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Diamond Coin (DMD) Legendary 10. +100% Staking power to your dmd wallet!!!

Guys to some people , they already know I am good friends with Cryptonit the dev of Diamond DMD coin. I have the highest respect and trust for him. Thats why im letting the world know of something VERY VERY special he is offering: Legendary 10 Here are the details: Legendary 10 is once in a lifetime opportunity to claim a unique crypto asset with forever staking bonus. The Legendary 10 addresses are linked to names of some of the most precious natural diamonds in the world. Some of them are priceless and so are Legendary 10 address assets. Holders of the Legendary 10 crypto assets can turn their DMD Diamond address into a staking powerhouse with rewards multiplier. Legendary 10 address asset is capable of delivering up to +100% effective boost rate. The asset will carry the name of a legendary diamond together with the name of its owner forever carved into the heart of DMD Diamond. Additionally the lucky owner can leave a 144 character long message in the core code for future generations to read. However, most of all, whoever acquires Legendary 10 unique asset automatically becomes the Epic Legendary Holder, which will be forever recorded in the history of crypto. Furthermore, Legendary 10 is a mission to balance coin rollout, additionally strengthen the network and ensure further development of DMD Diamond so that investment of every Diamond coin holder is continuously protected. Legendary 10’s motto is honours, prosperity and future and that’s what defines intentions behind the introduction of these unique crypto assets. And that’s what what DMD Diamond is all about. That’s why taking part in this one of a kind diamond themed auction is definitely an experience worth having. Legendary 10 Options There are two types of Legendary 10 addresses and each auction winner will be able to make a choice which of them to claim. Option 1: a wallet with holding limit of 3000 DMD with ×2 stake multiplier (effective +100% boost) Option 2: a wallet with holding limit of 15000 DMD with ×1.25 stake multiplier (effective +25% boost) Click here for the auction page For more infomation about Diamond coin please visit their bitcointalk page at: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=580725.0 Tell Cryptonit that Vegas sent you 🙂

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Diamond Coin (DMD) one of the best coins in Crypto! $600,000 Market cap. Strong steady climb! 2 years old!

  Diamond coin can still be mined. It also rewards proof of stake @50% per year. Its market cap is $600,000 (Click to enlarge)                                                  Diamond is a VERY serious coin, that is here to stay. It is over 2 years old, and has only 1.1 million coins in existence! For me to say a coin is “one of the best in crypto, and you should cetainly feel safe to invest”, is very rare. Only a handful of very special coins, can meet my very strict criteria. Only 5 coins of over 1400+ in crypto are able to meet this criteria, and this is one of them! More information can be found on its Bitcointalk.org thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=580725.0 This coin is one in the top 3 best coins in crypto, and therefore EASILY gets “The Vegas stamp of approval”!!!

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