Darktron Coin (DRKT). 2nd round of Hipos to begin soon. Looks like a strong coin!



Guys with so many junk , quick scam coins, its getting harder to pick the quality ones. Well, let me rephrase that, its getting harder to pick the quality NEW coins. If you follow me, you know by now that you should be heavily invested in: Hobonickels,Bottlecaps,Tekcoin,Paycon,and Hypercoin.

Ive been watching DarkTron and I was very skeptical and first, but there is constant continued development and now they just added an additional dev. They just announced a 2nd round of Hi-POS rewards. I checked the money supply and its looks really good. A mere 873,000 coins. So its not inflated and wont be even after 2nd round of Hi-pos. Here are some other details from the DarkTron dev:

New DPOS starts @ block 104,000
total of 317,000 coins totall  From the new DPOS brings the max coin supply of DRKT to 1,200,000

New DPOS wil have some lottery blocks of 500 drkt

Block 10400 to 106600  –  10 drkt
Block 106601           – 500 drkt
Block 106602 to 106700 –  20 drkt
Block 106701           – 500 drkt
Block 106701 to 108500 – 100 drkt
Block 108501           – 500 drkt
Block 108502 to 110000 –  15 drkt
Block 110001           – 500 drkt
Block 110002 to 120000 –  50 drkt
Block 120001           – 500 drkt
Block 120002 to 121000 –  10 drkt
Block 121001           – 500 drkt

our goal is to make DarkTron the new Bitcoin V2.0

Also new wallet with this update will have a stats page and a chat page.

Pic of new upcoming wallet:

new darktron wallet


Synergy coin (SNRG) dev announces future updates, and they sound awesome!! Should be very soon.

synergy coin logo

So I just read the future updates of Synergy coin, and Im blown away!! This sounds awesome!! I usually dont get too excited on promises from a dev, but Synergy dev has kept all of his promises, so I know they will happen!

From Dev Grampa :

Before the pump group is active, I have some work to do:

First, I need to extend the built-in alert system to broadcast dates and other pump-related information that is not necessary to store in the block chain.

  • Second, I need to write code that scans for stealth transactions destined for the user’s designated pump group stealth address. These transactions will indicate the pick and this information will be filled into the top section of the “Pump” page.
  • Third, I need to write code that allows users to scan for addresses, sorted by balance. The user must be able to select an address and have this information filled into the bottom section of the pump page, along with the address’s current balance.
  • Fourth, I need to write code that can automatically fill all the fields to register for a pump, except for the registering address, which is selected separately as described above.
  • Fifth, I need to write code that allows the user to select or generate a stealth address that will serve as the address by which they receive privileged pump information, and to store this information in preference settings.
  • Sixth, and finally, I need to write code that converts the information from the bottom section of the pump page into a transaction, and to submit this transaction to the network.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress through these steps, although I may not proceed in the order described above.


To find more information about Synergy coin, its bitcointalk thread is here:



Update: Syngery is now at the top of Bittrex for the highest 24 hour change in price!

synergy on Bittrex July 24th 2015


Synergy coin (SNRG) releases wallet v1.1.1.0. Now with pump and dump technology.

synergy coin logo


grandpas pump group



So there are some major changes. Im not exactly sure what this will look like, but now this coin is a coin used to join and pump and dump group.

From the dev:

Below are a few common questions and answers, please add questions in the thread and we will update with a response.

How much will it cost me to join the group?
For each round, 2 SNRG.  This is simply to cover transaction costs for communication.  Yes, you read that correct, 2 SNRG (.00008634 BTC at time of posting).

Why should I join?  There are other paid groups out there.
The majority of what you are seeing in those threads are posts by shill accounts and results are fabricated.  This group will have anonymous members, only identifiable by their SNRG address.  Once the coin is chosen, the fate of the pump is completely up to the market to decide what happens.  Also, we only “charge” 2 SNRG as explained above.

How do I become eligible to participate?
Simply hold SNRG in your wallet and follow the instructions to enter for each round.  Step-by-step instructions will be provided upon opening of first round.

How many SNRG do I need to hold?
Levels within the group will be determined based on the balance of the address you register and verify each round.  The more you hold, the earlier you’ll receive the tip.  Additional details for levels to be released soon.

How will coins be chosen?
The team and I will evaluate and determine the coins.  We will look for coins that are not on a high from a pump and have been “baselining” for a while. These coins will be easily pumped, low cap, but have active devs and communities. In short, they will have all the features of a breakout coin that only needs a gentle push up to explode.  If you have suggestions, please let us know via PM.

How and when will I receive notification of the chosen coin?
You will receive the encrypted notification in your Qt in the new panel when the time has come for your level.  Wallets holding more SNRG will be notified first.

How is this group “decentralized”?
The mechanism to control registration and ensure you are part of the group is decentralized.  You must have a balance to receive the notification of the coin to be pumped.  The decentralized ledger is also used for encryptedcommunication.

