Gamecredits coin (GMC) recently at Gamescom promoting their new games!

game credits foundation

Disclaimer: I was recently accepted into the very honorable and respected GameCredits coin (GMC) as head of its marketing team.

Now on with the goods…

Recently GameCredits coin (GMC) was at GamersCom promoting their new game “Turbocharged” . Now I cant reveal too much except to say that their are many other games in the works that will use Gamecredits coins that will be “powered by gamecredits”.  This will revolutionize the way we play games as we know it. In case you havent heard of game credits, here is some great info:

powered by game credits

The team was at GamesCon proudly promoting their new game, Turbocharged.


The Team had a great time at Gamescon and made lots of new friends and new business contacts.

gamecredits coin at gamescon

The beauty of GameCredits is it not only has a fundamental function that people can use, but because of its name, GameCredits can be used in the future for so much more. For example , GameCredits (GMC) could be used to buy time to pay games online, or buy exotic weapons in the latest MMORPG. The uses go on and on.


There are real team members with a common vision that are actually out there promoting GameCredits coin, and that is why it has a marketcap of $1 Million, and that is why Ive chosen to work with this team exclusively, because I share their vision, their morals, and they are just good hardworking people (especially that Biomech) 🙂

With such a powerful team of visionaries, GameCredits coin is going a long way. Plans for CES in Las Vegas 2016 are already in the works!!!

For more information on GameCredits coin, please visit:

Here is a recent chart from Poloniex: (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

game credits chart 8-7-15

… and here is why. Games are a multi-billion dollar industry:

global market

This coin CERTAINLY gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”!!!!!

Vegas stamp of approval

Page on hold.

Yep coin gets rebranded to Fury coin. New wallet link below:

fury coin

NAME: Fury – Youth Entertainment Project
POS MIN AGE: 30 Minutes




“version” : “v12.2.1-Beta

New Pos Rewards:

What you see below is the rewards of 10 Fury for 100 blocks Starting @ 5650
Thank You
New wallet look:
fury wallet
Download the fury wallet below by clicking the windows icon:xradon windows wallet

Wildbeast coin (WBB) gets a wallet upgrade to V4. AKA WildbeastBitcoin

Wildbeast bitcoin
Download the latest wallet for Windows V4 by clicking the logo below:


This is a “Vegas stamp of approval coin”


vegas stamp of approval

Gamecredits coin (GMC) releases new windows wallet V9.4.4 Dates August 7th 2015

game credits foundation

Download V9.4.4 from icon below (Win 64 only):

windows wallet download

GameCredits (GMC) coin. All I can say is OHH MY GAAAWWDD!!!! WOW!!

game credits

Ive been watching game credits coin for a few days now and watch it exponentially grow, not only in price by 15% +/- per day , but in btc volume/24hrs. I looked at it today on Poloniex and it took my breath away…

A staggering in 129 btc volume and a +16% price rise from an already rising price!!!

(Click to englarge)

game credits chart 8-7-15

Guys I can assure you this is REAL, its not a pump and dump, and prices will hold. The team behind this is honest, and VERY hard working!

It now has a coin market cap of a staggering 1.2 Million dollars!!

(Click to enlarge)


More info on GameCredits coin can be found here:

This coin certainly gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”!!!

Vegas stamp of approval

Slow crypto wallet. Errors moving coins? How to fix a corrupted wallet.

I was helping someone in bottlecaps today, and as Im writing it, I thought this would be a good article to post, as this is a very common problem that people will encounter if you have been in crypto long enough.  The article will talk about bottle caps, but it will work for all wallets.

Ok.. all wallets in crypto have trouble with many small transactions, especially if your wallet has a few thousand transactions. If you have been mining Bottlecaps for a while and your wallet is more than a year old and its really sluggish, you have to create a new wallet.dat file and move all of your funds into it. I have been running V2.2  of bottlecaps since the day it came out, and its flawless.

 If you use windows , close bottlecaps, and go into your roaming folder (hidden), rename your wallet.dat to wallet.dat.old , then reopen bottlecaps.
It will show a balance of 0, this is normal. Go into your receiving tab, and copy and paste that new receiving address into a text file on your desktop.
Close Bottlecaps , then go back into your roaming folder and rename the new wallet.dat to Rename wallet.dat.old to wallet.dat.
Relaunch Bottlecaps. Do a walletrepair using console or in bottlecaps, click on wallet (on the top), and then wallet repair.
Then, start sending 500 or 1000 bottlecaps to your new address.
Youll lose all your coin weight, but if you dont do this, your wallet will be unusable soon. Once all the money is moved, close bottlecaps and go back into roaming, and rename wallet.dat to wallet.old, then rename to wallet.dat.
Relaunch bottlecaps.
I know this might be confusing , but its the best way to clean your wallet, and make it run like new.

