Synergy – New Wallet – Higher Rate


Synergy (SNRG) Releases NEW Wallet

Download Link Below.

New wallets are always important to know about but…

               this one is especially important due to the increased rate!

Read the important Wallet Features which are reviewed below the wallet link.

1st Year 160% – Beginning Monday Sept. 14th

If you don’t own this Innovative coin,

now is the time to buy on a price dip.


Click on the above image to download the wallet. (Windows

(Linux & OS X available on – Link below)


Blockchain Notary – Document Verification in the blockchain.

Built-in Tor Network Anonymization – Anonymity and better connectivity.

Public Transaction Comments – Stored in the blockchain.

Dual Key Stealth Addresses – Only the sender and receiver know.

Coming Soon!! – Grandpa’s Pump Group

Visit for complete details on this exciting coin from an innovative Developer. 

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A must own coin by a trusted and innovative developer!

Orange coin v2 (OC) gets new wallet released.

orange coin 2

Orange coin is now V2. In case your not familiar with orange coin here are the specifications:

OrangeCoin Specifications:

– 50 Million Coins POW Initial Distribution (completed)
– POW Block Reward: 5000
– POW Total Blocks: 10000
– Premine .5% (1M) (used for existing Orangecoin infrastructure)
– POS Minting, ~46 years
– Total POS Coins: 150M
– Total Coins: 200M
– Block Times: 2 Minutes
– 14 Days Min/28 Days Max Stake
– Confirmations on PoW Mined Blocks: 350
– Confirmations on PoS Minted Coins: 320
– Transaction Confirmations: 7
– Coin Control

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Download the latest wallet by clicking the juicy orange below:

Orange coin wallet

Here are some addnodes in case you need them:

To learn more about Orange coin V2 , please visit their main ann:

Myriad coin (MYR) releases new wallet V on August 30th 2015

myriad coin banner

Myriad is a multi-algo coin thats been around since 2014.

It has just released a new wallet V (Download the windows 64bit version by clicking icon below)


More information can be found at their main thread on

This is a very trusted coin and therefore gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”

vegas stamp of approval

Hobonickels coin (HBN) and why its the BEST cryptocoin there is!



If you dont own any other coin in Crypto, buy as many HBN as you can. Heres why:

HBN earnings

Here is the OP to to give you more info:

If someone asked me to say something bad about this coin, I couldnt. Its the best. Simple as that!

This coin EASILY gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”, as its #1!

Vegas stamp of approval


Bitmain Announceds its bitmain S5+ , that has a staggering speed of near 8THS speed, and the LEAST power consumption ratio, ever! Most efficient bitcoin miner, ever!


bitmain S5+


Many of you know I am a huge fan of Bitmain and their products. Ive owned S3+ and S4 and they where fantasic. Anyway, you came here to learn about Bitmains latest product. The Bitmain S5+. Lets  compare to some other products of bitmain: (Click to enlarge)

bitmain s5 comapred

 BITMAIN ANTMINER S5+: The New Standard


Bitmain is proud to introduce our newest iteration of AntMiner, the S5+. This model is comprised of three hashing modules, each of which is approximately the same form factor as the S5, with the addition of an extra hashing board located in the middle of each module. The new design squeezes 144 BM1384 chips into the same area that the S5 fit only 60 chips into. 

Shipping will be within 72 hours after receiving full payment.


The price of bitcoin mining machines has to be adjusted often according to many factors, including BTC/USD exchange rate, the network difficulty, and expected difficulty increase. Refund requests based on price changes cannot be honored.


Hash Rate: 7722 GH/s ±5%Power Consumption: 3436W (at the wall, with AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25Cambient temp)

Power Efficiency: 0.445W/GH (at the wall, with AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25Cambient temp)

Rated Voltage: 12V

Chip Process: 28nm

Chip quantity per unit: 432x BM1384

Dimensions: 275 mm x 372 mm x 155 mm

Cooling: 6x 12038 fan

Operating Conditions: 0 °C to 40 °C

Network Connection: Ethernet

bitmain s5+overhead

The cost will be $2300. The cost WILL come down as every asic has done.

More information can be found at Bitmain’s website.

Click here for more info and ordering.

Bitmain is one of the very few honest and ethical companys that manufactuer asics… therefore is certainly gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”!

Vegas stamp of approval

This page on hold.

Dash coin (DASH) posts new wallet V0.12.0.45 on August 16th 2015.


dash coin

Dash coin formally known as “Dark Coin” has released V0.12.045 of the wallet.

Download the new windows 64-bit wallet below, by clicking on the Dash coin logo below.

dash wallet download

This coin has been around for almost 2 years and is highly trusted and respected, therefore it easily gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”.

vegas stamp of approval



GuldenCoin (NLG) the official cryptocoin of the Netherlands gets wallet upgrade to V1.5 on August 13th 2015.




gulden coin wallet download

Windows 64bit V1.5:Guldencoin:

guldencoin wallet download

This coin is trusted and mature and gets the Vegas stamp of approval!

vegas stamp of approval

Bitcoin Las Vegas changes it style and ideas. The “Vegas stamp of approval explained”.


Guys before June of 2015, I was posting every new coin that came out. Like everything in Crypto that is good and here to stay for the very long term, it has constant changes for the better. So, I thought about it more and most of the coins that were coming out were worthless and turned into nothing. I also do NOT EVER post ICOs. So to save my time and yours, Im only posting coins that are established and have shown some progress with maybe some wallet updates , and a few added exchanges , and coins that have shown growth and are not worthless. What Im trying to say is , I will only post coins that have some potential, and worth your time and mine.

More changes to our site:

  • Vegas Stamp of Approval added
  • New “” banner
  • New 5 star rating system (Please vote on coins, to tell the world YOUR opinion of them too)
  • Posting only coins that have some establishment, and potential growth.

The “Vegas stamp of approval” explained:

From time to time in my posts, you see the logo at the bottom of this screen. What it means is this:

  • This is a coin that has been around for about a year or more. Its established.
  • I would have no problems mining or investing in this coin.
  • The developer of this coin has worked VERY hard on this coin and has shown strong development with many wallet updates.
  • Coin community and Bitcointalk thread is VERY active , with very happy investors.
  • I strongly encourage you to look at this coin and consider investing, as Im probably invested myself.
  • In my opinion its one of the top coins out there today, and I would feel safe investing for the long term.
  • Wallet is clean and not infected and has been used by thousands of investors, and works perfect.

So youll see the stamp from time to time, and what it means is , take a look at this coin, this is probably one of the safest coins in crypto to invest in. It does NOT mean that coins without the stamp are bad, it just means , they have not met my stern criteria for the stamp. Only about 5% of coins will get this stamp.

Vegas stamp of approval


RateCoin (XRA) releases new wallet V2.0.0.3 on August 14th 2015.

rate coin


Dev Presstab has just released a new wallet for Ratecoin V2.0.0.3 on August 14th 2015

Download the Windows 64bit wallet below:

windows logo grey white

As this is a Presstab coin, it certainly gets the “Vegas stamp of Approval”

Vegas stamp of approval