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Amsterdam coin (AMS). I want to shout a big thank you to my hero KeesdeWit!

Theres a new saying in crypto “Good people are hard to find in crypto”. Its new because I just made it up. I would venture to say its less than 10% of people in crypto have high morals and integrity, and its so hard to tell everyone apart. But there is one way to certainly tell a good person from bad and that is actions. We were stuck on Yobit with an “Incompatible Source code”.  This meant funds were frozen on Yobit for days. Our team went looking all over the place for a dev that would help us. We looked for days. We sent loads of PMs to respected devs, and few answered. The ones that did were too busy to help us. While on Yobit chat, I saw a message from “Keesdewit” and it said “Vegas, I can help you”. The first sign of anyone even trying to help us. He quickly sprung into action and within 30-40 min had everything fixed and working, and I know it was VERY late in Amsterdam where he lived. So I am proud to say Keesdewit is our hero, and he has found a new home with Team FLY. There is no question , he is THE Team FLY dev!!!      

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Amsterdam coin (AMS). The official digital currency of Amsterdam.

Symbol AMS Quark 84 Million coins available PoW Block reward 10 AMS halving every 840000 blocks 8% PoS reward Masternodes (50% of PoS blocks) Automatic TOR client Encrypted messages Darksend 60 seconds block time RPC Port 61511 P2P Port 61510 The goal of AmsterdamCoin is to be the most accepted crypto currency of Amsterdam. We have an excellent development team with over 15 years of experience and are able to deliver great new features. Not only will AmsterdamCoin be the most accepted currency, it will also be the most innovative. We listen to our users and accept new feature requests. Mobile wallets (Android, IOS, Windows Phone) Shop review in block chain Contactless payments Easy to remember addresses Coin dice website Tax free payments Schiphol airport Payment terminals through out whole Amsterdam Many many more innovative features to come… Main bitcointalk ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1152947.0

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