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The Story

Steps started as an ICO. With so many ICO’s being dumped and abandoned, I usually steer clear of them. However, STEPS ICO had the best graphic design I have seen & an interesting rewards system designed to keep investors staking the coins instead of selling them. The development team took no premine and all of the bounties and giveaways are from the coins purchased by the developers. Apparently investors found the STEPS graphics, the POS rewards and the approach of the developers appealing. In addition, the team hired, a trusted site, to review its code to ensure the integrity of the project. Fifteen (15) Million STEPS coins were planned but the ICO only sold 9.2 Million STEPS. Overs 5.7 Million were burned (destroyed) making the coin much rarer than expected. Total STEPS coins will be much lower than Specifications below due to burned coins.


Ticker: STEPS
Initial Supply: 15 MILLION (less due to burned coins)
Proof of Stake: 100% -Chart Below
Minimum Staking Age: 24 hours
Total Supply: ~19 MILLION (including. POS – minus burn)


The Future

The Development Team behind Steps includes: Lead & Major Developer: altcoinsteps, Developer, Marketing and PR: andrepierre and the Software Developer: Not yet disclosed. The team has many innovations planned including  a web walleta payment gateway, an exchange and an on-line store, as  well as, many other ideas. These ideas are shown in the below roadmap & the developers have set an aggressive schedule for completion.




Window Wallet Click the POS Chart Below


Mac Wallet Click the Roadmap Below


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