Synergy – New Wallet – Higher Rate


Synergy (SNRG) Releases NEW Wallet

Download Link Below.

New wallets are always important to know about but…

               this one is especially important due to the increased rate!

Read the important Wallet Features which are reviewed below the wallet link.

1st Year 160% – Beginning Monday Sept. 14th

If you don’t own this Innovative coin,

now is the time to buy on a price dip.


Click on the above image to download the wallet. (Windows

(Linux & OS X available on – Link below)


Blockchain Notary – Document Verification in the blockchain.

Built-in Tor Network Anonymization – Anonymity and better connectivity.

Public Transaction Comments – Stored in the blockchain.

Dual Key Stealth Addresses – Only the sender and receiver know.

Coming Soon!! – Grandpa’s Pump Group

Visit for complete details on this exciting coin from an innovative Developer. 

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A must own coin by a trusted and innovative developer!

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