Bitmesh. Get paid in bitcoin to share your internet bandwidth!


How does it work?

Every person that buys internet using Bitcoin connects to a BitMesh Wi-Fi connection close to them, which is provided by a client and functions by using the BitMesh app. The app also manages direct payments between parties, where the party who wants to buy internet specifies how much internet he/she wants to use and pay accordingly or, just pay afterwards for the amount of internet used. The Bitcoin server also measures the amount of internet used and the amount of internet remaining with a captive portal.


Another big perk is that clients do not have to purchase any fancy tech equipment. They can just use their current smartphones and/or routers to provide their fellow man with internet. It can be compared with other Bitcoin platforms, eg JoyStream, where users paid Bitcoin amounts for network activities such as leeching torrents, as well as platforms like Skype Wi-Fi.

Current prospect

Currently, there are a few Silicon Valley Investors very much interested in investing in the current prototype. This is a big step ahead, since, even though investors familiar with Bitcoin type investments, the Bitcoin concept can rapidly expand if tycoons from other computer fields start showing interest and put their money where their mouths are. At the moment Boost VC, a huge Bitcoin venture capital firm, incubates BitMesh. Among other interested investors, is the security expert and host of the podcast series, “Let’s talk Bitcoin,” Andreas, M Antonopolous, who describes BitMesh as “amazing,” emphasizing that people have been waiting for this development for a long time.

For more information visit

Truckcoin (TRK) gets new wallet version V0.9.8.5 from dev Noise23 on July 30th 2015



If you havent heard of Truckcoin (TRK), you should take a hard look and consider it. Its over 1 year old , and has a yearly interest rate of 200% per year. Presstab has been involved with its development, and its wallet is FLAWLESS! Noise23 the dev is a big part of the wallet updates for Tekcoin. Anyway you came here for the wallet update.

Truckcoin wallet V . (click icon below):


If you like all the other mature high POS coins, youll LOVE Truck!

Here are the changes:

New Tuckcoin wallet release v0.9.8.5: (non-mandatory update)

– Enable/Disable PoS mining switch agged to GUI (settings menu)
– Proof-of-Stake Mining Controls Implemented:
-staking start-up switch enables/disables PoS generation;
getstaking RPC command displays current PoS switch status;
setstaking RPC command enables/disables PoS generation.
– Initial blockchain download bugfix
– Enable IRC peer discovery
– Fix premature staking on unsynced blockchain or if wallet has less than 2 connections
– Some other upgrades and improvements.

More information can be found on Truckcoins thread on

Tekcoin (TEK) releases wallet V2.3.0.0 just minutes ago, with loads of enhancements and bug fixes! (July 30th 2105)



super interest

*Up to 500% per year!!!

A mature coin that is more than 2 years old!

Please click the link below to download the latest version of Tekcoin wallet V2.3.0.0 (July 30th 2015)

tekcoin wallet download

Change log:

New TEK wallet release v2.3.0.0:
– Added Unlock wallet for PoS GUI option
– Added Lock wallet GUI option
– Added -wallet= startup option to specify wallet file name
– Increased block split threshold: 2000 default, 15000 max
– Fix premature staking on unsynced blockchain or if wallet has less than 2 connections
– Added total amount to overview page
– Proof-of-Stake Mining Controls Implemented:
-staking startup switch enables/disables PoS generation;
getstaking RPC command displays current PoS switch status;
setstaking RPC command enables/disables PoS generation.
– Enable/Disable PoS mining switch agged to GUI (settings menu)
– Added Export/Import wallet keys function to GUI and RPC
– Some other code upgrades/improvements

Tek bitcointalk thread ann:


Guys Ive got only two words.. BUY CON!!! Price is starting to go crazy!


paycon coin

Ive been watching the coin for many months and have also invested. Im seeing steady growth, and now its really starting to move!

Its at about 1100 sats from 600 sats yesterday, and I predict in a very short time (a day, maybe two)  it will be around 2000 sats.

All I can do is tell you.. and supply the link to buy.

A FEW HOURS LATER: (Click to enlarge)

paycon july 28th 2015-2

paycon july 28th 2015-3Because this is one of my favorite coins in Crypto. There is no question, it gets “The Veas stamp of approval” !!!

Vegas stamp of approval

Synergy coin (SNRG) (Updates coming soon). A decentralized pump group connected by the wallet!

This update has not yet been released by Synergy coin dev , but it looks VERY exciting..

synergy pump wallet

More information can be found out about Synergy coin on its Bitcointalk thread:

vegas stamp of approval

DarkTron coin (DRKT) releases new wallet in preperation for Dpos round II!

darktron coin

Latest DarkTron wallet can be downloaded here: (July 27th 2017)

darktron wallet

Block Reward Schedule – Dynamic Proof of Stake Phase 2
With the new lottery blocks of 500 drkt

Block 10400 to 106600  –  10 drkt
Block 106601           – 500 drkt
Block 106602 to 106700 –  20 drkt
Block 106701           – 500 drkt
Block 106701 to 108500 – 100 drkt
Block 108501           – 500 drkt
Block 108502 to 110000 –  15 drkt
Block 110001           – 500 drkt
Block 110002 to 120000 –  50 drkt
Block 120001           – 500 drkt
Block 120002 to 121000 –  10 drkt
Block 121001           – 500 drkt

Dynamic POS V2.0 last approx one month. End Block 121,001

Total Approx Coins from 2nd round of Dynamic POS: 317,000

Total Approx Total Coins 1,200,000DRKT

After block 121,000 POS goes to approx 9% yearly.

Addnodes if you need them:

Link to bitcointalk DarkTron ann:

Diamond Coin (DMD) one of the best coins in Crypto! $600,000 Market cap. Strong steady climb! 2 years old!

diamond coin



pow and pos

Diamond coin can still be mined. It also rewards proof of stake @50% per year. Its market cap is $600,000

(Click to enlarge)

diamond coin chart July 2015






specification 2



Diamond is a VERY serious coin, that is here to stay. It is over 2 years old, and has only 1.1 million coins in existence!

For me to say a coin is “one of the best in crypto, and you should cetainly feel safe to invest”, is very rare. Only a handful of very special coins, can meet my very strict criteria. Only 5 coins of over 1400+ in crypto are able to meet this criteria, and this is one of them!

More information can be found on its thread:

This coin is one in the top 3 best coins in crypto, and therefore EASILY gets “The Vegas stamp of approval”!!!

Vegas stamp of approval

Mike Tyson will be installing bitcoin atm machines in Las Vegas in August 2015!

tyson bitcoin

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Litecoin (LTC) rising in price again July 24th 2015

litecoin banner

Below is todays chart from BTC-E (Click to enlarge):

litecoin July 24th 2015