GameCredits coin (GMC). A great coin, with a greater future!

game credits

Guys its rare I go out of my way and publicly endorse a coin, but this one has so many great things about it, I have to tell the world. The coin is spearheaded by Biomech , one of the most trusted names in crypto. I think the name of the coin is great because Bio (short for Biomech), is working on getting this coin integrated into as many games as possible. So people will need to buy more game credits to play their favorite game. When I was a kid, it was called a “pocket full of quarters”. More importantly is there is massive interest in this coin. Its main exchange is Poloniex and its seems like every day I look at this coin, it seems to go up and up. Lets look at todays chart. Also notice the massive 23 BTC in volume in the past 24 hours!! This is one strong coin!!

(Click to enlarge)

gamecredits chart



You can still mine this coin with Scrypt miners, and I may just point all my miners at it today, as I am quite sure the price will continue to rise.

Also its very exciting that its wallet is multi platform, offering wallets for every platform you can think of:

(When you click the pic below , it will ONLY download the windows 64bit wallet, the rest are on the main ann thread, I will link to at the bottom)

game credits wallet

More information can be found about Gamecredits coin on their main ann thread:

game credits foundation

This coin gets the “Vegas stamp of approval”!

KNCMiner Titan repair cube page. KNC Miner Titan repair

KncMiner Titan repair page


Guys I am able to fix most of the Kncminer Titan Issues including .8v idle dies, high heat VRMS, burned PCI-E connectors. You will have to ship your cube to me.

There will be MAJOR modifications that are permanent including but not limited to a VERY powerful fan mounted in front of your titan that will be as loud as a hairdryer on high. So its much louder than factory, BUT it will make your cube last MUCH longer.

Its just one of the 7 different modifications made to repair your titan AND keep it running much longer.

I am seeing the VRM temps at about 55C-580C, using 300MHZ and 325MHZ speed and -.0513 voltage at room temps after all of the modifications are made.

Here are the results of one of my cubes after running for 24 hours:

low temp vrm

We can be paid in any forms including LTC and BTC and Dash, Etherium, and and diamond coin. If for some reason our fix is not a success , we will not charge you for that cube and we will pay the shipping cost to return it to you.

Please note, the mods we make will be permanent when it is returned to you, fixed or not.

We are located in Las Vegas, and we own multiple computer repair shops for the past 20 years. I personally own many sets of titan batch 2’s and have made these modification many times. Ive spent hundreds of hours researching and trying many different ways to repair the titans, and Ive got it down to an art.

If you agree to send me your cube for repair , I can send you links as proof of my integrity and longevity in professional computer repair. You will also receive my cell phone # in case you have any questions at any time before or after the repair.

Also by sending your cube in for repair you agree NOT to reveal to anyone what was done to repair your cube, as these are my personal trade secrets that I have spent hundreds of hours to research. Even Kncminer have not been able to repair these properly (with lower temps and much longer life). Thank you.

Most repairs can be returned in about 1-2 weeks, as we are already backlogged with cubes. The more cubes you send in for repair & mods the cheaper the prices:

Updated prices as of Septemeber 24th 2015 8:35am PST. Here is why I had to increase my prices. 1 cube was damaged severely upon return to my client. Luckily I insured it, but many carriers will NOT insure the package if it was not packaged by them. So now for each cube, I have to go down to the carrier and pay them to package it, put heavy insurance on it ($800 per cube), and pay to ship which domestic with heavy insurance is around $50 per cube. This is the best for all of us. Thank you for understanding. Also if your package is outside of the US add $40 per cube to prices below (for additional shipping costs)

1 cube only : $350

2 cubes $340 each

3  cubes $330 each

4 or 5 cubes or more:  $300  each

Includes repairs and 7 different modifications for heat. One of the modifications is a loud 252CFM fan that sounds like a hairdryer on high. Be sure you have an area that you can place your cubes because of the noise level. Also I use thermal epoxy , so some of the modifications are permanent and cannot be reversed, BUT it will lower the vrm temps down to 55C +/- with the high speed fan.

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Telephone #’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’What is the problem with your Titan?’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

DarkTron Coin (DRKT) wallet update. Guys make sure you have the wallet dated 8/1/15!

darktron coin banner


Guys make sure you have the latest Darktron (DRKT) wallet dated 8/1/15

If not download from here (click on the windows logo):

darktron wallet

Delete all old node and put these in it


darktron coin