“Gorilla Teeth Coin” will be the end merged product of Snowballs coin and 10k coin.

10k coinsnowballs coin


gorilla teeth coin


UPDATE 4/19/15

New specific details on the merger:

Fairly soon, a new exchange will be launching, GorillaEx, which I talked a bit about earlier, but will give more details of shortly. It will be run by those operating btcpool currently, which is why things have been a bit slow there; I’ve torn him away to work on something new. We will be doing the coin swap on GorillaEx when the time comes to merge 10k and BALLS. The ratio will be unknown until the amount of coins traded in is known; the amount issued per half has already been decided

Anyone with an open ticket on btcpool.exchange for a withdraw of either 10k or BALLS will find their balance intact, and swapped, once the new chain is live. Instead of processing tickets individually for all the withdraw issues, they will be swapped automatically to the new exchange and blockchain for you. You will be able to immediately withdraw on the new network, just like everyone sending them there manually

As a side note, a representative from the MMXIV or GorillaStake dev team will be regularly auditing GorillaEx, as a neutral third party, to ensure customer funds are secure and that the exchange has remained solvent. The business interests of that site will be in the UK and Australia, while GorillaStake is run by my American company

The total supply of the merged chain will be a (100,000). The exact ratio of the swap will be unknown until deposits are closed. It’s not going to be a flat rate; half the coins on the new chain are going to BALLS and half are going to 10k, regardless of the amount that are turned in. If less people swap over, each piece of the pie is worth more


Important specifications:

Four minute blocks (more details why later)
8% yearly rate for 98 blocks
6480% yearly rate for the last 2 blocks
Repeat cycle of 100 blocks
(Reward structure from 10k, slowed down dramatically, and far less frequent)

Average of 137.44% yearly.

 Snowballs coin and 10k coin will be merging.

Dev “Igotspots” never likes to reveal too much information too fast.

Here is what we know so far:

Ok if you have 10K or BALL on BTCPOOL.EXCHANGE, when the time comes here is what will happen:
This is what will happen:

1   Your account will be transferred to the new GorillaEx
2   Your 10k and your BALLS will also be transferred at the same time
3   We will tell you when you can login to your account on the new exchange.  (if you have 2fa on your account this will be disabled for the transfer)
4   You will need to go to deposits page and get a new deposit address
5   We will give the total of 10k / BALLS in both wallets to SPOTS.
he will tell us the ratio to use so
50k TEETH have to be split between all the 10k deposited
50k TEETH have to be split between all the balls deposited

6   We will then transfer the new coins into your TEETH account.

Im sure the reason for this is inflation.

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