CoinAid Coin (CAID) – New Altcoin Concept – Coins for Services (Click Title)


Coinaid (CAID) 

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CoinAid Coin was created specifically for the purchase of design and programing services from the Coinaid website. Available design and programming services will include: websites, logos, altcoin wallets, etc. In addition, a job center will allow individuals to offer their services while the CoinAid site provides escrow services.

CoinAid Coin, created by well-known Sr. Member “Crunck”,  quickly “sold out” and raised 10 Bitcoins (BTC) or about $2.350. The BTC was used to upgrade servers and purchase additional tools and software to enhance CoinAid’s capabilities. Another possible revenue source may be the renting of CoinAid’s tools and software. Expect CoinAid to lead  way for other service-based coins. Go to Yobit coin exchange to buy some today.


Coin Specifications

ICO Volume: 100 000 000
Proof of Stake Reward: 60% Per Year
Coin Minimum Age: 1 Hour
Coin Maximum Age: Unlimited

Good luck Crunck with your CoinAid project.

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(Courtesy of Paolo77)

For more information, read the forum thread at


Bitcoin Basics – Bitcoin Terms – Speaking Bitcoin (BTC) – (Click header)


Bitcoin for dummies (Like me)!

Bitcoin (BTC) is here already and soon it will be everywhere. If you get a blank look when people start talking about Bitcoin, BTC, Blockchains, Miners, Staking, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, Scrypt and Sha-256 – then, this article is for you.

What you need to know:

Bitcoin (BTC) – The concept of digital currency and the actual coins (Bitcoins or BTC) used to send money from your phone, computer or tablet. About $3.4 Billion is traded daily.

Who accepts Bitcoin?The list will suprise you – to name a few: Amazon, Target, Sears, EBay, CVS Pharmacy, Whole Foods, Subway, Tesla, Victoria’s Secret and a list that grows daily. Check the internet for on-line and local stores that currently accept Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency – It is digital currency using encryption (like spys and codes) to securely verify and transfer funds. It operates independently of the central banking system. Banks are now exploring how they can use these encryption techniquesof cryptocurrencies  to increase their security systems.


Altcoins – This is a shortened form of alternative or digital  & currencies or coins. Bitcoin is the most well-known altcoin. However, over a  1,000 other coins have been created. Some coins have a specific purpose i.e. Gold Pieces and Hyper are used in many on-line games (think Mario); other coins are only a way to transfer funds. Altcoins are traded on exchanges just like stocks only, for the smaller coins, think penny stocks – fast ups and downs.

Wallets – Just like the wallet in your pocket or purse, the computerized wallet holds your funds. It can be on your computer, tablet, phone or in the cloud at a website.  Each wallet is identified by a long, unique sting of letters and numbers which is the address. This address allows you to send or receive payments. It’s like using a credit cards except the store does’tt get charged 3% or more. The typical cost is about 2 cents. There is no annual fees to use a wallet.

Miners – A computing machine that processes math problems (algorithms) at an extremely fast speed. Also, a person who uses a mining machine to solve these problems or blocks (see below) and who gets paid for the work.

Mining or Proof of Work (POW) – It is the process of using specialized computing machines to solve problems or blocks.

Proof of Stake (POS) – Think interest. Altcoins are divided into POW coins (paid for mining work) and POS coins (paid for holding coins in a wallet for a set period of time). Interest can be 1% per year to 500% per year or more (excluding compounding) depending upon the coin. There are several coins paying 50% to 200% with stable prices. The process of getting paid POS is called Staking.

Technical Stuff:


Blocks – A block is a series of transactions that are encrypted (think code breaking and spys). The transactions (coin transfers) are encrypted, sometimes many transactions per block, and sent to be verified by miners (math machines). They are verified many times befor being accepted as confirmed.

Blockchain – As each block is confirmed it is added to the end of the chain or series of blocks. When blocks are added, it locks the preceeding blocks. This process makes the transfer of funds more secure.

Algoithm – As stated previously, it is a math problem. Sha-256 is the decryption algorithm used by bitcoin. Scrypt is another type of algorithm used by a coin known as LiteCoin. There are a growning number of algorithms but most coins have been created using variation of Sha-256 and Scrypt.

Hash – No, not drugs. Hash (hash rate) is the measuring unit of processing power of a computing machine. A typical mining machine might have a speed of 2 Terrahash (2THs). This means it processes 2 Trillion calculations per second.

Come back next week: How to set up a wallet and get your 1st Bitcoin.

Delta Credits Coin (DCR) – New Concept (SRF) Revised (Click Title)

Bar crop

Delta Credits (DCR) Sets a New Standard!

Wallets Available Below!

Delta Credits (DCR) explores a new concept and was created by Hero MemberGladimor. DCR’s creator believes in the concept of the Supply Reduction Fund (SRF). Only out a short time and the DCR concept is already it is being copied by other coins. Initially, Gladimore and his Project Leader, Adam T., sold an ICO raising approx. 10 BTC to fund the SRF.

What is a Supply Reduction Fund (SRF)?

