Quotientcoin Gets a new wallet. XQN wallet latest release is v1.6.1.17

Quotient coin  (XQN) released a new wallet today, and its version v1.6.1.17.  I personally exited this coin a few weeks ago, but for those of you still holding I post this for you.


This update includes auto-optimizing coin “block” sizes during staking.  On the Profit Explorer tab there is a new textbox where you can enter your desired block size (e.g., how many coins in a “block” of coins).  During staking, the output will automatically be split in 2 if it is bigger than your preferred block size, and inputs will automatically be added until the preferred block size is met.  So over time it will automatically “seek” to normalize all unspent outputs to that size.


Windows QT 64-bit:  https://mega.co.nz/#!MIkGQapT!4shLvOPxrdOM-NuvvxFatC5IrtvXc6cg8yll2ag05n0

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