Will you tell me when to buy/sell?
No. But you will want to do both before others. Your success during the pump comes from having early knowledge which will be determined by your balance.

What can I do to help make this successful?
Spread the word about SNRG and the group!  The more people that join, the more successful everyone will be.

synergy pump wallet

synergy coin downloads

Windows wallet V1.1.1.0 (July 20th 2015)

windows logo - red

Addnodes: (synergy.conf)


Goldcoin (GLD) , just posted mandatory wallet update to V. (July 19th 2015)


This is a mandatory wallet update for a fork in the next few days.

Click the logo below to download v0.7.1.9 (July 19th 2015)

goldcoin windows download

Changelog: (July 19, 2015)

Golden River Difficulty Algorithm released!

Mandatory Forking Update!

Rate coin (XRA).Presstab releases wallet V2.0.0.2

rate coin

Guys ,with the Presstab name on this, Im not sure where the roof is , but I know its much higher than it has already gone. Buy or Cry.

Youll need this first V2.0.0.2 released on July 20th 2015 (Click on the word “wallets” to download)

bitlux coin wallet

Turn off balloon popups from wallet staking (bottom right corner of your screen).Disable staking notifications.

pop-up-taskbarIf your like me, and have a lot of wallets open for staking, you probably dont want to see the pop-up on the bottom right corner of your screen , pop up every time you get paid. Here is a fix to turn off that annoying popup from Microsoft. It DOES say its XP , but Ive used it on MANY win 7 machines (32bit and 64bit) and it works perfect.

Here is the link to the Microsoft site that has it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/307729

Click on the bluebox that says “fixit” and run.


I will be meeting with Jack Liao, CEO of Bitexchange,the largest bitcoin exchange in Asia.


Jack Liao (Ceo of bitexchange, the largest bitcoin exchange in Asia) messaged me that he is in Las Vegas, and wanted to meet today. Ive always wanted to have a stronger network connection to the bitcoin community in Asia, and there is no better way. Ill update after the meeting today.


Coinffeine: The first decentralized Bitcoin exchange: Coinffeine launches in 70 countries!



Russia, China, Indonesia and Brazil are just some of the countries that can now use the world’s first peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. Decentralized platform Coinffeine has just launched in more than 70 countries, two months after releasing its ‘technical preview’ version.

Although Coinffeine offers an experience similar to traditional exchanges when buying Bitcoin, it uses local payment processors to manage fiat currency transactions. The platform is desktop-based, allowing its customers to manage their BTC in a global market “without having to lose control” over it.
“To use Coinffeine is as simple as using LocalBitcoins, but as powerful as using Coinbase or BitStamp,” said the company’s CEO Alberto Gómez Toribio.

What makes Coinffeine decentralized is the fact that the exchange takes advantage of the P2P model to avoid accepting deposits in BTC or fiat currency. According to the company, this process makes it unnecessary to identify users or pay high fees.

“Not having to identify users or enforce KYC laws has allowed us to design a much more scalable exchange model. But what is even more interesting, is the user experience we offer. Coinffeine is like BitTorrent. You just download it, you connect your OKPAY account, or PayPal in the future, and use it.”

Im not promoting ways to circumvent KYC laws , Im just bringing the news. Thats all. Thats a new word “Coinffeine”. Does that mean I am a “Coinffeined” (One attidicted to virtual currencies). Ya, I qualify.


Greed Evolved (GE). An anti-inflation coin? Could be VERY good!

greed evolved-1

greed evolved2

Guys, Ive said for a very long time, that one of the major factors in a coins price is the “money supply”. Ive only been able to prove that one direction. That is a coin inflating in supply. This will prove my theory , the other way. Less coins = higher price per coin.

Im going to invest in this coin and keep a close eye on this coin, as its one of the first true anti-inflationary coins that I know of. Anti-inflationary, is NOT the same as deflationary. Deflationary coins have a fixed amount that is usually proportionate to its popularity. Anti-inflationary coins actually decreases the money supply on a continuing basis, making the coin more rare and more valuable.

greed evolved wallet

You cannot buy “Greed Evoloved” directly on any exchange.

The way it works is you have to buy greed and then have it swapped into “greed evolved”. The “greed” coins then get burned.

Get Greed Here: https://yobit.net/en/trade/GREED/BTC

Convert it Here: GreedSwap

Potcoin (POT) adds POSV rewards and releases new wallet. New wallet is . 2015)



Potcoin releases new wallet and changes to POSV:

Download the new wallet by clicking on the logo below:

potcoin wallet

Note: When you download this new wallet, because it has to convert to POS, youll need to resync your entire blockchain.

Heres a bootstrap.dat file that will make you current, but your still going to wait many hours for it to resync because its an old coin.

The Bootstrap.dat allows for quick syncing of the QT wallet. Simply place the bootstrap.dat file in your PotCoin Application folder


You should use these addnodes too:

POTCOIN NODES!! (July 2015)