The money (BTC) raised is used to generate interest and mining income for the SRF fund. The fund buys back DCR coins from the exchanges. Purchased coins are permanently burned,  reducing the supply of coins. This supply reduction gives the concept its name – SRF. In theory, reducing the supply creates scarcity which should raise the price.

The funds paid advertising hopes to raise awareness and demand. Even if demand remains constant, the reduced supply should raise the price. The Bonus: Even if there was no one to buy your Delta Credits coins, the SRF fund creates a safety net to buy your coins. I don’t know of another coin that has a plan to buy back all of the outstanding coins. Normally, someone gets stuck with a bag of worthless coins. Delta Credits is breaking new ground in the Altcoin world.

(Disclosure: I purchased DCR because the theory made sense & rarely do Hero Members release coins under their own name). Special thanks to Tortoise75 for suggestion made for this article.

The coin currently trades on CCex and Yobit. Jump in and buy some today!



Supply: 100,000 coin
POS: 1% PoS per annum, no PoW period
Minimum Stake Age: 8 hours
Maximum Stake Age: 1 month
SRF: Approx. 0.5% – 1.2% of coin supply burned daily


Wi ll Delta Credits succeed in providing a continuous profit for buyers of its coins? Those who have traded have been able to do so at a profit. Time will tell if the concept proves profitable in the long-term. For now, expect several more developers copy the concept. However, if you are going to jump in, my advice is do so with a hero member like Gladimor. I suggest you click the link to the complete information thread at the bottom of this page.

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For more info, read the complete thread at

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BotCoin (BOT) – Trading Software – 100 Page Thread Summary

Bot Logo

Wallet Link – See Below

BotCoin (BOT) captured the Crypto Currency world this past week. Immediately upon announcement at  heated debate began: Real, Fake, Scam? I read the over 100 pages as it unfolded. A demo video was posted on UTube but claim were it was a fake.

The Promise: Developers clearly stated their goals. (I believe this rare practice led them to success.) Their goals were:

1) The Bot (trading software named BOTzilla) would be fully-featured and fully-functional at release.
2) Bot would rival the top bots currently available and work on all exchanges: C-CEX, BTCChina, Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptsy &  more.
3) Would cost less than ½ BTC.
4) By trading ICO buyers could own (with profits) a BOT for free.


Pre-Orders: This small hyphenated word created the most confusion. The fixed price was set at .003 BTC per Bot coin (about $.70) with 100 BotCoins necessary to activate the trading platform.

Many did not understand that pre-orders were able to be placed before the ICO started. The orders piled up fast. Over 155 BTC was pre-ordered while only 120 BTC of BOT coins were available. Late comers, arriving before the start time, were shut out.

Also missed: It was a fixed price ICO at 0.003 BTC per coin. Some buyers put in orders over the fixed rate. Their orders were disallowed. Some buyers thought the ICO would not sell out and placed orders lower than the fixed rate. They were upset to come back and find it was a sell out.


Big Winners: 1. Host exchangeCCEX. The ICO: It was expected to last 7 days. Total length of the sale – 1 sec.  or less and   2. ICO buyers who placed orders at the fixed rate and within the 1st 120 BTC limit (about $28,000) were happy owners of BOT Coin and the included trading software. Then, the action really got fired up. Huge Profits were made by sellers with a few buyers paying up to 6 times ICO price (I bought and sold several times).

The verdict: Software is real and works. How do I know? I paid my 0.3 BTC (about $70 US) to find out. How do you spell BOT? Big profits. Is Was it a scam? You will need to be the judge. You can still sell your BOT for more than double the ICO price. New accusations are that the BOT software is a copy of another coins’ software (CIRC). Others say it is the same developers as CIRC Coin re-selling again. One Note: The Ping-Pong trading feature page initially was blank and the easy fix is buried in the 100 pages. My understanding is that is now fixed in the wallet. If not, you can find the solution on page 46 of the thread – post 907 on BitCoinTalk.

The Future: Developers plan to release Version 2 which will be a free upgrade includingMobile bot apps (Android / iphone) with cloud based support & mobile push alerts.

 The only thing for sure is it was an exciting week in Altcoins.

Click Image Below to Download Wallet


Addnodes: Buried in the 100 pages


For those with extra time on their hands who  want to read the

100+ pages (a fun read) with lots of pictures

and video as the action progressed, go to

and feel like you were a part of the excitement.

Flycoin (FLY) – New Wallet – Low Supply – High Price – on


FlyCoin (FLY) Windows & Linux

Wallets Available Below.

FlyCoin launched on Yobit and the 1st available coins went for a staggering .1 BTC ($24 a coin). This coin is a Swap of ROS coin with a major reduction in the number of coins to a total of 150,000 FlyCoins (FLY). Pilot (Developer) is well-known and trusted “VegasGuy”. This coin promises to bring the fun back to Crypto Altcoins and be filled with surprises.


Below specifications for the coin were voted on by the BitCoinTalk community.

