotify v.09 beta 3. A VERY useful tool you need to know about.

So how many times have you checked your bittrex account to see if your buy order or sell order happend? Wouldnt you like to know the second anything changes on your Bittrtex account, even if your not even home? Well now you can with a free tool called Cryptonotify. As soon as ANY trades execute you can be notified in any or all of the following ways:

  • Email
  • pop-up window on screen
  • Text message to your phone
  • A sound on your computer

Ive personally tested this and it works perfect!! Here is the link:


Bitcoin price crashing, what should I do?

Bitcoin Price Crash 2015
Bitcoin Price Crash 2015

Guys, before you hit the panic button, let me tell you what you should do.. BUY!! . I don’t think we will see prices like these again for a very long time! It might even go lower a bit, but this is the lowest it has been for a very long time. If you checkout or for Las Vegas residents. , they list vendors that can sell bitcoin using all kinds of payments. Many times with minimal to no markup. Nobody really knows what the price will do, but its just my opinion, that the price has nowhere to go but up. I have not lost any faith in BTC, and now I can get it even cheaper, Im more excited than ever!



Supercoin Updates to Wallet v4 from new dev Griffith

Supercoin Wallet V4
Supercoin Wallet V4

Thanks to dev Griffith Supercoin was not only saved, he brought it back stronger than ever, and even created a whole new wallet with a modern 2015 feel. You can download Supercoin wallet V4 right here:


Tekcoin releases new wallet V2.2.1.0 (Mandatory)

Guys if your a Tekcoin holder, I strongly urge you to update to the latest wallet, as Tekcoin appears to have forked. To be sure your on the right road, download their latest wallet.

Tekcoin V2.2.1.0 :