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Bubble Coin (BUB) Decentralizing social media and rewarding users for their content.

Bubble Coin (BUB) BitCoinTalk Hero member Mike Ghee revives Bubble Coin (BUB) and re-brands Bubble to de-centralizing social media and monetizing it by rewarding user for their content with Bubble Coins. A phone app is being created to reward users for posting content. What many do not reaize is that most major players in social media own the content you post. Theoretically, you could see your posted pictures or videos in a book or sold on-line, such as, the “Funniest Facebook Cat Pictures”. Your cat could become a star but, unfortunately, you probably gave away your photo rights when you posted it. Wallet link see below. Specifications Originally, Bubble started as a POW/POS hybrid the hashing algorithm is SHA-256D the reward was 125 per block The current specs are: POS  = 1 BUB coin per block( Min coin age = 6hrs Max coin age = 72 hrs Nodes  addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= (Additional addnodes available at BitCoinTalk Wallet Link (Click Icon)

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BUBBLE COIN (BUB), SHA-256 [Ninja] no premine/ico 5.5 PH!!

                     BUBBLE COIN Information: Bubble is an experiment in maintaining bubbles we all love bubbles we will employ strategic moves to perpetuate an endless bubble!! https://bubble.suprnova.cc https://bub.coin-miners.info/ Main bitcointalk thread ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1044272.0

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