Ticker: FLY
Algo: X13
Total Coins: 150,000 Fly
Min Stake age: 7 days – Max Stake age 28 days
POW: Approximately 1 month. @ 0.5 Fly/Block
POS:  50% Annually
Feature: Superblock Rewards  (Min. of 25,000 Fly eligibility)
5.0% chance of superblock =  1 Fly
3.0% chance of superblock = 3 Fly
1.0% chance of superblock = 5 Fly
.05% chance of superblock = 10 Fly


The Swap to Fly will be open until September 17th, 2015 at 6:00 am Pacific Time (US). Once closed, no more ROS coins will be accepted and the FLY coins will be issued in the same percentage as the ROS exchanged. To exchange, you must have a account that is a minimum of 1 month old.

Don’t own any ROS to exchange? No problem – a small quantity is available on now and a lively market expected after the coin swap is completed. No coins have been issued yet. The small quantity available are from Coin Miners, many of whom are quickly selling. Buyers are fighting to snatch up the coins with Buy prices consistently rising. Mining will last approximately 1 month total.



Wallet by talented programmer Presstab


Windows     Click Logo to Download  



     Click Logo to Download

Complete info on its thread:

Paycon Coin (CON) – New Wallet 2.0.1 Released

 Paycon (CON) Releases New Wallet

button and name

Version 2.0.1

The development never stops at Paycon. This fantastic coin just released

an Android Wallet  now available at Googles’s Play Store.

The Android  release was followed today by the release of new wallet Version 2.0.1   

Wallet links below!

The wallet  replaces the Charity function with Multisend GUI.

Multisend allows users to send up to 100% of their Stake

to multiple addresses of their choosing.


Other changes:  A link to the Cryptsy market has been added to the social/exchange

                         tab and a small fix  has been implemented to the Hash setting.

Click the Icon below to go to the wallet of your choice:

  Windows                       Mac     

button                no trust me

Congratulations to the Paycon Team. You are the best!

vegasstamp of approval-small

GrowCoin (GROW) Rises from the Dead

GrowCoin (Grow) Rises from the Dead – Grow-Version 2

GrowCoin focuses on distribution of Cannabis Seeds for a fair price.

Grow 1

If you were an investor or miner of GrowCoin (Grow) then, dust off your old wallet. Barry Zand, original developer of Grow Coin, is back to revive the dead coin. Unlike many scammers, Barry did not run off with ICO money and disappear. Barry did disappear due to a serious health condition.

He is now healthy and ready to follow through on the plans from back in November of 2014.Barry plans to compensate original ICO Investors (5.4BTC) and miners with a Swap into Grow-v2. Swap Ratio will be 10 Grow – 1 Grow-V2.

New Launch and more info very soon. You need to follow the new thread on for details and the swap.

Click the seedling below to follow the quickly moving news:


Barry – Welcome back and congratulation on regaining your health.

BreakCoin (BRE) – Hot Coin – Hero Member


One of the very first ICO’s ever covered at this site and mainly because of the developer behind it. BREAKCoin (BRE) was launched by well- known and highly trusted “Greg of Doom”, Hero Member at

 (Editor’s Note: He is using a Newbie account because his account was hacked and he has not gotten it back, yet!)

Greg of Doom was confident there would be a good responce to the ICO and, if you blinked, you were too late. Fortunately, you can still get in on the action. Prices are only 10% above ICO but, once word gets out you may need to chase the price.

It’s already on 2 exchanges – more sure to follow. Link to Wallets found below:


Coin Name: BREAK [BRE]
Only 760,000 COINS
Algo X11
50% POS
10,000 per masternode
Min. Staking age : 8 hours
Bonus blocks: 5, 10 , 25, 100, 500
Block time: 60 seconds
(10,000 BreakCoins needed for a chance at bonus blocks!)

BREAKcoin will develop their social media network which will allow users to automatically loggin via facebook and the products that are being purchased are posted on Facebook. This is expected to provide growth by linking on-line shopping (using BREAKcoin – BRE) with  social media networks.

To Learn more about BREAKCoin (BRE) and join the forum discussion,click this link:


Click on the Logos below for the wallet of your choice.logo on white

Window 32


Windows 64

Dash – New Wallet Ver. & Other Big News


Important information – New Dash (DASH) Wallet

& Other Big News Below!

1st the Coin Specs:

  • Release date: January 18, 2014
  • X11 hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing
  • Block reward: 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)
  • Block generation: 2.5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Re-targets using Dark Gravity Wave
  • 7% decrease in the number of coins generated per year
  • Max Coins: Est. ~22M
  • Masternodes: Decentralized Network
  • Darksend: Built-in, Seamless Anonymity

New Wallet Downloads available for:

Win 32, Win 64, Mac OS X, Linux 32 and Linus 64

Click on the Dash Icon below for a quick hop to the download center…

… but before you go check out the Big News below!


The BIG News: 1st Superblock

Don’t miss out! Buy some Dash (DASH), Set up a Masternode (easier than you think) or just start mining. This is an “Old” coin and some think it is past its time but, the Superblocks may be the beginning of renewed interest. You may want consider DASH

Superblock Split %

Miners – 45%s
Masternodes – 45%
Decentralised budget – 10%

         For detailed information on Dash Coin (DASH) visit their thread at

or for everything you always wanted to know about Dash Coin visit the Dash Coin Website at: