diggits coinOk, now I have your attention, take a deep breathe before you read on…..

I really hate to burst your bubble , but before you run to your nearest exchange just read my response I wrote on bitcointalk.org. Its late, and im lazy, so Ill just copy and paste. Here you go:

Ok, lets take a step back and look at this.

1. Coin is only days old, and is already worth $2.72 USD on ‘Trex
2. Theres 100 Million coins
3. That is a coin market cap of $272 Million dollars.
4. The ONLY coin that has a market cap higher than $272 Million dollars is BTC!!!! That makes this coin #2 in coin market cap!
5. I have 2 questions: (CAUTION: youll actually feel your bubble burst)

1.Where the HELL is the website to post articles? If YOU were worth a staggering $272 Million dollars, would YOU have this website finished for bloggers to post!?!?!? LOL!
2. Nobody finds it really strange that a coin with a market cap of $272 Million dollars is held by a dev with only 1 post !?!?!?!?? Wink


Its NOT what you WANT it to be!! It IS what it IS!!!

It DOES have a cool website though.

No! I wont accept any Diggits for posting this quality article, but, you can get the best info on Crypto news EVERY DAY for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Wink

Im gonna go play space invaders, its more challenging.




I later posted:


k.. I wasnt done.

@dev, make sure , when you tell that hot chick you were once worth $272 Million dollars, that you also include:

1. It only lasted 3 minutes
2. Some smart ass fucker, with a high school education from Vegas, actually looked inside, and found out it was FULL of FUCKING BULLSHIT, and POPPED THAT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!





If your still dumb enough to buy this, here is all you need to get started:


Yovi coin (YOVI) gets an actual wallet and new “ROM RULES”.

yovi coin

If you havent heard of Yovi yet, this is as strange as it gets. Ok , nothing is strange in crypto. Yovi is the first of its kind. ROM or “rise only market” is what Yobit exchange calls it. The only coin in existence where the price ONLY goes up, and NEVER can go down. Yes, you read that right.

One more important fact: Yovi is the official coin of www.yobit.com exchange.  To my knowledge Yobit is the only exchange that has an official coin. If anyone knows different, please let me know, so I can correct this article. Anyway, this article is really about the fact that Yovi has an official wallet released by Yobit exchange.

Yovi now has POS rewards of 5% annual, but you have to download the wallet below and retrieve your Yovi coins from Yobit, to get the rewards.

Trade Yovi here: https://yobit.net/en/trade/YOVI/BTC

New ROM rules:

– max wall size: 0.10 btc.
– max sell order size: 0.10 btc.
– minimal step between new orders – 10 sat (0.00000010).
– max 10 open sell orders allowed for ROM market.
All orders in walls > 0.1 btc are cancelled, this is a necessary measure for the market recovery.

Pic of the wallet: (click to enlarge):

yovi wallet screenshot

Download latest windows wallet by clicking logo below. V1.0 Beta75

windows wallet download incon

To learn more about Yovi , click here:


Rate coin (XRA) gets massive overhaul on their wallet to V2.0.

rate coin

If you have not looked at Ratecoin, you should. Dev Presstab is one of the most respected and trusted developers in Crypto. He developed the legendary coin “Hyperstake coin (HYP)” that started the proof of stake craze. Presstab has just taken over Rate coin (XRA). I would strongly urge you to take a look at it. Presstab just released V2.0.

         Change Log:

  • Updated Images
  • updated alert and checkpoint keys
  • Hard Fork Scheduled for July 23rd 01:00 UTC
  • Time Drift max @ 90 seconds
  • Bump protocol version and reject outdated clients after fork
  • Change target spacing to 3 minutes
  • Change PoS rewards
  • Max stake age to 256 days (after this stake weight will remain constant)
  • Coin Control shows much more detail
  • Coin Control Return Change
  • Coin Control Block Splitter
  • Coin Control Lock Individual Outpoints
  • Remove coinstake combination code

You can download the latest wallet here: (click on the “word” wallets)

bitlux coin wallet

I just took this from ‘Trex a minute ago: (Click to enlarge)

rate coin-bittrex

For more info on Rate coin please see their bitcointalk.org thread:


Paycon coin (paycon) gets new wallet release V2.0. July 15th 2015

paycon coin

Guys one of the best coins in crypto just got a new wardrobe.

Paycon is now V2.0. The dev is honest, on top of everything, and amazing, and this coin is going FARRR!!!! Click logo below to download.

Paycon V2.0 for Windows.

paycon coin wallet download

Synergy Coin (SNRG) gets new wallet update v1.1.0.0 (July 12th 2015)

synergy coin logo

synergy coin downloads

Windows wallet V1.1.0.0 (click turbo icon to download)


Mandatory Update Version – Flat Staking Reward!

After great consideration, we are releasing an update that will fundamentally change staking for Synergy. The change is very simple in that block rewards will be a flat 1 SNRG for about 8 years. Obviously, this idea comes from Hi-PoS. It has also been implemented as the long term PoS system for a coin that I can’t remember right now. So yes, we stole the idea. But I like to think that it is intelligent to have a good idea but brilliant to recognize it as such.

The flat block reward should ease staking management for users in that consolidation transactions are unnecessary. The flat block reward should also strengthen the network. For users, it means that the stake splitting helps to increase rewards rather than reduce them, as with an interest rate based system. For the network, it means that users have more of an incentive to stake smaller transactions, which increases the network stake weight considerably. It also means that there is a strong incentive to keep wallets open and staking, even with the relatively short maximum age that Synergy already enforces.

After 8 years, the inflation rate (not interest rate) reduces to a fixed 1.566% per year. At this time, the block reward will reset to about 0.155 SNRG and increase very slowly. The table below shows the yearly inflation rate for the next 10 years.

These block rewards are based on the money supply, which is a new idea to my knowledge. (Alas, investors get a little innovation with this update!) Also, investors should be assured that the few lines of code that went into this update do not represent my only work on Synergy for these last couple of weeks. We do have further improvements in the pipeline. I should mention that the inflation schedule significantly rewards early adopters who also stake.

Changes will go into effect in 2 weeks, so update now! Mac and Windows are linked in the OP and web site. My absolute next task for Synergy is to make a Linux Qt wallet for this release. I forgot to do that for the Turbo Stake Dashboard release, but I will do it for this release before I do any further development. We will also get Megaupload links available within 24 hours for users who live in countries that block access to google. This latter issue was recently brought to our attention.

Inflation Rate, 10 Year

 Inflation Rate

Ivugeo Coin (IEC) releases wallet update V1.4 (July 12th 2015)

Ivugeo coin logo banner

Windows wallet V1.4 (July 12th 2015)

ivugeo coin

Paycon coin (CON) releases new beta wallet v1.0.7 (July 10th 2015)

paycon coin

Guys if you haven’t taken a hard look at paycon coin, you are missing one of the best cryptocurrencies out there, bar none!!!

Anyway , they just released a beta V1.0.7. Ive just tried it, and its wonderful!!!

As always click the logo below (windows wallet):

paycon coin wallet download

Litecoin (LTC) releases new wallet V10.2.2 (July 12th 2015).

litecoin banner

Just released Litecoin wallet V10.2.2

Click the litecoin logo below to download (Windows 64bit)


Huntercoin (HUC) gets wallet update to 1.3.1 (July 12th 2015)


Version 1.3.1 (windows) can be downloaded below: (click logo)


BitcoinTX coin (BTX) posts mandatory wallet update to V2.1.2.0 (July 12th 2015)




Download V2.1.2.0 below (Click logo)


Im still waiting to hear from the dev about the changelog.