Denarius coin breaks cryptocoin records! Up a staggering 39,000% in just 7 days!!!

Denarius coin is up 39,000% in just 7 days!!! If my math is right its 390X its original price in 1 week!! Whats more shocking is the difficulty is only 7.9!! They say a picture is with 39,000% words:

(Note when I screen captured it ,it was up 38,000%, then I hit my refresh page and it was over 39,000%)

DRS up 390x its price in 7 days!
DRS up 390x its price in 7 days!

Hijack Orocoin

So I thought it would be fun to hijack the only remaining working Orocoin pool. I actually got my speed up to 1 million Khs! Whats funnier is the entire pool is only 978,000 KHS?!? Anyway, the party ended when all my breakers and light bulbs blew up in my basement. Party is officially over 🙁   (Click on pic to enlarge)

Orocoin pool hijack



News for June 17th 2014 – *STILL* Denariuscoin is the one to mine!



Guys Denariuscoin showing no signs of letting up.. As they say in the cryptocoin world “to da moon”!! Here is todays chart:

Denarius coin still on an upward trend!

Vegascoin: Our local community coin.

Guys if your local you should be mining/buying Vegascoin (VGC). This is our local community coin. Their website is 



Denariuscoin (DRS) up a staggering 16,000% in just 7 days!!!


DRS Denariuscoin up a staggering 16,000% in 7 days!


Guys , I mentioned a few days ago, that you should be mining Denarius coin, as 3 days ago it was up around 2000% , well , in the last 7 days its up a staggering 16,000% , yes 160x its price in just 7 days! Its STILL not too late, as diff is still very low, but it wont stay this way. The train IS leaving, get on!

As of 8:20am on June 16th 2014 diificulty is only : 2.39505701

Latest Wallet is here:!vUIE1CSI!izzJ7zHJsDjQcUIqw3hnx4_VRCN5BiKLyU7x7Yr3pQA

The pool Im using that is paying very well is:

It uses Cudaminer to mine Scrypt. Ok .. thats all you need!

New *OFFICIAL* ccminer for nvidia cards and windows v1.2 with X13 support!



JUST realeased! :

CCminer V1.2 with X13 support *OFFICAL* windows 32bit, no support for older cards. BIG gains on 750ti

Using ccminer35-50.exe for gtx750ti, quick numbers, yours might vary!
-X11:2.5-2.7MH/s  (per card)
-JHA:5.4-5.7MH/s (per card)
-NIST5: 8.3-8.6MH/s  (per card)

UPDATE: Something wrong with this version. I wasnt getting paid while using it:

Ive personally used 1.1 and it works well. Found here:


First bitcoin atm machine in Las Vegas

Robocoin, first Bitcoin ATM in a casino, launches at The D

Coins to mine on 6-14-2014

Saffroncoin, expect it to go big.. REALLY big!

Guys , Saffroncoin is going to be BIG, I mean REALLY big. Its up about 7600% in 30 days, and shows no signs of letting up (see chart below). Grab as much as you can of this while the difficulty is low. Saffron is special because you can mine with many different algos from X11 to scrypt, and others. Make sure you download the latest wallet from: . Windows wallet V2.2.2 is the latest.


While your at it if your going to mine with  X11 algo (the one I like), you might want to download the latest ccminer for windows dated today from: .

Heres what your safron.bat file should look like (assuming your using the latest ccminer above). You will just need to create this in your ccminer folder and change the wallet address. Good luck!

ccminer35-50.exe -a x11 -o -u ShMVTLkFk9YjUkqUgN8LA3ueXWcqmPhMVW -p password -q

Here is the chart showing safrons performance, and some others you should strongly consider getting a few coins of:

Hot coins 6-14-14
Hot coins 6-14-14



Jackpot coin and

Anyone that was mining jackpotcoin on June 13th 2014 at  probably didnt get paid. Im not sure what happend, but I trust hashharder will payout. I would email them and give them your wallet ID.

UPDATE: Everyone got paid from Ive said it before , they are well trusted and respected pool. Thank you HH!


Bitcoin mining Las Vegas. Who we are, what we do:

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